12 Outrageous Rich Kid Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

With the evolution of the Internet and the whole new virtual reality it’s opened us to, many concepts in our lives have changed and our perception of things has dramatically been altered. The phenomenon of social media has introduced so many new notions and impacted our very existence possibly to the point of no return.

Among the fundamental transformations the internet has enforced on the collective psyche is the idea of putting aspects of our normal, everyday, private lives on public display. Showing off has become somewhat of a norm nowadays and people obsess over it to the point where life becomes more about demonstrating it, rather than actually living it. And when it comes to painting a pretty picture about one’s way of life, nothing is left out: from your meals, to your whereabouts, to the clothes and accessories you wear… to your wealth. Yes, the once vulgar matter of demonstrating one’s wealth has become an ‘in’ thing and is growing ever more popular, sparking controversy and gaining fans alike. This list has some of the most outrageous rich kids, who like to flaunt their social status on Instagram, regardless of people’s opinions. From luxurious yacht parties, to helicopter rides, to staggeringly expensive handbag collections and even dangerous exotic pets – it’s all here, on this list of some of the world’s wealthiest internet celebrities.

12 Dimash Adilet (dimashadilet)

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Dimash Adilet is the son of a successful Kazakh businessman and is one of the country's richest young people. With a whopping 265 thousand followers on his Instagram account, it's safe to say he is also one of Kazakhstan's most popular internet personas. Most of the pictures he posts aim to create the image of a young, elegant entrepreneur, with shots of him posing in front of stylish cars and in fancy clubs and restaurants. In nearly every uploaded photo he demonstrates a refined sense of style and business-like air. However, Dimash tries to add a little more depth to his posts by coupling them with inspirational captions on subjects like life, love, staying positive and being nice to one another.

11 Lana Scolaro (lanascolaro)

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This twenty-year-old millionairess has gained quite the unfavorable reputation, when a picture of her posing with singer Robin Thicke revealed the latter's hand gripping Lana's rear end. The disastrous photo resulted in Thicke's divorce and the young lady's name being dragged through the mire.

Lana started becoming famous through social media with her move to the Unites States from England, when she began posting images of herself that showcased her fortune and glamorous life. But with the appearance of the infamous photo mentioned above, and the amount of abuse directed toward Scolaro, which followed, it was time for an intervention. Lana's mother deleted her Instagram account, kissing goodbye to over 20 thousand followers and the numerous shots of boutique clothing items, luxurious boat rides and a seemingly careless lifestyle.

10 Timothy Drake (thetimothydrake)

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22-year-old Timothy Drake has over 65 thousand followers on his Instagram. His family made its fortune on diamonds and this young internet celebrity has never worked a day in his life. He spends obscene amounts of his parents' money on lavish shopping trips, staying in only the best suites of the most expensive hotels - which he carefully documents through social media. His profile exhibits photos and videos of high fashion, friendly gatherings in fancy settings, expensive shoes and accessories, as well as stunning interiors - to list a few.

In an interview (and there's picture proof of this online as well), Timothy mentioned something that would strike most people as shocking and absurd. The young man gets Botox injected into his lips and has been doing this since the age of 14!

9 Evan Luthra (evanluthra)

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Unlike most of the people we'll see on this list, Evan Luthra acquired his wealth on his own. Not relying on the riches of parents or grandparents - or anyone else for that matter - Evan is truly a self-made man. This young entrepreneur, age 20, has built his success on developing phone apps since he was only 12 years old. Today, all the hard work has paid off and has enabled Evan to live the life of a rock star, constantly travelling from city to city, being able to afford private helicopter rides and partying like there's no tomorrow.

Yacht parties are among his favorite pastimes and many of the photos on his Instagram capture the grand boats, exclusive champagne bottles and dozens of sexy girls from his just under 150 thousand followers, who tag along for the ride.

8 Nathaniel Del Principe AKA Cash Fleezy (nathaniel_del_principe)

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Another controversial, 'instafamous' persona birthed by the wonder that is social media is Nathaniel Del Principe, or better known as his alter-ego, Cash Fleezy. After a documentary featuring the rich kids of Instagram was released and the critical response from viewers, who were outraged by the shameless bragging about wealth and high-life attributes by well-off youngsters, Cash Fleezy's Instagram is nowhere to be found.

Definitely among the most boastful ones, what set him aside from most of the other Instagram celebrities on this list was that he took pictures and videos of himself flaunting bills upon bills of cold, hard cash. His regular Instagram is a bit low-profile in comparison to its bolder counterpart, but still showcases the latest fashion, expensive labels and some exotic settings.

7 Lyla Dumont (lylastbarth)

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Lyla Dumont is a young designer working for her own fashion label of the same name. She founded the company together with her mother back in 2014, which focuses on women's luxury wear inspired by the renowned Caribbean island and tourist destination, Saint Barthélemy.

As you can imagine, many of her Instagram posts are aligned with her professional life as a fashion designer and showcase a multitude of stylish dresses, shoes and other clothing items. Naturally, many of the shots have been taken on Saint Bart's, featuring its beautiful, world-famous beaches and mountainous emerald-green landscapes. In addition to this, Lyla also models and shows some impressive professional photos wearing the clothes she's designed.

6 Humaid Albuquaish (humaidalbuqaish)

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Humaid Albuqaish gained quite a substantial amount of attention on the Internet a few years ago, when people started noticing the pictures and videos he was posting of himself and his exotic animal friends. It turns out, big cats like lions and cheetahs (and this guy has several of both) have become a new status symbol in the Persian Gulf.

Forget the fleets of sports cars, though those are present too, often in the same shots - take flaunting your wealth to a different level entirely and bring some wild animals to the scene. Humaid has posted pictures of what appears to be an entire private zoo: lions, tigers, cheetahs, chimpanzees, a baby orangutan and even a slow loris! Which is probably why he is followed by some 863 thousand people.

5 Eli Mizrahi (elimizrahi)


Often seen alongside stars like Shay Mitchell, Gigi Hadid and Nina Dobrev (to name a few), Eli Mizrah belongs to the category of people whose face you know, but can't quite define whom it belongs to.

One is certain though: this rich kid has definitely got a taste for street style. So much so, it even landed him an interview with fashion website The Coveteur, to which he mentioned hosting Selena Gomez' birthday party on his boat. Aside from his apparent love for fashion, Mizrah's Instagram demonstrates other sides of the high life as well. For example, there are a number of exquisite mansions to feast your eyes on and a few shots that reveal a liking for private jets.

4 Julia Adasheva (juliaadasheva)

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This rich Russian beauty describes herself as a wife, traveler, ex-model and... owner of exotic cars. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

Despite saying that she's an ex-model, her website (also posted on her Instagram) says otherwise. Furthermore, Julia offers her modelling services together with the possibility of shooting her exclusive automobiles alongside her: a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce and a couple of Bentleys. In this list the words 'class', 'style' and 'glamour' all go hand in hand, since that's what the high life is all about. But for Julia's Instagram these words are taken to a whole new level. We have to hand it to her, she's truly created some masterpieces, combining some hot outfits with those special cars.

3 Arnold Putra (arnoldputra)

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Another young designer on this list, Arnold Putra isn't among the most-followed picks, but he sure does have some visual treats on display. This rich kid also has his own website, where he describes his dedication to his work and stresses on his individual approach to his clients.

Most, if not all, of his pictures are characterized by the filter he uses and some are quite the pieces of art. Compositions range from expensive watches, to extravagant outfits coordinated with the terrain in the background, to breathtaking nature shots. This Instagram is definitely not one to bore you and will definitely be a pleasant find for art lovers.

2 Lord Aleem (lordaleem_official)

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True automotive enthusiasts - rejoice! 21 year-old Aleem is crazy about cars and has made it his main occupation. He has his own Youtube channel, on which he vlogs and does car reviews, and when he isn't doing that - he helps out in the family business. His father runs one of the UK's top luxury and performance car hire companies, and they have a pretty impressive collection.

You can see pictures taken of all the company cars and many more vehicles from Aleem's extensive travels on his Instagram, which has earned him the favor of over 516 thousand people!

1 Marcus B Official (marcusbofficial)


All of the rich kids of Instagram featured in this list tend to have one thing in common: they use the app to take pictures of themselves together with all their status symbols and everything else. All but this one. Marcus B makes a curious exception, as you'll notice he's hardly present in any of his posts, which can't be said of his girlfriend, though. More specifically: about her bum, which seems to have its own, recurring theme on this Instagram. It usually also comes paired with extraordinarily beautiful beaches and other seaside scenery, and the two look unsurprisingly well together.

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