The 10 All-Time Worst Celebrity Parents

Lindsay Lohan Mother

The celebrities within this list have definitely done something right at some point in their lives, something that has gained them endless amounts of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, having children and being a parent will never be on their list of greatest accomplishments. At least, not when you take into account their lack of parenting skills or interest in the well-being of their kids.

Some of these celebs have completely ignored their children, some have betrayed their trust, some have abused them, and still others are so involved in their children's lives that they don’t have a say about their future at all. Although this list compiles a bunch of eclectic and interesting celebrities who have inspired (and some who continue to inspire) many, the offspring of these celebrities are anything but lucky to have these individuals as role models.

These are the 10 worst celebrity parents of all time.

10 Woody Allen

Woody Allen left his wife Mia Farrow in 1992 for a much younger woman - their adopted daughter Soon-Yi. At the time, Allen was 56 and Soon-Yi only 21 years old. Farrow found out about their relationship after she discovered naked photographs of her daughter among Allen’s possessions - who knows how long the affair had been going on!

Although deemed as a disgusting act in the eyes of many, Woody Allen seems to see nothing wrong with his actions. He has been quoted saying “what was the scandal? I fell in love with this girl, married her.” The two wed in 1997 and have been happily married for nearly 20 years.

9 Hulk Hogan

Former wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Bolea) is the exact opposite of the superhero-esque character he portrays every time he enters a WWE ring, at least when it comes to being a father figure. Married for 24 years, Terry and his wife separated following Linda’s discovery of Hulk’s infidelity. Having cheated on his wife with his daughter’s friend, Hogan not only ruined his marriage, but also ruined his relationship with his daughter, not to mention his daughter’s relationship with her best friend!

8 Linda Hogan

Of course, Linda is no saint either. Starving for some public attention of her own, Linda turned around and unleashed her inner cougar. From 2008 to 2012 Linda dated Charlie Hill, who was nearly 30 years her junior and had attended high school with her daughter Brooke.

Although it lasted an astounding four years, this match was not meant to be, and Hill is reportedly suing Hogan for $1.5 million for excessive amount of menial labour he performed on her home.

It seems the Hogans like ‘em young!

7 Ryan O’Neal

Famous for having dated Farrah Fawcet, Ryan O’Neal is a sad excuse for a dad. A father of 4 children with 3 different women, Ryan just can’t keep track of his kids, or his addictions. It has been said on numerous occasions that O’Neal was physically and verbally abusive to his 2 eldest children, apparently knocking son Griffin’s teeth out with a baseball bat when he was only 14 years old and being arrested in 2007 for assaulting Griffin with a deadly weapon.

If that isn’t enough, Ryan reportedly introduced his children to drugs and often shared his drugs with them as a leisure activity.  In her auto-biography, daughter Tatum tells a story of her father sleeping with her 18-year-old friend while the three of them were on a Euro trip. After Tatum’s suicide attempt,  O’Neal told Tatum she was “doing it wrong” and demonstrated how she should have cut her wrists to end her life. If this isn’t the most disgusting excuse for a parent, I don’t know what is.

6 Joe Jackson

Father of Michael Jackson, Joe allegedly beat Michael as a young child in order to keep him in line with his musical career. It seems the two never repaired this troubled relationship because Michael did not include his father Joe within his will, leaving him with nothing. This did not stop Joe from asking for compensation after Jackson's death in 2009, demanding $26,000 a month from Michael’s estate. They say everyone mourns differently…

5 David Hasselhoff

After his daughter publicly released a video of her drunken father lying on the floor trying to eat a hamburger, the world was exposed to Hasselhoff’s terrible parenting skills and the events his children were subjected to. Constantly pleading with her father to stop drinking in the video, we see that the traditional roles have been reversed. The father has become the child and the child is parenting the adult. As she explains to her father that if he continues drinking he will lose his job, Hasselhoff brushes his daughter off and tells her she doesn’t know anything about life.

Since this video was posted, Hasselhoff has reportedly gotten his substance abuse under control and has really turned things around. Let’s hope he is now a better influence and role model to his children.

4 Courtney Love

Courtney Love apparently did not learn anything from her husband Kurt Cobain’s drug overdose. Most people would interpret such a tragic event as a wake-up call but not miss Love. Having allegedly been using cocaine while pregnant with daughter Frances Bean Cobain, Courtney eventually lost custody of her eleven-year-old after an overdose on Oxycontin.

In 2009 Frances filed a restraining order on Love after the two had gotten into a physical fight. France testified that her mother has been using drugs since she could remember, often forgets to eat and has caused three fires due to forgotten cigarettes. Frances told the judge her mother “basically exists now on…Xanax, Adderall, Sonata and Abilify, sugar and cigarettes.” Needless to say, Frances was granted the restraining order and was sent to live with her grandparents.

3 Charlie Sheen

Addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex, it's no wonder Charlie Sheen has lost custody of his children. Both Denise Richards along with ex-wife Brooke Mueller refuse to have Sheen anywhere near his four children.

Charlie’s addictions and crazy behavior have been known to media for a while and have gotten him into quite a bit of trouble. Having been fired from his job on Two and a Half Men because of them, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that he is a bad influence and should be kept away from his young children.

2 Kris Jenner

The matriarch of the Kardashian family, Kris Jenner is nothing short of a terrible mother who uses her children for money. Prioritizing nothing but beauty and fortune, Kris told a 9-year-old Khloe that she needed a nose job. Later in life, Kris also told Khloe that she was damaging her brand by gaining weight and that the extra pounds would only bring financial burden, so she best stay on a diet. Thanks for the words of wisdom, mom.

"Momager" to her daughters, Kris has pushed them out of their comfort zone for her own profits. Encouraging Kim to pose for Playboy when Kim didn’t feel comfortable, Kris told her she should take the opportunity because “who knows if they’ll ever ask her again.”

What really takes the cake though is her promotion of Kim’s sex tape. Apparently her idea, Kris then marketed the tape and sold it to the highest bidder.  With such a poor female role-model, it's no wonder that the Kardashian sisters have the combined IQ of a doorknob.

1 Dina Lohan

There is absolutely no doubt that child-star-turned-addicted-party-girl Lindsay Lohan has been stumbling down the wrong path for years, but with a mother like Dina Lohan, can we really blame her?

Referred to as the “worst mother in America,” Dina is also Lindsay’s manager and allegedly took Lindsay out to clubs before the age of 21, where she began experimenting with alcohol. However, once things got out of hand and Lindsay’s behavior became erratic, mother Dina blamed everything on the media.

Dina has also been accused of stealing money from her daughter’s earnings. In 2012, Dina appeared in the Dr. Phil show in hopes of telling her side of the story and showing viewers how mainstream media has wrongfully depicted her as a terrible mother. The outcome? Dina flipping off Dr. Phil’s cameras and asking if she could go home. Great job, mom.

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