13 Celebrities Who Throw The Most Outrageous Parties

Tabloid culture, the constant 24 hour media cycle and social media, have without a doubt, changed the way celebrities are perceived in the public eye over the past decade. While the public has always had a fascination with celebrities' personal lives, we are now able to know the most intimate and personal details of their lives, whether we want to or not, including the details on how they party. Hollywood is definitely no stranger to wild behavior and good times, but the advent of Facebook, Instagram and the insatiable TMZ and paparazzi, have made it so the public is savvy to every step -and misstep- a celebrity takes around the clock, including how they throw a birthday bash. Or any bash for that matter. It's not like there's a shortage of them.

In recent years, news streams have been exposed to the likes of naked selfie-cakes, all-star guests lists, four-day-long drug-fueled binges, and more. Dive into the world of the following thirteen celebrities who, if nothing else, definitely know how to throw a party with no expense spared. Find out who chipped their tooth, who spent over $1 million on a single bottle of champagne, who used their party to donate to charity and, obviously, Miley Cyrus being even more Miley Cyrus than usual, if that's possible.

13 Robert Pattinson

What better way to get over your very public and very traumatic breakup than by throwing one hell of a party? After Robert Pattinson finally called it quits (for real this time) with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, that's exactly what he did. The Twilight star threw a Great Gatsby themed party at his home in California. Warren Beatty, Todd Michael Schultz and Dianne Warren were all in attendance, while his pal Lisa Zane provided musical entertainment. Guests chowed down on tacos and drank champagne from flutes in the heartthrob's backyard, adorned in flapper attire and weighed down with feathers.

12 Richard Branson

When you're a billionaire like mogul Richard Branson, extravagance is nothing out of the ordinary. But Branson's 64th birthday was definitely one for the books. But in a unique twist, Branson shared his party with his mother who turned 90 within the same week. Don't assume this means guests sat around playing cards all night, though. Branson took to his blog to explain that his mother was the life of the party. "She even found time to catch up with the lemurs and, as per usual, put the youngsters to shame on the dance floor," he wrote. Guests of the party mingled on Necker Island, Branson's private Caribbean retreat, and ate cake shaped like the island with a Virgin Galactic rocket flying over it and fireworks.

11 Beyonce


Add Beyonce to the list of celebs who aren't too cool to throw mega-bashes for their moms. When Bey's mom turned the big 6-0, the singer threw a masquerade ball for her in New Orleans. Because what better way to celebrate the woman who brought you into the world than spoiling her with luxury? Guests were ushered into the party with horse and carriage escorts, while a marching band filled the skies with booming music. With a price tag that is rumored to have reached upwards of $100,000, this party was one that certainly did Bey's mom and New Orleans proud.

10 Taylor Swift

9 Liam Payne


After One Direction took the teeny bopper world by storm, the boys in the band found themselves suddenly very rich. Liam Payne decided that the best way to celebrate his new found success and wealth would be to throw a party for his friend, musician Wizkid, on his 24th birthday. Payne isn't the first person to throw a party for his friend, but he might be the first to order a $1.2 million bottle of champagne for him. Yes, you read that right. Payne ordered the champagne called Taste of Diamond while partying at the Funky Buddha nightclub in London. Happy birthday, indeed.

8 Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss is no stranger to a good party. In fact, a recent book chronicling the fast times of the beauty, claims that in her hey day, the model could down so much vodka in one night, friends used to call her "The Tank." And when friends would party with her for days on end, they would lose track of time, something they called "getting Mossed." For her 40th birthday, Moss threw one of her infamous marathon parties which lasted a total of four days. Over 100 guests partied among tarot readings, fire-eaters, rave tents and what one can only imagine were a copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.

7 Florence Welch


Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch made headlines for a party that she threw which was so epic, that it could have been modeled after a scene or two from the movie, The Hangover. The night started off well at the Standard Hotel in New York, but then grew wilder as the night went on. Reports claim Welch partied so hard, she chipped her tooth, lost her phone, took a bath while fully clothed, and even set fire to her hotel room. Welch claims she paid the bill for an endless amount of dirty martinis for her friends. Although she won't disclose just how high the bill was, Welch admits that it cost her "an arm and a leg."

6 Justin Bieber

5 Matthew McConaughey


4 Prince

You should know by now to expect the unexpected when it comes to the one and only Prince. So, when he announced that he was going to be throwing a party near his home in Minneapolis, no one was surprised. Nor was anyone surprised when he said that the party would be completely open to anyone and everyone who wanted to attend. But, leave it to the man in purple to always take it a step further. Prince announced that it was also a pajama party that started at 2 a.m. Pancakes were supplied for $1 at the Paisley Park bash while Prince got up on stage and entertained the crowd with his classic hits.

3 Leonardo DiCaprio


2 Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

1 Miley Cyrus

You didn't think there could be a party list that didn't include Miley Cyrus, did you? Of course not. The squeaky clean Disney pop star turned Hollywood wild child is known just as much for her antics as she is her music these days, if not more. When she turned 21, Cyrus decided to go all out and threw a bash that only Miley could get away with. The guest list included celebrities from Emma Roberts to Ke$ha. The room was filled with trippy blow up dolls, strippers and even a giant Lorax character from the Dr. Seuss book. Oh, and her birthday cake was a naked sculpture of.... yes, herself... with marijuana leaves strategically placed in the more intimate places.

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