Donald Trump Offering $1 Million for Great Ideas

Millions of people have made thousands and millions of dollars off of the ideas they post on Kickstarter.com, but there's now a new way to get money for a great idea. Donald Trump, self-made billionaire and real-estate mogul, has offered $1 million to individuals who have good ideas that raise more than $10,181,000 through his newest website. Trump started this crowdfunding site, FundAnything.com, with Bill Zanker (millionaire founder of The Learning Annex). Anyone who has a good idea can campaign it on the site, and people from all over the world can send them money to make that idea or dream a reality. After making a free account, campaign creators on FundAnything.com can withdraw the money sent (from $1 to $1 million) right away.

Trump wants to show people of all ages just what a great resource crowdfunding can be for anyone with a great idea. In fact, crowdfunding websites raised over $3 billion just last year. With the addition of Trump's newest site, this number is expected to grow to $5 billion and even more. Take the Pebble watch, for example, which had a successful $10 million campaign on Kickstarter in just one month.

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