Mariah Carey Becomes Highest Paid Judge In Reality TV

Pop singer Mariah Carey has become the highest paid reality television judge. Carey signed an estimated one-year contract of $18 million as judge on FOX's talent show "American Idol." Carey's one-year negotiation include an option to renew. She's replacing Jennifer Lopez who was reportedly paid $15 million plus bonuses for her second year but wanted a $2 million raise to return to "American Idol." Carey also blows past "X Factor" judge, Britney Spears - who's making $15 million. While her latest single "Triumphant" will be release this August, Carey will be joining the twelve season of "American Idol" when it returns to Fox in January. Her husband Nick Cannon makes $70,000 per episode of the popular US talent show "America’s Got Talent" as the host.

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