Celebrities That Have Too Much Money!

Being a celebrity is synonymous with financial success. At least that’s what many people think which explains why most people would do anything to become famous. Although there are some celebrities who are broke, most are multimillionaires. This can be attributed to the fact that fame gives one access to countless high paying opportunities in showbiz. In this article, our focus will be on how celebrities have spent their millions. After selling countless albums, touring, winning championships, staring in movies and TV shows e.t.c., celebrities need to spend their cash.

As mentioned above, not all celebrities are rich. It is also important to note that celebrity earnings are sometimes closely guarded secrets. For this reason, the public can only speculate how much a certain celebrity makes. In this article, we will be interested in celebrities who have proven that they are super rich. Tabloid reports on huge celebrity payouts aren’t of any use in this article. We want to uncover the richest/most extravagant celebrities in this list based on their spending habits. It is important to note that there could be super rich celebrities missing in this list simply because they haven’t displayed their enormous purchasing power.

This article will feature celebrities who aren’t afraid of blowing their money fast on purchases only the super rich would afford. We aren’t interested in extravagant celebrities who have gone broke because this proves they didn’t have too much money after all. If you are interested in finding out which celebrities have displayed their riches, you are in the right place. Below is a list of celebrities who have proven they have way too much money based on their purchase and amount spent.

8 Victoria Beckham (Spent $1.6 million in a few hours)

Although Victoria Beckham was already famous before 1999 when she married one of the richest English footballers in the world (David Beckham), it is a fact that she has made most of her millions under her rich husband’s shadow. Unlike most wives of rich athletes, she stands out the most because of being successful in her own right i.e. as a fashion designer and business woman.  Victoria Beckham makes it to this list for spending $1.6 million in 2010 on a shopping spree that lasted a few hours in boutiques in Milan. Some of the things she bought include; a Louis Vuitton luggage, 12 pairs of sunglasses (Versace), 5 sofas and a Rolex watch worth $632,000 for her husband. This kind of spending may look like a waste of money to most however for the super rich like Victoria Beckham, it doesn’t mean much.

7 P. Diddy (Yacht rental: $840,000/week)

P. Diddy is the richest hip hop artist in the world today with an estimated net worth of $580 million. Although P. Diddy is known to have one of the best business minds in showbiz, he has no problem forgoing some good investments for expensive yacht rentals. Back in 2011, P. Diddy decided to rent a yacht for $840,000 per week.

To most people, this is an insane amount of money to blow in a week on anything rental. However, if you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars like P. Diddy, $840,000 per week is not much. No wonder P. Diddy makes it to this list. He has proven to have way too much money.

6 Birdman ($2.1 million car)

Although most rappers have Bugatti Veyrons today, Birdman was the first rapper to own one back in 2010. He bought his for $2.1 million surpassing the original retail price by over $1 million. He paid extra for customization. Before 2010, buying a car over $1 million was unheard off. Birdman’s purchase proved that he was way ahead of other rappers in showbiz. Other rappers have had to work tirelessly since then to afford this pricey car.

As if a Bugatti Veyron wasn’t expensive enough, one year later (2011), Birdman bought the most expensive car in the world ($8 million Maybach Exelero). He however doesn’t make it to this list for that purchase because it was crowded with controversy. All in all, his $2.1 million Bugatti Veyron is enough to show that birdman has way too much money when you consider other recent purchases like a $14.5 million 19,000 square foot Miami beach mansion he bought in 2012.

5 Tom Cruise ($20 million Gulfstream jet for Katie Holmes)

4 Floyd Mayweather (Spent $605,000 on fight tickets for his friends)

3 Beyonce ($40 million jet for Jay z)

2 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ($62 million French Chateau)

1 Donald Trump ($100 million jet)

This man is known to be very wise with funds. With recent increases to his net worth Donald Trump seems to be showcasing just how much he is worth.

It doesn’t get more expensive than this for a celebrity billionaire when talking about transport toys. Donald Trump; an American business magnate and TV personality is one of the few celebrity billionaires in America who aren’t afraid to spend money. Back in 2011, Donald Trump spent $100 million to buy and customize a Boeing 757. A mind boggling amount even for a billionaire. Adding to the price was coating almost everything in the jet's interior with 24 carat gold. Trump is known to have money, although he may have a lot more than most people think.

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