12 Reasons Kendall And Kylie Will Out-Earn The Kardashians

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are two of the most successful teenagers in the world. Yes, in the world. Whether you love them or you hate them, one cannot deny that whatever project they seem to get involved in, it instantly turns into money -- and I'm talking about millions. With Kim, Kourtney and Khloe gradually getting older, the Jenners are proving themselves to be stiff competition with the businesses that they have launched in recent years, but just wait until you find out what else these youngsters have planned for the rest of the year. It was only a matter of time before Kendall and Kylie would be recognized as two sisters that are bound to pass off as the most successful girls in the family, having already established their own clothing collection and hair extension line. With their recent deal to design their own clothes for Topshop, followed by Kendall's rising modeling career, it is not hard to believe that the Kardashians better have a second plan in their scripted book of lies, as these girls are ready to take on the position as not only the most influential and successful teenagers in the world, but the two sisters that are bound to become bigger than the Kardashian bunch.

12 Highly Marketable


The fact that both girls are so young and tend to carry so much influence in so many different markets, it makes sense as to why companies would rather pitch them deals than the Kardashians, who are more or less targeted at a much older demographic. With the exposure that these girls offer to various brands, Kylie and Kendall are much more likely to be approached with a deal that concerns beauty and fashion, simply because the target audience would be aimed at teenage to young adults. 

11 They Are More Relatable


Say what you want about them, but Kylie and Kendall are quite relatable. With Kylie having admitted to being bullied in school, to Kendall coming forward and confessing that she has struggled to make friends in recent years, people feel a connection with them because it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that other people feel the same way. Of course, those are just two examples on how the Jenners are relatable to their market, whereas Kim, Kourtney and Khloe would be less appealing, simply because of what their life stories entail. Marrying an NBA player for money, getting butt implants because your sister has them, among other shenanigans — not so much relatable, right?

10 Their Age Matters

With Kendall Jenner only being 19, and Kylie being 18, this gives both girls plenty of time to grow their empire and overrule their older sisters when money is concerned. While the Kardashians didn’t start venturing into different businesses until their late 20s, Kendall and Kylie have already established their own brand with their own clothing collection with PacSun, followed by Kylie’s recent Bellami hair extensions line. It is believed that the companies who are backing both projects are seeing earnings ranging in between $4-$6 million annually.

9 Fashion Forward Influence


Whatever these girls wear, it catches on, and everybody wants it. Kylie has been extremely influential when it comes to fashion, seeing that she’s very much into photographing herself in different outfits several times a day. The 18-year-old has several deals with social media marketing campaigns that have her promote clothes from different stores. She obviously tries them on and sees if she likes it before she decides whether she wants to help the company gain exposure, but don’t think that getting Kylie to maximize your business will come cheap. Kylie can charge up to $15,000 for a simple Instagram photo ad.

8 Social Media Gains


Let’s face it, everything these days is communicated through various social media platforms. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that as a combined, powerful duo, Kylie and Kendall share 80 million followers just on Instagram alone. With their following rapidly catching up with the likes of Kim Kardashian, not only does this prove that the Jenners are overtaking their famous sisters, there is a bigger interest in the younger generation by the look of things.

7 The Media Loves Them


The media really helps keep one’s career afloat, and the Jenners have no problem with it at all. Recent reports had claimed that there has been a shift in the news from the Kardashians to the Jenners, simply because Kendall and Kylie's stories are able to sell more copies than when Kim is on the cover with another recycled headline. With Kylie having made it somewhat official that she’s dating 25-year-old Tyga, nobody really seems to really care about Kim’s pregnancy and what she’s eating to keep her body in shape.

6 Trendsetters


#KylieJennerLipChallenge. Need we say more? When Kylie began sporting fuller lips, everybody was wondering what the socialite had done to get such a pouty smile. It was eventually revealed that the 18-year-old was getting a little help from the family’s surgeon, who provides Kylie with lip fillers. But what’s more interesting about all of this is that one really got to see the influence that these girls have over the teenage demographic. Everybody caught on to the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, leaving the hashtag trending for a whopping 2 days on Twitter. The same thing goes when these girls are promoting a new shoe collection — everybody wants to be in the know. Or better yet, everybody wants to follow in their footsteps and buy whatever they are marketing.

5 … Even The Kardashians Are Obsessed With Them


When your 18-year-old younger sister is beginning to take the shine from you, of course you are going to want to be more like her, in hopes that you can grasp the same attention that she gets, right? Well, at least that seems to be the case for Kim, who has infamously admitted to having stolen clothes from Kylie’s closet — clothes that were generally well-received on shows, such as Fashion Police, among other fashion outlets. It is also believed that after Kylie began her lip filler procedures, Khloe Kardashian loved the look so much, she hopped on the bandwagon almost instantly.

4 Their Paid Appearance Fees Are Shockingly High


For Kylie’s recent 18th birthday party, club promoters were desperate to catch the reality star at their event, knowing that her fans would fill up the party in an instant. To no surprise, Kylie agreed on a $200,000 paid appearance deal that would see her get flown out to Montreal to do nothing more than showing up and dance to whatever the DJ is playing. It is said that the Jenners’ appearance fee has rapidly risen in recent years. Now that both girls are legally of age, club promoters are willing to flock up $250,000 just to have them party at their clubs for a couple of hours.

3 Reaching Boundaries Not Even The Kardashians Could Cross


Granted, the Kardashians have been expanding their clothing empire to all sorts of new locations, but that is nothing compared to what Kylie and Kendall are gearing themselves up for. Having already established their own clothing line all over North America, along with the Bellami hair extensions line, Kendall continues to make a name for herself as one of the leading models in the fashion industry right now. The 19-year-old is making incredible money at her young age, having already covered Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, along with many other leading industry outlets. Kim has always stressed in the past that she wished she was a little taller, revealing that she would have loved a chance as a full-time model like Kendall. None of the Kardashians are runway material models, but the Jenners are.

2 Upcoming Businesses Set To Rapidly Increase


Kendall and Kylie announced earlier this year that they will be teaming up with Topshop on a joint project that would see the youngsters develop their own clothing range for one of the biggest fashion outlets in the world. In simpler terms, the clothes that they will be designing for the company will be featured in every Topshop store around the world. Reports are already convinced that the Jenners could easily bank up to $10-15 million a year just from the clothing sales alone. Count that to the other businesses that they are already involved in and you will see how quickly these girls are catching up with the Kardashians and their net worth.

1 They Are The Most Influential Teens In The World


… but you already knew that, right? While the platform of being linked to the Kardashians may have really helped them in holding this title, the Jenners have certainly branched into individuals that are taking the entertainment industry by storm. Whether it’s fashion, social media, endorsements, clothing collections, hair extensions and paid appearance fees, it goes without saying that, despite being under the age of 20, these girls are doing it big. Taking everything into consideration, it is not hard to believe that both Kylie and Kendall will soon be much bigger than the Kardashians.

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