25 Of The Most Luxurious Homes Owned By NFL Players

Football players work hard for their money; absurdly hard. Go look in the comments section of any article published about professional athletes salaries, and you'll probably see someone posting about how ridiculous the money is in sports. It is a lot, but consider this, these guys don't do forty hours per week. Furthermore, they have been doing this since childhood in many cases. Finally, there are no days off, even during the offseason, NFL players work to keep themselves in shape and of course make themselves better.

These guys usually work out and practice like mad men, and even off the field and out of the gym, studying playbooks and game film are constant for NFL players. This is a life, not a nine-to-five. While we can be jealous of the salaries, these guys work for it. With all that hard work comes the money, and with the money comes the cars, the women and of course, the homes.

While most of us are comfortable with a home that has a few bedrooms, a functional kitchen, a bathroom or two, some rooms to eat and relax and a few yards of grass on the property, millions of dollars in annual salary brings the possibility of so much more. Whether you're into home theaters, tennis or basketball courts, pools, luxurious kitchens, massive green space, high ceilings, almost anything, these houses will impress you. Here are twenty five of the finest homes that current and a few former football stars own, are trying to sell, or have ever owned.

25 Carson Palmer


After starting out his career with seven respectable years in Cincinnati, it looked like Carson Palmer may have been on his way out of the NFL after his two very rough seasons in Oakland. He has experienced a sort of renaissance in Arizona, where he made the NFC Championship, but got spanked by the Carolina Panthers.

Last year, Palmer decided to put his beautiful home in Del Mar, California up for sale. It looks like the property has not sold yet, but he is asking for just under $25 million. The house is an unbelievable sight. Boasting six bedrooms and eight bathrooms on half an acre. On top of the basics, there are sports facilities, an infinity pool, an outdoor bar, a gym, and of course a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.

24 Tony Romo


Joining Jeff Garcia and Kurt Warner as undrafted quarterbacks who have gone on to impressive careers is the Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo. While he is currently sidelined with a back injury, it seems likely that he will be back for at least part of the second half of the season. The four time Pro Bowl selection has a reputation for choking during important times in games and for being injury prone. The injury thing we can't really argue with, but people hate hearing about how high his fourth quarter passer rating is. With that said, he has given up some picks at crucial times.

But we're here to talk about houses, so we should probably mention his. Romo's Irving, Texas home is one of the more modest on our list, but is still impressive. Some of the finer points of the property include a pool and a spa, and a large patio section in the backyard that is perfect for entertaining guests. He's selling this one for $1.05 million, as he's upgraded to the $9 million custom mansion pictured above.

23 Kurt Warner


Despite never being drafted into the league, Kurt Warner managed to persevere and become a four time Pro Bowl selection, a two time league MVP and of course, a Super Bowl winner. The house we're showing on our list is no longer his. He bought it back when he played for the Arizona Cardinals, and tried to sell it on the open market in 2011, but had no success. In 2013, he decided to put the property up for auction. He was originally looking at getting $5 million, but ended up getting just over $2.5 million at auction. The house is still too nice not to list on here though.

The home itself is in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and he actually bought the property originally from baseball player Roberto Alomar. The house has seven bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms, exercise rooms, a billiards room, and of course a pool.

22 Rob Gronkowski


Like that of Kurt Warner, we'll be talking about Rob Gronkowski's old home, rather than his current. It's not that his place in Massachusetts isn't nice (it's a four bedroom mansion), but the party pad he owned in Tampa, Florida was way nicer. Gronk has a reputation as a party guy, but for every minute he spends screwing around, coaches, competitors and teammates alike will tell you that he spends twice as much time refining his game.

His place in Florida was a beautiful example of Mediterranean-inspired architecture combined with modern amenities. The four bedroom gem had a hydro-massage tub in the master bathroom, an infinity pool outside, a few gaming and entertaining rooms, and an exterior that looks more like a resort in the Caribbean. He sold the place for just over $2 million back in late 2013.

21 Frank Gore


Currently the number nine in terms of all time rushing yards, Indianapolis Colts' running back Frank Gore, whose best years with the San Francisco 49ers are behind him, recently surpassed Jim Brown to earn that number ten spot. Tony Dorsett is next on that ladder, and it will only take a few more hundred yards. At 33 years old, Gore is showing some rust in his twelfth year in the league, but can still plow through guys and then turn on the jets.

This is another formerly owned home, which he sold earlier this year, after putting it on the market when he made the move from San Francisco to Indianapolis. He bought it in 2008 for about $1.7 million but sold it for $1.5 million, taking a bit of a loss, but we doubt he lost any sleep. The house has six bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, a beautifully landscaped yard, multiple media rooms, multiple covered patios, an outdoor kitchen and a magnificent marble pool deck.

20 Richard Sherman


It was shortly after their convincing (dominant? embarrassing?) win over the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, that cornerback and former biggest mouth in the league, Richard Sherman received his massive $57.4 million contract extension. He dropped $2.31 million on a stunning piece of real estate in the Maple Valley suburb of Seattle. There is a six car garage, an impressively lit patio with a pool, two kitchens, columns everywhere, a picturesque living area with a massive fireplace, a billiards room, an indoor pool and a basketball court. The home used to be owned by L.A. Clippers Jamal Crawford. Sherman got a heck of a deal, seeing as Crawford bought the place ages ago for over $3 million.

19 Antonio Brown


So we'll go from the self proclaimed (and probably right) best cornerback in the league, to the man many people will tell you is the best wide receiver in the game. The Pittsburgh Steelers star pass catcher has been a regular on Pro Bowls and All-Pro lists in the past two seasons and with good reason. While he plays in Pittsburgh, he hails from Miami, and bought his unbelievable home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This estate has twelve bedrooms and thirteen and a half bathrooms, along with marble floors, fully custom made doors and fixtures, an outdoor kitchen and multiple wet bars (one outside) and finally a home theater. While it is unknown whether or not Antonio Brown is Jewish (or even follows any religion), the home he bought has a Synagogue on site. Whether he uses it for its intended purpose is anyone's guess.

18 Patrick Peterson


Another of the best corners in the NFL, Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals has been selected to the Pro Bowl in every season since he was drafted in 2011. Much like Richard Sherman (with whom he has an ongoing rivalry), Peterson has an incredible roof over his head. A couple of years ago he bought a house in Gilbert, Arizona that looked like the kind of place a drug lord would call home, but just half a year later he dropped $2.7 million on this place in Paradise Manor Estates.

There are multiple buildings on the property, including a guest house and the main home. There is a lagoon-style pool and spa outside, a wine cellar, complete with a tasting room, a covered patio and an outdoor kitchen, a library and multiple entertainment rooms.

17 Brandon Marshall


While he is 32 years old now, New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall doesn't seem to be slowing down much, having produced decent numbers so far in 2016 (okay, not terrible numbers) after having one of the best performances of his career in 2015. The six time Pro Bowl selection is 28th in all time passing yards, but could easily get to 21st by the end of this year.

Here's the crazy thing about his "home", they don't call this Southwest Ranches, Florida property a mansion or estate. It is referred to as a resort. It has tons of magnificently decorated outdoor spaces, along with a bar with a suspended fish tank, and leather walls in some parts of the main house. Of course the gym, sporting facilities and multiple entertainment rooms basically go without saying.

This house was the source of some drama earlier this year, as Marshall and his wife had tried to sell it but reportedly backed out of the deal at the last minute. It is unknown whether the house is back on the market or whether it has sold.

16 Philip Rivers


Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers is one of those quarterbacks who flirts with top ten or top five status depending on the year, but has never had a Super Bowl contender caliber team built around him. Don't get us wrong, the Chargers have had some very solid teams, but Rivers has never been the problem. Most years (including this one) it's been the defense.

Rivers bought a large vacant lot in Rancho Santa Fe, California earlier this year but hasn't built anything on it yet, so we can't really drool over a hypothetical or a work in progress. The house he's owned since 2009 however, is most definitely awesome enough to be featured here. It sits in the Santaluz suburb of San Diego and features six bedrooms and six and a half baths, a courtyard with a fountain, a wine cellar, a bar, an outdoor kitchen and an incredible patio, and finally, a swimming pool with a waterfall.

15 Jason Witten


Much like quarterback Philip Rivers, who has spent his entire career with the Chargers (after being traded by the Giants, who drafted him), Jason Witten started his career with the Dallas Cowboys and it looks like he'll be ending it with them. With over 1,000 catches and over 11,000 receiving yards, the 34 year old is one of the most accomplished tight ends to ever play the game.

The manicured yard and stone exterior are just the first thing one will notice, but inside is even more impressive. The stone and wood work is immaculate and changes slightly to suit the purpose of each room, whether it be Witten's kids' rooms or the bar. There are numerous spiral staircases, a slew of entertainment rooms, not to mention a grotto, a pool and a deck lined with palm trees.

14 Josh Freeman


On the one hand it's hard to feel too bad for Josh Freeman. He played in the NFL and has a nice house, which he has put up for sale. But on the other hand, he got his start in the NFL with a Buccaneers team that was all kinds of terrible (with the exception of the 2010 season). The former first rounder from Kansas State may have played his last down in the NFL, but his six bedroom, five bath house in Tampa is worth a look at. For those willing to drop just under $2.2 million on a home, this bad boy can be yours.

Between the media room, games room, several terraces and of course the outdoor kitchen, there are always options for entertainment in this three-story Mediterranean masterpiece. Possibly the greatest selling point for Freeman's house is the awe-inspiring view of the bay from the third floor balcony.

13 Charles Woodson


Playing football well into his late 30s (he retired after the 2015-2016 season at age 39), Charles Woodson remained a problem for opposing offenses even when the speed and agility of his youth started to fade. He was one of the smartest defensive backs the league has ever seen, on top of being a fearless tackler. There is a strong case to be made for Woodson being a first ballot Hall of Fame choice (his first year of eligibility is 2021) and he has a home in Orlando fit for a man of his accomplishments.

He bought the home back in 2011 from former safety Brian Dawkins. The 8,795 square foot home has five bedrooms and six full baths, along with two halfs. Large windows throughout allow great views of the stunning property, and the pool and patio out back are the perfect place for the former ballhawk to enjoy retirement.

12 Robert Griffin III


The 2011 Heisman Trophy winner looked like he was ready to have a great career back in 2012. Remember RGIII in 2012? Oh, those were great days. He led the team (who had gone 5-11 the previous year) to a 10-6 season that put them on top of the NFC East. He threw for 3,200 yards, and rushed for over 800 more, throwing 20 touchdown passes (with just five picks) and earning seven more scores on the ground. He was selected to the Pro Bowl but was never the same after that pesky knee injury at the end of his rookie year. He's now in Cleveland but has a banged up shoulder and is unlikely to return to the field this year.

He's also placed his beautiful northern Virginia home on the market, hoping to get around $2.75 million for it. The four bedroom, six bathroom mansion has the charm of an older house with many modern upgrades inside. The home theater, wine cellar, wet bar and pool are some of the highlights of this incredible piece of property.

11 Jeff Garcia


Another undrafted quarterback who turned into a very respectable NFL star, Jeff Garcia's pro football career started with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League back in 1994. He played in the CFL for five years, won the 86th Grey Cup (the CFL's equivalent to the Super Bowl) in 1998 and then found a home with the San Francisco 49ers in 1999. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2000, 2001 and 2002 but experienced injury troubles in subsequent seasons and floated around the league until his retirement from professional ball in 2011.

While nobody can really denigrate his solid career, his home (which he is currently trying to sell for $5.8 million) may actually be more impressive. An Italian-style villa in Rancho Santa Fe, California, this property is about as picture-perfect as they come. Six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a gym, a kitchen fit for the likes of Gordon Ramsey, a library, a guesthouse and of course, the stunning pool pictured above are some of the finer points of the home.

10 Adrian Peterson


His 2016 season may be over (he wants to return, but it looks like the Vikings will get him back for the playoffs if at all), having suffered a torn meniscus in late September, but at least Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has a beautiful home in Texas to recover in. He's trying to sell it for $6.7 million. One of the greatest to ever play the position, AP is a rare and elusive mix of size, speed and strength (not to mention elusiveness itself) that makes up an elite running back. Sixteenth on the all time rushing list, his numbers would likely be much higher if he hadn't missed fifteen games in 2014 for beating his kid.

AP's Woodlands, Texas mansion is a stunning piece of architecture. He originally wanted over $8 million for the property, but more recently dropped the price to $6.7 million. The six bedroom, eight full bathroom home sits on 8.9 acres of land. Two wonderful kitchens (one outside), a covered patio, a pool, a fountain, a two-floor library, a billiards room that looks more like an upscale sports bar, and a home theater, along with beautiful wood and stone work throughout make this ridiculously expensive home worth every penny.

9 Von Miller


The fourth linebacker to win the Super Bowl MVP Award, having done so earlier this year, Von Miller had an eventful summer that included competing on Dancing with the Stars and the purchase of this gorgeous mansion in Cherry Hills Village. Through his first five years in the league, he is averaging twelve sacks and over fifty total tackles per season. His six tackle, 2.5 sack, 2 forced fumble Super Bowl 50 performance earned him his MVP honor.

But back to what's important; the house. There are manicured trees and bushes all over the exterior, not to mention a garden and a pond. Inside there are multiple living rooms, high ceilings and massive windows to enjoy his view.

8 Marshawn Lynch


One of the finest running backs of the last few decades, it goes without saying that Marshawn Lynch's mansion is in Beast Mode, matching his running style and career. He purchased the place for $3.6 million and it sits on the San Francisco Bay. It features an elevator and a bar, beautiful living rooms, many of which have large windows to enjoy the view, five bedrooms, a large wine cellar, a home theater and of course, a 58-foot dock for his many boats. People can be upset by his house and wealth and of course the fact that he earned it by playing a sport, but have you heard what he's been doing during retirement? Well, after some well-documented traveling, he built a few homes in Haiti with the Cliff Avril Foundation, his old teammate's charitable organization.

7 Ndamukong Suh


While some criticize Ndamukong Suh for being dirty, and others praise him for being skilled, we at The Richest like money and admire him for being the highest paid defensive player in NFL history, and having a $6.5 million Fort Lauderdale home. The Dolphins defensive tackle spends his off the field time in a six bed, eight bath dream home equipped with a wine cellar, a gym, a massive kitchen, a huge pool out back that is lit by torches, surrounded by palm trees and features a waterfall. The open-concept home also has a wet bar, and floor to ceiling windows throughout much of the front of the house to enjoy the stunning view of the pool.

6 Reggie Bush


Buffalo Bills running back Reggie Bush is bench-bound these days, having rushed (at the time of writing) just three times in 2016 for a total of -4 yards. He was never a monumental producer for any of the teams for whom he played, but he was a very solid receiving running back with great speed and some impressive elusiveness. He sold the house we've pictured above back in 2014, but it deserves a spot on our list because it is an incredible, luxurious pad.

He got $5.7 million for this Hollywood Hills West place back in 2014, after having it on the market for some time. While all the amenities and creature comforts are new, the house itself was built back in the 1950s. Three levels, with wall to wall and floor to ceiling glass, give this place a unique look. The view is incredible, and depending on what you're looking for, one can see either downtown Los Angeles, the Sunset Strip, or picturesque canyons. The entire top floor is the master suite and features its own deck, a spa and a fireplace. On the outside, there is an area for barbecuing, along with a deck and pool.

5 Aaron Rodgers


Quite possibly one of the best third round choices in NFL history, the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl champ and MVP, a two time league MVP, boasts an incredible touchdown to interception ratio (almost 4:1) and has a girlfriend named Olivia Munn, one of the finest looking actresses out there.

While he has a house in Wisconsin which is very nice, his house in the beach town of Del Mar, California is something truly special. It is worth about $8 million, and features a pool and spa, a basketball court, a gym, a billiards room, a gaming room, a home theater and the entire property is surrounded by trees.

4 DeMarcus Ware


The Denver Broncos outside linebacker and nine time Pro Bowl selection DeMarcus Ware, has a comparatively modest $1.37 million home in Cherry Creek, Colorado since moving to play for the Broncos two years ago. His home from his days in Dallas where he holds Cowboys records including most sacks (117) and most forced fumbles (32) is far nicer than the one he bought in Cherry Creek however.

The interior is stunning, featuring six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, with marble flooring throughout the main floor, an impressive master bathroom, several living rooms; all incredibly comfortable-looking and pleasantly decorated, and finally a cozy outdoor patio with a big screen television.

3 Peyton Manning


There's no other way to say this, Peyton Manning is a gem. The football skill is obvious, and he's possibly the smartest quarterback to ever play the game (debatable, but he's definitely up there), but that's only part of why this man is a modern day king. He's almost as delightful in ads (Nationwide Insurance, Papa John's, etc) as he was skilled at hitting receivers.

His house is exactly what we imagined a home for Peyton Manning would be like. It's simple, fairly modest in terms of decoration, but elegant and classy. The lawn is well maintained, there are area rugs on the floor and art on the walls, there are plants in almost every room along with brilliant woodwork throughout. A wine cellar, an immaculate billiards room, several living areas, dining areas and offices make this one of the nicest homes a football player has ever owned.

2 Tom Brady


Terrific Tom Brady is one of the hardest football players to discuss. Quite simply, he's among the most polarizing players in the history of the game. People seem to hate him or love him. New England Patriots fans love him for obvious reasons (four Super Bowls, among those reasons) but almost everyone else hates him. He's a male model (Uggs), is married to a supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, and is the centerpiece of a team that has a reputation for cooking the books, or cheating depending on who you ask. But aside from the cheating allegations, he's achieved great success on and off the football field and it's hard not to at least respect the guy.

There is also the ongoing (it may never end) discussion over whether Brady is anything special as a quarterback or Bill Belichick has just come up with a system into which he can plug players at random and win games. We don't have the time to deal with said debate and have a series of homes to drool over.

Recently, Brady and Bundchen bought a $20 million condo in Tribeca in New York City. It has an amazing view along with five bedrooms and a massive terrace overlooking the Hudson River. Construction is ongoing and it should be ready for them by 2018.

They also built an amazing mansion in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. There is a spa, a library, a pool, a wine cellar and yoga studio, and of course five bedrooms and four baths.

But the most impressive is the estate they sold to Dr. Dre for $40 million. Brady bought the place in 2008 for $11.75 million (huge return on investment by the way). This French-style chateau has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an infinity pool, a gym, a sauna, several living and dining spaces, and of course a few covered patio areas.

1 Joe Montana


You're damn right Joe Montana is number one on this list. Joe Cool is the man to whom Tom Brady is often compared when discussing the greatest quarterbacks of all time. But that is a shouting match for another day. We're far more interested in his Calistoga, California estate. His primary residence is a $2.275 million flat in San Francisco, but compared to the Napa Valley ranch, that's nothing.

The mansion part of the estate has just three bedrooms and three and a half baths, but has several living spaces, a few kitchens, a stunning pool and patio. The entire house features brilliant stonework and marble just about everything. The property has plenty to offer any sports enthusiast, including a bocce ball court, a basketball court, a skeet shooting range, full equestrian facilities, an olive farm and a pond. He put it on the market back in 2009 for $49 million, delisted it as nobody bit, and then put it back up for sale in 2011 for $35 million but delisted it once again in 2012 when he didn't find a buyer.

"Nobody wants to buy my Napa Valley estate" is a great problem to have.

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