Jada Pinkett Smith: $6000 Plastic Surgery

A woman of success,  Jada Pinkett Smith is not without controversy. Popularly known as the wife of Will Smith, the now seemingly un-natural cheek line that has been captured in photos have been surging online leaving fans wondering if she has undergone plastic surgery.

Looking gorgeous at 41, her tight-looking cheeks lead fans to think she might have resorted to fat injections and silicone cheek implants. The surgery would have cost her $3000-$6000, however, this amount is nothing compared to her net worth of $20 million.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn appears to confirm the issue saying that Smith appears to have returned to the hospital for a little plastic surgery, causing her cheeks to look plumped up. He suspects her to have surgical augmentation with solid silicone cheek implants.

On the contrary, Jada is quick to deny the allegations. She claims that it is for the reason that as women age, they lose baby fat in their faces. In an interview, she said her slender feature and pretty face is a result of food moderation. She said she does not eat for pleasure. She has a scheduled menu which includes high protein and lots of greens which results in a healthy in-take of food

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