12 Celebs Who Have Spent The Most Cash On Plastic Surgery

Celebrities are known for spending insane amounts of money on things that “normal” people would deem ridiculous. After all, is it really necessary to spend millions of dollars on a house, when just one or two people will be living there? Does a celebrity really have to have hundreds of pairs of shoes? Of course, if most people would be honest, they’d admit that they’d probably splurge (at least a little) on the luxuries that are commonplace for celebrities.

Some stars also spend a tremendous amount of money on plastic surgery. It’s no secret that the pressure to look perfect in Hollywood can be overwhelming, and some celebrities take this way too seriously. Sure, everyone wants to look their best on the red carpet, but there are stars who seek to change their entire appearance for a number of reasons. Some celebrities are truly unhappy with the way they look, while others know that a procedure here and there could make them more marketable in movies, television shows and music videos. Not to mention that some of these surgical enhancements could get actors a few modeling gigs if/when their film careers are slowing down. Here are 12 stars who have spent the most money on cosmetic surgery.

12 Vivica Fox

Remember back in the day when Vivica Fox was an aspiring actress and model, and had her real nose? Not many people can recall those years, since Fox has had a new nose for quite some time. She’s also spent over $26,000 to get cosmetic procedures over the years. Sources say that she’s also had work done on her breasts and lips, and is known for getting Botox injections as well. Perhaps Fox has been trying to look younger in an attempt to still be sought after in Hollywood. Hopefully, she now realizes that all those procedures weren’t necessary, and she’ll stop while she’s ahead.

11 Nicki Minaj

No matter what the rapper, singer and businesswoman says, the way she looks now and the way she looked when she first came onto the entertainment scene indicates that she’s had work done. Nicki Minaj got a nose job, along with skin bleaching. She’s also pretty well known for her butt augmentation, and sources say that these procedures have cost her around $11,500. Minaj has said that she’s never had surgery on her face, but that’s hard to believe when you look at her nose from five years ago. However, she hasn’t denied that she did get a little “assistance” in the rear area of her body. After all, it’s hard not to notice.

10 Demi Moore

There was a time when Demi Moore was considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. While she’s still stunning, she started to get insecure about her looks when she married Ashton Kutcher, who is significantly younger than her. According to reports, Moore has had breast implants, as well as liposuction. She’s also had work done to correct her saggy knees. Reportedly, these procedures have cost her around $400,000. That’s pretty alarming, since Demi Moore hasn’t been in a movie in years. Now that she and Kutcher are divorced (he is engaged to actress Mila Kunis, and the two have a daughter together), Demi may be regretting having all that work done.

9 Cher

Iconic singer Cher, has only fessed up to having a nose job and breast augmentation. However, most people have reason to believe that she’s had additional work done. Cher has stated that she works in an industry where, according to her, “becoming old and becoming extinct are one and the same thing.” In order to stay relevant, she likely got some liposuction or sculpting done to maintain her great figure. There have been speculations that she’s gotten fat grafting, as well as eyelid surgery and Botox. Over the years, it has been estimated that Cher’s cosmetic procedures have cost her around $750,000.

8 Lil’ Kim

Rapper Lil’ Kim rose to fame in the mid -1990s for her rap skills, her outrageous outfits and her romance with fellow rapper Biggie Smalls. She is also known for the songs “How Many Licks?” and the “Lady Marmalade” remix. True fans of Lil’ Kim are disappointed that she’s done so much to change her looks over the years, and have been urging her to stop with the plastic surgery for quite some time now. Sources say that she’s spent over $19,000 to bleach her skin, get a nose job and alter her cheekbones. A number of rap enthusiasts also say that Nicki Minaj, who is considered by many to be the Lil’ Kim of this generation, has taken her cues from the pioneering female rapper when it comes to changing up her look. After all, the two have had similar procedures, and they should probably leave cosmetic surgery alone for good.

7 Jocelyn Wildenstein

Due to a series of unfortunate plastic surgery mistakes, Jocelyn Wildenstein has been known as the human cat lady, among other (rude) names. She’s a socialite, so she’s known for superficial things that normally relate to money. For instance, her divorce from art dealer and businessman Alec Wildenstein in 1999, was worth a reported $2.5 million. Jocelyn has had a number of facelifts, eye reconstruction and collagen injections. Rumor has it that she started having these procedures in an attempt to save her marriage, but clearly, her plan didn’t work. Her surgeries have cost her between $2 and $4 million, and the man she started all this for has clearly moved on with his life.

6 Tom Jones

While it’s not common for men to be obsessed with plastic surgery, it’s definitely “not unusual” for Sir Tom Jones to go under the knife. The legendary Welsh singer, who is considered a sex symbol by many, has no problem admitting that he’s had some work done. Jones has gotten surgery on his eyes, chin, and nose, but it’s likely that he’s had more procedures. His addiction to plastic surgery has cost him about $46,000, but he has alleged that he’s done with cosmetic enhancements. He received a warning from his plastic surgeon that his face will collapse if he gets any more work done.

5 Sharon Osbourne

Most women in Hollywood are reluctant to admit they’ve had any work done, but not Sharon Osbourne. The brash talk show host and mother of clothing designer and colorful commentator Kelly Osbourne, has no problem talking about the “work” she’s had done. Sharon even told The Daily Mail that there’s not much on her body she hasn’t “tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered veneered enhanced or removed altogether.” In total, Sharon Osbourne has reportedly spent around $185,000 for plastic surgery. In 2013, Osbourne stated that she wouldn’t get any more procedures—for now. However, if the right role or opportunity comes along, she may be tempted to go under the knife just one more time.

4 Kris Jenner

The matriarch of the Kardashian family has certainly set an example for her daughters, at least when it comes to plastic surgery. In addition to getting Botox, Jenner has had a breast augmentation and a facelift. She’s also gotten fillers, but despite rumors, she denies even getting a nose job. All of these physical adjustments have cost Kris around $70,000, but her sister has stated that she’s spent around $1 million on plastic surgery according to UK’s Daily Mail. Maybe Kris Jenner keeps pushing her daughters to be famous at any cost so she can pay for all the cosmetic surgery she wants before the family’s fame eventually runs out.

3 David Gest

2 Kim Kardashian

It certainly doesn’t come as a shock to most people that the woman who is pretty much known for getting attention is a fan of plastic surgery. Life & Style Weekly reported that Kim Kardashian spent around $80,000 on cosmetic surgery after having her daughter North, but she denies this. Kardashian states that she lost her baby weight using the Atkins diet. However, there are reports that Kim got stretch mark removal treatments, and fat-reducing ultrasound. There are also reports that Kardashian met with a surgeon in August 2015 to discuss her plan of having a $100,000 makeover after her son is born.

1 Heidi Montag

Once upon a time, Heidi Montag was known as an MTV reality show star. She got the most attention for her rocky relationship with her “jerk” of a boyfriend, Spencer, who is now her husband. Heidi and Spencer tried to maintain their popularity after their time on MTV ended, but the roles weren’t exactly coming in. That’s when Heidi decided to get a complete makeover via plastic surgery. Montag got a nose job, along with a breast augmentation and even got a brow lift and chin shaving. These procedures occurred in 2010, and Montag admitted that she got about 10 surgeries done at once! The operations cost about $30,000. Montag definitely should have saved the money, since there were several reports going around indicating that Spencer’s mismanagement of money was the cause of their financial woes.

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