10 Of The World's Billionaire Bachelors

Reading the title of this article may have you pondering the following- “how in the world is a billionaire single?!?!” Surprisingly, there are some billionaires who have yet to meet their soul mate. Picking among the wealthiest unmarried men in the world may produce tough odds, but you still have a chance with these guys.

What seems to be a new kind of “boys club,” these billionaire bachelors are made up of tech tycoons, photographers, art enthusiasts, and sports fanatics. Many are self-made billionaires or they are rich through inheritance, either way they’re not married! It’s only a matter of time before these super-rich will settle down with that someone special.

It’s been said that it’s “just as easy to marry a rich man as it is to marry a poor man.” With that being said take a look below at 10 of the richest billionaire bachelors of 2014. A girl can dream right?

10 10- Drew Houston- Net Worth $1.2 Billion

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One of Silicon Valley’s newest boy-wonder billionaires, 31 year old Drew Houston is an American Internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, the most valuable private tech company in the world. According to Forbes Magazine, Houston has a net worth of $1.2 billion, mostly in part to his actions in helping Dropbox grow from a single simple idea to a service that’s used by millions all over the world. In 2012, Houston was included in Fortune’s “40 Under 40,” as well as making his way on MIT Technology Review’s TR35  list as one of the “World’s Top Innovators Under 35.”

9 9- Jonathan Oringer- Net Worth $1.3 Billion

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40 year old Jonathan Oringer became New York’s first tech billionaire in 2013 as a result of rising stock in his company Shutterstock. According to Forbes, Oringer has a net worth of $1.3 billion, and in 2012 was recognized as “New York’s Technology Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernest & Young. Oringer funded his company, Shutterstock, initially on his own using thousands of his own photographs. Since its inception, Shutterstock has seen excellent growth as it grew from 30,000 images in 2003 to over 30 million in 2013. Oringer has the privilege of being the first Silicon Valley Billionaire. Also under his belt is the creation of an internet pop-up blocker, and the cool distinction of being a certified commercial helicopter pilot!

8 8- Albert von Thurn und Taxis- Net Worth $1.5 Billion

At age 31, this race car loving, castle living royal is one of the richest bachelors around. German Aristocrat, Albert von Thurn und Taxis is the 12th prince in his lineage and resides in his family’s castle in Bavaria. Prince Albert first appeared on Forbes billionaire list at the ripe age of 8, but didn’t inherit his massive fortune until he turned 18. The family of Thurn und Taxis is well known for their love and ownership of breweries and castles throughout Germany. Prince Albert’s favorite hobby is car racing and he now tours with a German auto-racing league. Prince Albert became the world’s youngest billionaire following his father’s death in 1990. With a net worth of $1.5 billion this billionaire bachelor was included in Forbes magazine’s list of “The 20 Hottest Young Royals.”

7 7- Peter Thiel- Net Worth $1.5 Billion

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46 year old entrepreneur and hedge fund manager Peter Thiel has quite an impressive resume. Thiel is the co-founder of PayPal, which he later sold for $1.5 billion, and he’s Facebook’s first professional investor. He is also co-founder of the computer software company Palantir Technologies, Inc, President of Clarium Capital, and a managing partner in Founders Fund, which manages over $2 billion in assets. Thiel has earned various recognition and awards for being incredibly generous and philanthropic, and has a net worth of $1.5 billion.

6 6-Yoshikazu Tanaka- Net Worth $1.7 Billion

37 year old Japanese entrepreneur, Yoshikazu Tanaka, made his way to success by founding a Japanese internet gaming site called GREE, Inc. GREE is a popular social networking service that was started by Tanaka simply as a hobby. Soon he opened his personal site to the public, which in turn grew in popularity, now having over 200 million users. As of 2010, Tanaka was ranked as “Asia’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire” under the age of 35, and was named the “World’s Second-Youngest Self-Made Billionaire” after Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Tanaka has a net worth of $1.7 billion.

5 5- Jack Dorsey- Net Worth $1.9 Billion

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Known as one of Silicon Valley’s most eclectic billionaires, 37 year old Jack Dorsey stands out on the list of available bachelors. According to Forbes Jack Dorsey, an American web developer and businessman with a net worth of $1.9 billion. Dorsey has started not one, but two, billion dollar companies- Twitter and Square. Dorsey is co-founder and chairman of the ever-popular Twitter where he served as CEO until 2008. Currently he is the CEO for a mobile credit card payment solution company known as Square. Dorsey clearly has a big heart as he voluntarily gave back 10% of his shares of Square to increase equity available for employee compensation. He’s known for being one of the best-dressed tycoons with a love for Prada suits. Add some tattoos, a certification in massage therapy, and a love for punk rock music, and you have yourself quite a unique billionaire.

4 4- Robert Pera- Net Worth $2.7 Billion

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36 year old American entrepreneur Robert Pera, makes the list as one of the wealthiest billionaire bachelors. Former Apple hardware engineer, Pera wanted to go out on his own, leading to the development of his software company Ubiquiti Networks. Ubiquiti Networks, a software and systems communications technology company, has tripled in value over the past year coming in at around $4.6 billion. Pera is seen as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Showing his love for basketball, Pera became the youngest owner in the NBA when he purchased the Memphis Grizzlies for $377 million.Pera has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion.

3 3- Eduardo Saverin- Net Worth $2.8 Billion

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Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is a Brazilian-born Harvard graduate who now lives in Singapore. Saverin met Mark Zuckerberg in college and both worked together to launch Facebook, where Saverin served as CFO and business manager. After legal woes over Facebook, Saverin sold more than half of his stake, but still owns close to 53 million shares. Since then, Saverin has become an investor with the credit card validation company, Jumio, and the mobile shopping application ShopSavvy. This 32 year old is unmarried and has a net worth of $2.8 billion.

2 2- Jan Koum- Net Worth $6.8 Billion

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38 year old American internet entrepreneur and computer engineer Jan Koum got his start with Yahoo, and later developed the incredibly popular messaging app WhatsApp. Koum was born and raised in the Ukraine before immigrating to California. He made the billionaire bachelor list when Facebook purchased his company WhatsApp for $19 billion. WhatsApp is now the biggest mobile messaging service in the world, adding millions of new active users each month. According to Forbes Koum has a net worth of $6.8 billion. He now serves as a board member for Facebook and tends to fly under the radar. Koum loves to box and reportedly likes to listen to Kanye West.

1 1- Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila- Net Worth $12.9 Billion

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At 37 years old, Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila already has a net worth of over $12.9 billion. He inherited much of his wealth when his beer-magnate father passed away. According to Forbes, Davila is the “new face” of Colombia’s richest family. He’s a Harvard graduate, and owns one of the world’s largest beer fortunes, SABMiller, which is the second-largest brewing company in the world. Davila didn’t stop there… he owns the private Caribbean island of Baru, is an enthusiastic art collector, and sits on the board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Along with managing his family’s conglomerate, The Santo Domingo Group, Davila is also a philanthropist who serves as a member of non-profit organizations such as DKMS Americas.

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