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Although there are a few celebrities in Hollywood who have stuck to their art as their only source of income, most have branched to pursue other interests which have a potential of earning them big money. One of the most notable interests is designing clothing. Scores of celebrities in Hollywood have tried designing clothes i.e. Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker. Although these celebrities are very popular and stylish, their fashion lines haven’t been anything to write home about.

It is however important to note that some celebrities have become extremely successful in the fashion business raking in millions every year. There are a number of actors, rappers, public figures e.t.c. who are making serious money with their clothing lines. These celebrities seem to know exactly what it takes to make a clothing line successful i.e. offering the best material quality, attention to detail and serious stylistic editing.

In this article, we are going to feature celebrity clothing lines which are generating the most sales. The clothing lines featured in this list generate over a million dollars in sales every month. If you are interested in knowing these celebrity clothing lines, you are in the right place. Below is a list of top 10 celebrity clothing lines by revenue according to the latest figures/estimates.

10 Rachel Zoe collection by Rachel Zoe (Annual revenue: $20 million)

Rachel Zoe is a well known 42 year old American fashion stylist and TV personality. She is best known for her work with many fashion houses, beauty firms, magazine editors and advertising agencies. She is also popular because of her TV show dubbed: Rachel Zoe Project. She makes it to this list because her clothing line generates millions of dollars in sales every year.

This year, the Rachel Zoe collection is estimated to surpass the $20 million revenue mark. Considering the clothing line was launched just a few years back (2011) she surely deserves to be in this list. Her clothing line success can be attributed to the uniqueness of her designs, high quality clothing and her many years of experience in the clothing business.

9 Willam Rast by Justin Timberlake: (Annual revenue: $50 million)

Number 9 on this list is Justin Timberlake with his Willam Rast clothing line which he co-founded alongside his best friend Trace Ayala. Justin Timberlake is a well known American singer, songwriter, actor, businessman and dancer.

The William Rast clothing line was founded in 2006 to make denim jeans, hoodies/jackets and tee shirts for fashion-forward men/women. Today, the clothing line is one of the most successful celebrity clothing lines generating revenues up to $50 million annually according to the latest estimates.  According to most customer reviews online, the clothing line produces the best fitting jeans. Nothing more needs to be said.

8 L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani (Annual revenue: $90 million)

Gwen Stefani is a popular American songwriter, singer, actress and fashion designer. She makes it to this list because of her L.A.M.B clothing line which generates $90 million dollars in revenue annually according to the latest estimates. Considering Gwen Stefani received heavy criticism when she launched the clothing line back in 2003, she has done pretty well for herself and her clothing line fans.

According to analysts and numerous customer reviews online, L.A.M.B. stands out as a fashion line because its clothes have a unique Asian and South American style/touch. The clothing line also stand out because of reasonable prices. All in all, the numbers don’t lie. The clothing line sells which is precisely why it makes it to this list.

7 Victoria Beckham Collection by Victoria Beckham (Annual revenue: $95 million)

Victoria Beckham is a well known English singer, model, fashion designer and businesswoman. She made her debut in showbiz as a singer in the popular pop group called Spice girls in the 1990’s. Her popularity however skyrocketed in 1999 when she married David Beckham; (one of the most popular/talented British footballers today). Victoria Beckham has become highly recognized worldwide as a style icon. She has held very many high profile jobs in the fashion industry i.e. she was once the British Ambassador for D&G (Dolce and Gabbana).

She has also worked with recognized clothing lines like Rocawear and Rock & Republic. She makes it to this list because her clothing line makes record sales every year. According to the latest estimates the Victoria Beckham collection made a record $95 million. When you add these revenues to revenues from other fashion related endeavours, her income surpasses $100 million mark. She is definitely one of the most successful women in fashion.

6 Sean John by P. Diddy (Annual revenue: $250 million)

Sean Combs popularly known as P. Diddy is 2013’s richest man in hip hop with an estimated net worth of $580 million. P. Diddy’s success hasn’t however been deeply rooted to the rap records he has sold in his rap career. He is known to have a very strong business sense which is his main source of wealth.

His clothing line for instance generates an estimated $250 million in revenues every year. This is very impressive considering he started the line back in 1998 without putting too much thought into it. Today, Sean John is one of the biggest celebrity clothing lines in the world. The clothing line clearly deserves a spot in this list.

5 Ivanka Trump (Annual revenue: $250 million)

Ivanka Trump is an American fashion designer, heiress, writer, TV personality and former model. Her celebrity status can be attributed to her famous father; Donald Trump. She has however managed to establish herself very fast as a force to reckon with in the fashion industry.

 She no longer basks in her father’s shadow when it comes to fashion. Her clothing line which goes by her name generates as much revenues as P. Diddy’s Sean John line. When you consider Ivanka Trump’s clothing line has only been in existence for a few years yet it is already generating record sales, it is obvious why her clothing line makes it to this list.

4 Rocawear by Jay Z (Annual revenue: $700 million)

Jay Z is the second richest rapper in the world. Although Sean Combs has surpassed him in net worth according to the latest estimates (he is worth $480 million as of 2013), his clothing line is definitely more successful than Sean Combs. Started in 1999, Rocawear is one of the most successful celebrity clothing lines in the market today.

The clothing line sells jeans, t-shirts, eye wear, belts, footwear e.t.c. Although Jay Z sold his rights to the Rocawear brand for $204 million in March 2007, he still maintained controlling stake in the company. With average annual sales amounting to $700 million, Rocawear definitely deserves to be top 5 in this list.

3 Jessica Simpson Collection by Jessica Simpson (Annual revenue: $750 million)

Jessica Ann Simpson better known as Jessica Simpson is an American actress, recording artist, TV personality and fashion designer. She made her debut into the fashion industry in 1999 and has since enjoyed tremendous success. Her clothing line generated $750 million in annual revenues according to the latest estimates making her one of the most successful women in fashion. Her line sells clothing, shoes and handbags.

Considering her clothing line is almost the same age as many other clothing lines in this list, the Jessica Simpson collection surely deserves to be top 3 in this list.

2 Kouture, KLS and Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons (Annual revenue: $800 million)

Kimora Lee Simons is best known because of her ex husband; American business magnate; Russell Simmons. She makes it to this list because of her 3 highly successful clothing lines; Kouture, KLS and Fabulosity.

Together, these three clothing lines made record annual sales of $800 million according to the latest estimates. This is precisely why Kimora Lee Simmons’s clothing lines are featured in this list.

1 Olesenboye, Elizabeth and James and The Row clothing lines by Ashley & Marry Kate Olsen (Annual revenue: $ 1 billion)

Ashley & Marry Kate Olsen better known as the Olsen twins definitely deserve to top this list considering their fashion lines have surpassed the billion dollar revenue mark. The Olsen twins have 3 clothing lines; Olsenboye (a kid’s fashion line), Elizabeth and James (a mid-market fashion line) and The Row (a high end line).

Together, these three fashion lines generate over a billion dollars in sales. Thanks to their high end merchandise i.e. a $18,000 backpack among many other popular merchandise, the Olsen twins clothing empire is definitely expected to dominate this list for the next few years.

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