20 Hollywood Celebs You Didn’t Know Have Fake Teeth

celebs with fake teeth

What’s one thing that Hollywood celebrities almost always seem to have in common? Aside from Steve Buscemi, that would be incredibly white and straight teeth. Those brilliant smiles attract people to them, and they can also cause a lot of regular folks like us to be even more self-conscious about our own teeth. No matter how much we brush, no matter how much we floss, even though we might not smoke, drink coffee, or consume copious amounts of soda every day, our teeth get yellowed, stained, and simply don’t look great after a while.

Want to know a secret? Not all of those celebrities actually have perfect teeth. Some have fake teeth. Many of the names on this list will likely surprise you. Some won’t. However, one thing is certain: you’re not going to think about any of them quite the same way again. It’s not such a bad thing to realize that those icons of Hollywood aren’t so perfect as they’re made out to seem when on the big screen, walking the red carpet, or flashing those pearly whites for the endless cameras popping pictures time and time again.

20 Tom Cruise

19 Hilary Duff

We might not give much thought to the potential damage that singers face when performing, but when Hilary Duff was at a show, it is rumored that she chipped a tooth on a microphone. Though there’s no official word from her camp about any such injury, when we compare pictures of her from the past to today, it’s clear that she had something done to her teeth. It appears as though she relies on veneers to cover up the chip and it’s a lot easier to color match when using veneers for all the teeth.

18 George Clooney

When we take some older pictures of George Clooney, his ‘pearly whites’ weren’t nearly as pearly as they are now. He actually had some ‘normal’ looking teeth for many years, though they were straight. He apparently has a tendency to grind his teeth at night, so he required some dental work to help protect his teeth from further damage. He also relies on veneers to give him that great white smile that has many women fawning all over him still to this day.

17 Chris Rock

If we were to ask most dentists whether or not they’d recommend their patients do whatever it takes to protect their original teeth or simply have them replaced with implants or fake teeth, we’re sure they would mostly all agree to the former. However, Chris Rock appears to have had quite a bit of dental work done, including some implants or other fake teeth to replace his original ones. When you look at new pictures of him compared to older ones, their position, shape, and even size are different.

16 Ben Affleck

It’s not always easy to determine whether or not someone had dental work done or got fake teeth, but thanks to the constant attention and close up pictures of these celebrities, and their big smiles, it’s easy to compare. Ben Affleck’s teeth appear much different now than they did when he was a new, emerging star with Good Will Hunting. His teeth appear longer and you may be able to see the gaps between his molars back in the ‘old’ days are gone, covered up.

15 50 Cent

Few celebrities really show as remarkable a change in their physical appearance, especially with their teeth, as 50 Cent. The rapper used to have stained, yellow teeth that weren’t exactly lined up as one might expect of a superstar celebrity. What makes this assessment even easier though, aside from the obvious pictures, is the fact that he has readily admitted to spending over $50,000 on dental work through the years. That’s a lot of implants or dentures or veneers.

14 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Few women in Hollywood carry grace, beauty, and a refined nature quite like Catherine Zeta-Jones. Long before she married Michael Douglas, she had a set of teeth that didn’t provide much compliment for her beauty. It wasn’t like she was sporting crooked, cracked, and broken teeth, but her teeth weren’t in full alignment and now they appear as though they’re just perfect in every possible way. When you look at her as she ages, with those veneers or other dental work she’s gotten, it’s a benefit.

13 Nicolas Cage

When you’re willing to pull out two of your front teeth for a role, then you’re truly dedicated to your craft. Nicolas Cage apparently did just that when he was cast in Birdy. Of course, when you have teeth pulled, you need to either get dentures or implants, and based on what we see in the pictures of this iconic star, it would seem to be the latter. It’s sometimes a risky thing to have perfectly good teeth pulled, but it seemed to have improved his visage well enough.

12 Gary Busey

11 Mike Tyson

Boxers are often losing teeth throughout their career. There’s only so much damage a person’s teeth can endure before they become too loose to stay in place. Mike Tyson has shown up through the years with a variety of gaps and gold teeth in place. When he is smiling and his teeth are all filled in, then you know he has had quite a bit of work done on them. For someone like Mike Tyson, though, we’re not going to be the one to say anything about them. He looks just fine the way he is, heavyweight or not.

10 Celine Dion

9 Jon Bon Jovi

8 NeNe Leakes

Whether or not a person cares for reality shows, NeNe Leakes has become a household name, at least among those who follow these artificial celebrities. NeNe has spoken often about her desire for veneers and that she has worked hard to make sure her teeth are as white as possible. Keep in mind that when she opens her mouth to say anything, everyone in a five block radius is probably going to know it, and with those pearly whites, they could probably see it, too.

7 Courtney Love

6 Victoria Beckham

We don’t have to work too hard to find photo evidence to suggest that Victoria Beckham is relying on some type of fake teeth. We’re betting that it’s most likely veneers that she uses to help her achieve that almost perfect smile of hers. We took a look at older pictures of her and it is clear that not only were her teeth a bit shorter and shallower, they didn’t come close to the white brilliance that they exude today. It’s certainly an improvement for this timeless beauty.

5 Jim Carrey

For his role in Dumb and Dumber, Jim Carrey didn’t need to wear a fake tooth or black any part of his teeth to create the chipped tooth illusion. He actually did have a chipped tooth and had it repaired. He then had it removed for that iconic role in Dumb and Dumber. Now, we believe that’s showing some true dedication to one’s craft when you’re willing to let your true teeth shine through, even and especially if it’s not the most flattering image.

4 Jamie Foxx

When we started looking into celebrities who could possibly have fake teeth, Jamie Foxx was one name that actually made it difficult. He simply doesn’t smile often with an open mouth. Maybe that’s because he used to have a pronounced gaps between his front teeth, sort of like David Letterman. It was one of those defining characteristics for a man who didn’t have many outward flaws. Well, now he doesn’t have that gap between his teeth anymore and while it’s possible he wore some kind of braces, it’s also likely he may have fake teeth and uses veneers.

3 Bruce Springsteen

2 Jennifer Garner

While Jennifer Garner may be making headlines right now due to the breakup of her marriage to Ben Affleck amidst rumors that he cheated on her with their children’s nanny, she doesn’t exactly show off a natural smile all the time. She uses veneers. While not exactly a fake tooth, veneers go over the existing teeth to either provide a whiter smile, more even appearance of the teeth, or, in Jennifer Garner’s, hiding gums that tend to draw a great deal of attention from the rest of her beautiful features.

1 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was under the spotlight for most of her life. During her Hannah Montana days, she was presented as a clean cut, honest, and simple girl who built an incredible following through her show and music. She also had regular, average, everyday teeth, though they were nice and straight. Today, much about her has changed, including those pearly whites that make it clear she’s had some serious work done to them. She is notorious for her hard partying ways, in-your-face sex life, and even drug use, and we’re not sure if any or all of it has taken a toll on those natural teeth of hers, but when she smiles, she looks like she’s still on top of the world.

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