15 LGBTQ Celebrities With Net Worths You Won't Believe

When it comes to inspirational members of the LGBTQ community, perhaps look no further than our list below. Our list is full of some of the richest LGBTQ celebrities in the world, with fortunes ranging from a mere $2 million to $7 billion. In fact, our top 3 candidates combined are worth over $15 Billion.

Our list spans different industries to find 15 celebrities whose net worths are probably a lot more than you were expecting. Below we also have the world's first ever transgendered billionaire. There is also a billionaire on the list who lied about having a college degree! And just in case you were wondering, you'll also learn just how rich the CEO of Apple (Tim Cook) is.

With celebrities from a variety of industries including music, movies and business, there is no shortage of variety when you read 15 LGBTQ celebrities whose net worths may surprise you.

15 Bella Thorne - Net Worth: $2 Million

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Bella Thorne is the most recent person on this list to come out of the closet. It was announced back in August that Thorne was dating Bella Pendergast, who just happens to be her brother's ex-girlfriend (Yikes!). Thorne is an up and coming actress, bringing in over $100,000 for several of her roles including $349,650 for her appearance in The Snow Queen: Journey Continues. Thorne is also a talented model, so you can imagine some of her past photo shoots and endorsement deals definitely help pad her overall net worth of $2 million.

While she may be one of the up and coming sex symbols in Hollywood, Thorne got her start at a young age appearing in Stuck On You when she was under the age of 8.

14 Clay Aiken - Net Worth: $7 Million

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Clay Aiken came to fame for his time on American Idol. While he later lost to Ruben Studdard, he has still been able to put together a musical career that has seen him amass a net worth of $7 million. Aiken openly denied his homosexuality for some time after leaving the show, but later admitted to being gay in an interview with People. When talking about the experience, Aiken said coming out "Was the first decision I made as a father. I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn't raised that way, and I'm not going to raise a child to do that."

Aiken also revealed that he realized he was gay when he was going through college. As well as his success on American Idol, Aiken has released several albums and also appeared on Broadway.

13 Ellen Page - Net Worth: $14 Million

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When it comes to outspoken LGBTQ celebrities in Hollywood, look no further than Ellen Page. Page came out in 2014 when speaking at the Human Rights Campaign “Time to Thrive” event. Page is a talented actress, perhaps best known for her role in Juno in which she plays a pregnant teenager.

Most recently, Page worked alongside Evan Rachel Wood for the movie Into The Forest. The movie barely made an impact (having a box office total of $9,995), but it was reported that Page earned $1.16 million for her part in the movie. It also may have helped that Page helped produce the movie.

Page also took an interest in acting and producing the 2015 movie Freeheld which earned her $875,000.

12 Neil Patrick Harris - Net Worth: $16 Million

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Neil Patrick Harris came to fame as a young child actor, but his role in How I Met Your Mother as well as comedies like the Harold and Kumar series have helped make sure Harris is not another childhood star that flamed out. And with a net worth of $16 million, it would definitely take a lot of partying for Harris to run out of his money. It was reported in 2013 that Harris was taking home $225,000 per episode of How I Met Your Mother, which is definitely a pretty quick way to rack up some serious dough. Harris’s partner David Burtka has worked as an entertainment news correspondent for E! News and has a net worth of $2 million. The two first openly acknowledged being in a relationship in 2007 and have two children together.

11 Anderson Cooper - Net Worth: $100 Million

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One of the most respected names in the news industry is Anderson Cooper. His show, Anderson Cooper 360 has run for over 1,500 episodes on CNN. Not to mention he’s had extensive experience covering breaking news stories, as well as working on the show 60 Minutes.

Anderson came out of the closet in 2012, saying “I have given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something—something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid. This is distressing because it is simply not true. The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”

Cooper has been dating his partner Benjamin Maisani since 2009. Maisani to his own credit owns a gay bar. But when your partner has a net worth of $100 million, that probably is going to allow you to run some pretty bitching deals at your bar and not worry if you lose some money!

10 Christina Aguilera - Net Worth: $130 Million

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Now when you consider she’s had an extensive music career, as well as time as a reality television show judge, perhaps you aren’t stunned that Aguilera has brought home over $100 million in her career. While her current salary has not been disclosed, going into the 5th season of The Voice, Aguilera was earning $12 million.

Her peak year must have come in 2013 when she brought home $82 million for her various royalties, appearances, tour and endorsement deals. Aguilera also had a successful 2010 in which she appeared in the movie Burlesque that went on to earn over $100 million and proved that she isn’t just comfortable in the record studio.

9 Miley Cyrus - Net Worth: $165 Million

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When Miley Cyrus was 14 years old she came out to her mother as pansexual. She later elaborated on this identifier, saying “"I never want to label myself! I am ready to love anyone that loves me for who I am! I am open.”

In 2015, a report by Time also saw Miley say that she does not relate to boy or girl, but is instead very gender fluid. Her love of the LGBTQ community can also be seen through her constant support, including founding the Happy Hippie Foundation that centers around helping homeless LGBTQ youth.

Cyrus has had a lucrative career both as a musician and as an actress. When she was first appearing on the Hannah Montana show, she was taking home $15,000 per episode. By the time she was 17, she had already earned over $100 million. She’s definitely not slowed down since then, currently boasting a net worth of $165 million. Given her role as a judge on the upcoming season of The Voice, you can imagine her net worth is only going to keep skyrocketing in the near future.

8 Lady Gaga - Net Worth: $280 Million

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Lady Gaga may be one busy musician and actress (did you see her in American Horror Story?), but with a net worth of $280 million, Gaga would also be able to kick her feet up and just relax. Gaga earned $33 million in 2014 and followed that up with her biggest year in 2015 when she brought home $59 million, but things are only on the rise for Gaga. It was announced this past year that not only would Gaga be returning for another season of American Horror Story, but that she’s also going to be releasing another studio album.

Gaga is also starring alongside Bradley Cooper in a remake of the 1954 musical drama A Star Is Born.

7 Ellen DeGeneres - Net Worth: $400 Million

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When it comes to Ellen DeGeneres, it’s not so much that we’re shocked she’s rich, just that she’s that rich! Ellen has brought in over $70 million a year for the last 3 years. Easy to see why when you consider the numerous Daytime Emmy Awards that her show has garnered. Part of Ellen’s payday also definitely has to come from the fact that she killed it in Finding Dory, as well as her deal with CoverGirl.

Don’t sleep on her mobile game either, Heads Up! has been downloaded over 25 million times and definitely doesn’t hurt her bank account. If you’re curious, her partner and fellow actress Portia de Rossi has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Something tells me their household is pretty comfortable!

6 Tim Cook - Net Worth: $400 Million

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You definitely probably knew being the CEO of Apple is a well-paying job, but did you expect Tim Cook’s net worth to clock in at $400 million? Prior to this job, Cook was the Chief Operating Officer and in 2013 earned $73.9 million. You can imagine Cook’s income is pretty closely tied to the sales of the iPhone, but at least if people don’t get into the lack of a headphone jack, he’ll still be sleeping comfortably.

It was also reported that in the Fiscal year 2015, Apple was more successful than ever before having sold 48 million units of the iPhone 6 and 6s.

When talking about his sexuality Cook said, "I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me."

5 Elton John - Net Worth: $480 Million

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My apologies if you’re going to have Elton John songs stuck in your head the rest of today, but hopefully you’ll forgive me. After all, with a net worth of $480 billion, it’s pretty clear that plenty of people also love rocking out to some Elton.

While Elton was originally in favor of civil partnerships over marriage for gay people, he has since changed his position and in 2014 married his long-time partner David Furnish. The two met in 1993 and have two children together.

Elton John’s wealth would be even higher if not for the fact that he owns houses all over the world and is also considered to have one of the largest photography collections in the world.

John also admitted back in 2000 that he blew through £30 million in 2 years (£9.6 of which was on properties).

4 Michael Kors - Net Worth: $1 Billion

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Michael Kors may be an incredibly rich fashion designer, but as you’ll see below, he’s not the richest one on our list. Still, with $1 billion in the bank, there isn’t anything in this world that is out of reach for Kors. His fashion line has also expanded to selling accessories, jewelry, footwear and fragrances.

It also may have helped that he was a judge on Project Runway for five seasons. Kors got married to his spouse Lance Le Pere in 2011. The two met back in 1990 when LePere was an intern for Kors' company.

3 Jennifer Natalya Pritzker - Net Worth: $1.76 Billion

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The Pritzker family definitely has some money, most prominently owning a controlling stake in Hyatt Hotels. Jennifer (born James) was a decorated retired Army lieutenant and is the president and CEO of wealth management at Tawani Foundation. The foundation aims to “Foster health and wellness projects for improved quality of life; and to honor the service of military personnel, past, present and future.”

Jennifer stands out as being the only billionaire in the world that is transgendered. She announced the decision to live and identify as a woman in 2013 in an official statement saying “This change will reflect the beliefs of her true identity that she has held privately and will now share publicly. Pritzker now identifies herself as a woman for all business and personal undertakings.”

Jennifer has donated millions over the years to help create the Transgender Military Service Initiative to help sponsor state-of-the-art scholarships on transgender military service, and to enhance the quality of public dialogue.

2 Giorgio Armani - Net Worth: $6.8 Billion

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When you think of fashion, you probably think of Italy, and there isn’t a bigger name in Italian fashion than Giorgio Armani. Founding his company in 1975, the company has an annual turnover of $1.6 billion. I suppose that means you need to assume the man is loaded, but with a net worth of $6.8 billion, it’s still enough to knock your socks off (and if they’re Armani socks, probably cost you a pretty penny). Despite his iconic name and great wealth, Armani is also known for his intense love of privacy and not much is known about his private life.

It was revealed in the past however that Armani was bisexual and had engaged in a relationship with Sergio Galeotti, who sadly passed away in 1985 from complications related to AIDS.

1 David Geffen - Net Worth: $7 Billion

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When it comes to the music industry, there may not be a more influential founder than David Geffen. Geffen created Asylum Records (1970), Geffen Records (1980) and DGC Records (1990) which signed artists such as The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Linda Ronstadt. As his musical career continued to grow, Elton John, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana are just some of the big names that signed with his company. He sold Asylum Records in 1990 to the tune of $550 million. Geffen is also one of the co-founders of Dreamworks SKG.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Geffen is the fact that he was a college dropout who used a fake UCLA degree in order to get a mail room job at the William Morris Agency. In 2007, Out magazine ranked Geffen as being the most Powerful Gay Person in America.

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