Kim Kardashian: Super Money Earner

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood today. She was born on October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, California. She is a reality television star, entrepreneur, a model, and at the same time considered as a Paris Hilton-like celebrity because of her hit reality TV show and her curvaceous style. She caught the attention of the world because of her sexy and glamorous looks. Kardashian is also among the richest celebrities in the world.


5 Earnings from a magazine, a reality show and a sex video


For Kardashian, being born wealthy was not enough. To her, gaining millions of dollars is necessary to survive. In fact, before claiming her career as a reality TV star, Kardashian appeared in many different magazines such as Playboy. But not just that, she also has a scandalous video featuring her ex-boyfriend singer and rapper, Ray J. Kardashian allowed the video to be publicized in exchange for $5 million. Many claimed that she got this idea from former-BFF celebrity Paris Hilton. In an interview on “The Tyra Banks Show”, she stated, “Your reputation is all that you have, and if people prejudge you over something that you did, then that kind of sticks with you a long time.

 After the long time release of the scandalous video tape, Kardashian has gradually moved on and started her new career as a reality TV star. Her debut as a reality star started when E! Network produced the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, which featured her life and people closely related to her, her family.

 In addition, she could easily make $40,000 per episode of her reality TV show and because of that, she was regarded as the “reality queen”. She also earns money from her TV commercials, which include prepaid credit card endorsements, perfumes, clothing lines, jewelries, tanning products, iPhone avatars, and even a workout DVD, which earns her a million dollars just to show up in the place.

 As a reality TV celebrity, Kardashian began getting high salary rates, owing to the success of the show. The TV show made her popularity skyrocket to the top, which eventually gained the attention of a number of people across the globe.


4 $18 million just from being married


For most people, their reason for marrying is because of “love”. On the contrary, for Kardashian, it is all about the licensing, endorsements, broadcast rights, and exclusive photo ops.

 In summer 2011, Kardashian got an engagement ring worth $2 million from her then boyfriend Kris Humphries. Actually, her whole wedding with Humphries brought in an estimated $18 million. This means that during the days leading to the wedding, she was earning more or less $250,000 per day or $10,000 per hour. But before that, she also earned $500,000 from throwing her bachelorette party at Tao nightspot in Las Vegas. Then almost $15-17 million is said to have come from E! as a special deal to cover her nuptial.

 Furthermore, for her exclusive wedding photos, she had reportedly earned between $500,000 to $1 million from People Magazine. She also gained around $200,000 in her marriage gifts.


3 Selling her mansion for $5 million


Kim Kardishian and Kanye West dated more or less for a month, skipped marriage, and suddenly, she became pregnant and currently bought a house together. It is not just any kind of house, it is a Bel Air mansion that is worth $11 million. Its location is in an ultra-exclusive gated neighborhood Bel Air Crest, which contains one entrance along with 24/7 armed guards and roaming security.

 Kardashian bought a new home with West in summer 2012 and they listed it in Beverly Hills. This 2-storey mansion comprises four and a half bathrooms and five bedrooms. It features high ceilings, fireplaces, marble accents, hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a classy kitchen. It also has a chic dining room and a media room. Outside, there is a spa, a waterfall, a dining spot with another fireplace, and an outdoor living room.

 Yet, according to the recent news, Kardashian sold it on the market for $5 million. Right now, it already has new owners yet many wanted to know how much the new owners actually paid for it. Kardashian said the reason she sold it is due to her preparations for motherhood, such as baby-related expenses.


2 Kardashian’s Bentley Mulsanne


While she gets ready to move into a new mansion with West, she also sold a number of her Miami-based belongings and drove her Rolls-Royce to Los Angeles. However, on a trip to Miami recently, some people saw her driving around.

 According to the headlines, she got a new car, a Bentley Mulsanne. The latest version of it was launched in the year 2010. The carcosts around $300,000. But for Kardashian, this amount is just a week of photo shoots and television appearances, that’s why she is not much worried.


1 How she became richer and more famous than Paris Hilton


Majority believe that Kim Kardashian got this idea of fame and style from Paris Hilton. But in reality, the long-term strategy of Kardashian is different from Hilton’s. While Hilton was a sexy bad lass, Kardashian is a sexy good lass. Kardashian does not actually do drugs, does not even drink, and does not party. She could not be photographed at a nightclub if she is not being paid to appear at that club.

 Hence, Kardashian can be regarded as a perfect product replacement for Paris Hilton for the reason that she is the same, but just even better.

 Today, Kim Kardashian is making paparazzi whiplash and causing headlines, such as her pregnancy, her status with R&B artist Kanye West, and even her expensive new car and mansion. Even though a lot of people criticize and complain about her and her apparent lack of any functional skillfulness, her popularity is still skyrocketing, and people are still much interested to see if her current relationship with Kanye West and her expanding waistline due to her pregnancy will dim her fame at all.

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