7 Stupid Things the Government Spent Money on during the Shutdown

The shutdown has paralyzed many government operations since many workers are not reporting to work. The shutdown will cost the U.S. economy approximately $1.6 billion per week or about $12.5 million per hour, according to HIS Global Insight and NBC News respectively. A similar shutdown in President Clinton’s era cost the economy approximately $1.5 billion in a period of 22 days.

During the shutdown, the government has taken several measures. Federal agencies such as the National Park Service have developed new websites to inform visitors that they have insufficient funds and manpower to run their old websites. The National Park Service closed parking lots at Mt. Vernon Park yet the park was open because it is a private property. The National Park service also removed handles of well pumps along the Ohio and Chesapeake Canal and also posted officers to the park to prevent biking activities on closed paths.

Marion Park or turtle park has been closed to the public by park officials. The officials erected barriers to keep the public away but angry mothers pulled them down. Sources indicate that Lincoln Park is operating normally yet national parks in Montana, which attract many tourists, have been closed down. The sources indicate that Lincoln Park remained open because it is close to homes of a handful of Democratic senators. The WWII memorial park was also not spared. Rangers from the National Park Service barricaded the park thus preventing veterans from visiting their own monument. However, Mississippi Representative Steven Palazzo led a group of lawmakers in removing the obstacles and pushing away the rangers to allow the veterans to visit their monument. The military has suspended a football game involving the Navy and Air Force. It also put off other athletic events involving the armed forces until the shutdown is resolved. However, the Navy-Air Force game went on since the academies agreed to finance the games using non-federal resources.

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