16 Celebrities Who Lost The Most To Criminals

Flashing your wealth for the camera by putting jewelry and designer goods on display, will get a celebrity noticed by the paparazzi, and possibly earn them some press in the tabloids. One major problem with this though: not everyone who sees the luxury goods a celeb flaunts will be satisfied with just looking on enviably from the sidelines.

Kim Kardashian learned this lesson the hard way when she was in Paris for fashion week. The curvaceous beauty had fans and photographers in a frenzy over her tight-fitting outfits she wore during the week, but this added attention also got her noticed by a group of thieves. She was held at gunpoint and robbed of a literal fortune in jewelry, and she's not the only Kardashian to make this list.

This is a roundup of actors, athletes, rappers and models, who were unfortunate enough to have criminals steal from them. The sums of jewelry, and other goods stolen from a single celebrity on the list, are higher than most people’s annual income, and in a few extreme cases are higher than most people can hope to earn in a lifetime. These can serve as cautionary tales for those in the limelight, who also have exorbitant wealth. While some were targeted by onlookers who saw an opportunity to get rich quick, others were robbed by people from the inside.

There are those that you may believe, “Had it coming” for travelling around with jewelry and cash worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but most on the list had their homes broken into while they were away. A “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems,” or #RichFolksProblems viewpoint can be taken, especially for those that never learned their lesson the first, second, or even third time after being robbed.

Here are 16 actors, athletes, rappers and models who lost a fortune at the hand of criminals.

16 Chris Brown


Chris Brown has a checkered past, and known associations with gang members. When his home was invaded by gun-carrying crooks some believed it was the much-maligned singer’s gang affiliations which were to blame. He had just taken home $50,000 for making an appearance at a club, and deposited the loot in a safe at his San Fernando Valley, California, home. Thieves busted in soon after and forced his aunt – who was home alone at the time – into a closet and threatened her with guns. People close to the situation believed the criminals were associated not only with the club promoter who forked over the $50,000 to Breezy, but the singer himself.

15 Kourtney Kardashian


The Kardashian clan make a living off of publicizing their luxurious lifestyles, so crooks decided to target the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. In 2009, she was out for dinner with then-boyfriend, Scott Disick, and when she returned there was $80,000 worth of jewelry missing. Among the stolen items was Kourt’s Cartier watch and Scott’s Rolex. Later, Kris Jenner made overtures that it was someone connected to the reality TV film crew that follows them around because the culprits knew exactly when the house would be vacant. The thieves also wasted no time with the “costume jewelry” and went straight for the high-end items.

14 Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is one of the most successful and prolific rock stars of all-time, and after his Middletown Township mansion was ransacked the singer wanted the thief caught “Dead Or Alive.” A man broke into the $22 million estate and pocketed $100,000 worth of jewelry. Unhappy with a single six-figure score, the crook broke into other homes in the area (over a month) and accumulated over $300,000 in stolen goods. Eventually, authorities were able to apprehend the man when he was busted in one of Jovi’s neighbor’s bathrooms. This earned the 22-year-old New Jersey man a five year sentence for burglarizing the upscale homes.

13 Nick Young

Known for his flamboyant style on and off the basketball court, Nick Young became the target of crooks, which was surprising to the eccentric swing man. His Sherman Oaks home was broken into and roughly $100,000 worth of computers, luggage, jewelry and sneakers were heisted. “I’m shocked they tried to get Swaggy,” Young told the media in reference to his online persona, Swaggy P. The former Mr. Iggy Azalea was most devastated by a pair of kicks the burglars stole: his Red October Yeezy 2s, which were valued at $6,000 at the time. “They got me. They stole my Yeezy’s,” Swaggy told the press, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

12 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is constantly changing her hair and style, and might want to consider constantly changing her home security system. The first time her home was broken into the singer, who’s known as well for her twerking as anything else, was robbed for $100,000 worth of jewelry and other belongings. What makes this break-in so terrifying is there were no signs of forced entry, so authorities believe it could have been an inside job. The following year her home was broken into two more times. A couple gained access to her mansion and took more than just jewelry, they managed to ride off in Cyrus’ 2014 Maserati Quattroporte.

11 Kate Moss


One of the most iconic figures in the history of modelling, Kate Moss is mostly known for her waif-like figure, and at one point uttering the line, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” One thing that did not feel good was when her U.K. home was ransacked for valuable art pieces. They made off with three paintings, one of which was created by famed art-vigilante, Banksy. The renowned street artist had painted a portrait of Kate, and she kept it in her home. At the time the piece was valued at $120,000, but being an original Banksy, it will only skyrocket in value. Luckily for Moss, police apprehended the art thief.

10 Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is one the most talented and decorated actresses in Hollywood. The five-time Oscar nominee, and 2015 Best Actress winner, had her brownstone in New York burglarized in 2012. Her opulent five-floor brownstone located on West 11th was broken into and criminals made off with ten pieces of Cartier jewelry with a value of $127,000. Perhaps not coincidentally, the break-in took place when Moore and her husband, director Bart Freundlich, were having renovations done to their home. The Still Alice actress was also out of town filming on location in Toronto during the burglary. It begs mentioning that Julianne had the brownstone on the market listed for $12.5 million.

9 Big Sean


While he was in Dubai, a group of criminals broke into Big Sean’s home and made off with his chain – “Oh, god!” They made off with $150,000 worth of jewelry, and even unpublished music from the Detroit spitta. Not only did they pillage the safe in his home, but they left behind a note with an email address they could be contacted at if the rapper wanted to reclaim his belongings. The LAPD hoped the criminals were foolish enough to leave a trail leading right to them, but when they investigated the email address, they found nothing.

8 Sean Kingston


Meek Mill and Game started beefing this summer and Sean Kingston is to blame. You probably recognize those two rappers, but in case your memory is foggy about who Kingston is, he recorded the hit “Beautiful Girls” in 2007. The singer used some of those royalties to buy a $300,000 chain which was snatched off his neck inside a Los Angeles night club where Meek Mill and Game were present. Allegedly, someone in Game’s crew was behind the 300 stack theft, and apparently Meek mentioned this to Kingston. Afterwards, Sean filed a million dollar lawsuit against the club believing that they set him up to be robbed.

7 Shaun Rogers


New York Giant defensive tackle, Shaun Rogers, is a hulking man, and even when he hangs out with women, Shaun is on the defensive. Rogers was partying at Club Liv in Miami when he met a woman and took her back to his hotel. Not wanting the woman to lift any of his personal belongings, the DT hid his $400,000 worth of jewelry in the room’s safe. When he awoke the lovely lady was gone, and so was his bling. The duplicitous woman stole diamond earrings, gold bracelets, two high-end watches (yes, he was travelling with two), and more.

6 Chris Bosh


Everyone knows Chris Bosh has serious hardware, as he has won two NBA championship rings during his time with the Miami Heat. During his 29th birthday party – which was a Moroccan theme – burglars broke into the NBA All-Star’s house and boosted $479,000 worth of jewelry, his wife’s purses, and other goods. All the merchandise was taken from a closet in the home that was carefully picked over. Fortunately for the Heat forward, his prized possessions were left untouched, as the criminals decided to leave his championship rings. Police believed this could have been an inside job because of how carefully the place was ransacked. Bosh did however, make the mistake of advertising his star-studded birthday gala, so anyone with an internet connection knew he would not be home.

5 Derrick Williams


Former No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, is viewed as something of a bust for not living up to his potential since making it into the league. His home was robbed of $750,000 worth of jewelry, but the embarrassing part is the thieves didn’t even need to “bust” in. Derrick Williams and a friend took home two women from a club in the Meatpacking district in New York, and the groupies made off with more than a story of hooking up with an NBA player. The shady women grabbed a Louis Vuitton case stashed in one of Derrick’s closets which ended up being a treasure trove of jewelry.

4 Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom has the dubious distinction of being the sole male celebrity that the infamous “Bling Ring” targeted during their home invasion crime spree. In case you are unfamiliar with the burglary brigade, they were a group of eight teenagers who broke into celebrity homes for a combined $3 million – there was even a movie made about them. The most lucrative haul they made off with from Bloom were his vintage watches. One was valued at around $200,000, and was so highly valued because it was worn by Sean Connery when he portrayed James Bond in Goldfinger. These teenage crooks managed to lift half a million worth of jewelry from Legolas.

3 Nelly

Today’s youth may not be all too familiar with the band-aid-wearing rapper, but in the early 2000s, Nelly was truly a force in the hip hop community and charts. In 2003, he was in Las Vegas to perform “Shake Ya Tailfeather” alongside P. Diddy (Sean Combs), at the Radio Music Awards. During that time someone broke into his hotel room at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino and made off with $1 million in jewelry. That’s right, over a decade ago Nelly was bringing in so much cash that he travelled with seven figures in jewelry, and he thought it was advisable to leave it in a hotel room...

2 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is known for her beauty, fashion style, reality TV series, and even her sex tape, but her name is hardly synonymous with intelligence. Her home was targeted by members of the infamous “Bling Ring”, and the teenage crooks did not have to work hard to gain access to Hilton’s $4 million mansion as she had left a key under the doormat. The “Bling Ring” culprits even later told authorities they targeted Paris because they figured she was “dumb.” Intelligence can be measured by the ability to pick up on patterns, and the blonde fashionista seemingly has difficulties in this area. In years following, her home was robbed a subsequent six more times.

1 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian was in Paris for fashion week and put her diminutive and curvy figure on display by rocking a different outfit daily. The reality TV maven may not have a tall statuesque figure, but she was certainly turning heads during fashion week. Unfortunately, the fashionista also caught the attention of armed criminals. Kanye West was performing a show when he abruptly cut it short and told the audience he had a family emergency, but this was unlike the usual Yeezy on-stage meltdown. The rapper had learned that his wife had just been held up at gunpoint. Five armed men posing as police officers gained access to an apartment located inside a private luxury mansion Kimmy K had rented for her stay in Paris. Two of the men entered her room, and even put a gun to Kardashian’s head while they lifted around $10 million worth of goods. They grabbed a ring that is worth nearly $4.5 million, and $5.6 million in jewelry and other items. Fortunately, little North and Saint West were not in the room at the time, and Kim was shaken up, but unharmed from the altercation. Having had more than her fill of fashion week, she boarded a plane the next day and flew back to Los Angeles.

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