9 Outrageous Examples of Celebrity Splurges

'Celebrity' is synonymous with 'wealth'. Of course, while being wealthy doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be frugal, the celebrity lifestyle is typically also linked to decadence and extravagance. There are some celebrities who are much more restrained than we might expect, however: A prime example is Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, who lives in a modest one bedroom apartment in Hollywood, and vows to always use public transportation.

On the other hand, the vast majority of celebrities flaunt their wealth - though some are more ostentatious than others. A prime example is the acclaimed rapper Drake, who brought $50,000 in $1 bills to a strip club in North Carolina last year. Drake literally hauled in boxes of cash and began to throw them around the club. Within minutes, the entire floor of the nightclub was littered in dollar bills. Responding to just such showy celebrity tendencies, the MTV series Cribs was entirely focused on celebrities who were eager to show off their material wealth - it wasn't much more than a platform for celebrities to showcase their expansive homes, numerous cars and pricey gadgets.

Having a lot of money is a privilege, but a privilege that can often go to one's head. Celebrities are certainly not immune to this, which is clear in some ridiculous celebrity purchases that have been made public through the years. Sure, if you've got a lot of money to spare you may as well spend it, but some celeb purchases are so overpriced that they're verging on the absurd - like the following ten...

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9 Bono’s $1,700 Plane Ticket… For His Hat

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8 Victoria Beckham's $10,000 Baby Monitor

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7 Daniel Radcliffe's $17,000 Mattress

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6 Gaga’s $50,000 Ghost Detector

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5 Beyoncé’s $100,000 Leggings

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4 Mike Tyson's $140,000 Tigers

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3 Paris Hilton's $325,000 Dog House

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Paris Hilton, the Hilton heiress, is known for her luxurious lifestyle. Paris rose to fame in her early twenties with her then-best friend Nicole Richie, starring in a highly successful reality TV show named The Simple Life. Hilton was the trailblazer for a generation of socialite celebrities who would be labelled "famous for being famous". Paris now spends her time jetting around the world, DJing at elite clubs and attending exclusive parties.

Paris lives a charmed life, but so do her numerous canine companions. Paris Hilton's dogs live a life of luxury, the likes of which many humans will never have the opportunity to experience! Along with having their own Instagram accounts, Hilton's dogs have their own mini-mansion in the grounds of their owner's posh pad. The two story mini-mansion has heating, air conditioning, designer furniture, a balcony, a crystal chandelier and a wardrobe for all of their outfits. This insane doghouse set Paris back $325,000.

2 Rihanna’s $1 Million Hair

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1 Kim Basinger’s $20 Million Town

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Kim Basinger was once one of the world's best loved sex symbols. She starred in many major productions, such as LA Confidential and 8 Mile. Basinger was also a Bond girl, and is considered one of the most well known Bond Girls of all time. Basinger has slipped in and out of debt during her years in the limelight, and even filed for bankruptcy in the 1990s. This is due to a number of poor career decisions along with her incredibly erratic spending habits, including the purchase of an entire town.

Yep, that's right, Basinger bought the small town of Braselton for a staggering $20 million. However, she was forced to sell it after she was sued by a production company for abandoning a film contract.

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