Revlon Trial over $700 Million Inheritance Scheduled for Next Week

The heiress to the cosmetics giant Revlon, Samantha Perelman, is taking her uncle to court next week in the hopes of showcasing that she was tricked and lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Let's not forget that Perelman's father, Ronald O. Perelman, acts as chairman for the cosmetics agency Revlon, currently estimated to be worth $14 billion.

The New York Times has claimed that Samantha Perelman, age 23, believes that the head of Hudson Media James Cohen played some dirty tricks in order to cheat her out of the will.

According to Perelman, Cohen coerced his physically weak father, Robert Cohen, to change his will  that had been drawn up in 2004, which guaranteed money to Perelman's mother, Claudia Cohen.

Samantha Perelman believes her uncle used "undue influence" to get the 86-year-old to slash her mother's inheritance.

The story continues. Former columnist for the New York Times' Page Six Claudia Cohen lost the fight to cancer back in 2007, just five years before Cohen's death.

According to Perelman, the inheritance promised equates to about $700 million if her uncle had not succeeded in his act of persuasion. Whose claim is true? Just wait and see.

"What he did was greedy and not nice," said Perelman in a videoconference interview. "My mother would be incredibly heartbroken and angry to know her brother deceived her."

Like the Montagues and the Capulets, the Cohens and the Perelmans have been brandishing swords for years, battling it out in the courtroom. According to the Times, the families have already spent $60 million so far in legal fees and the like.

There will be a nonjury trial which will be joined by state Superior Court Judge Estela M. De la Cruz. With a lengthy list of more than 40 people, the trial is expected to last weeks.

The trial will take place in Bergen County next week.

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