The 10 Hottest Trophy Wives Of 2016

The term ‘trophy wife’ is both positive and negative. It can be demeaning and sexist towards women due to the objectifying connotation and many so-called ‘trophy wives’ refuse to use the term. On the other hand, to be attractive, wealthy and loved in marriage? It’s understandable why many women would rather consider it a dream and flaunt the title. It’s all in the interpretation. What can definitely be agreed on is the general definition- a ‘trophy wife’ is an attractive woman who is married to a likely much older husband with great financial status and stability.

Whenever celebrities have a ‘trophy wife’ marriage, the media is abuzz with both awe and criticism, and their relationship highlights and lowlights are always on the tabloids or even reality shows. ‘Trophy wives’ are everywhere in the media spotlight every year. Models, actresses and professional women get hitched to prominent businessmen, politicians and actors with astounding net worth. Like any other type of marriage some last, while others don’t. One thing is for sure though, these wives are not all uneducated twenty-something blondes (two are young blondes, but educated) in the 21st century. Do you know these lucky (or sometimes not-so-lucky) ladies?

10 Courtney Stodden

One of the most controversial ‘trophy wife’ marriages is definitely the one between then 16-year old Courtney Stodden and famous actor Doug Hutchinson, who was 51 years old and had a net worth of $3 million at the time of their marriage. After attending acting classes hosted by Hutchinson himself, the two had an online relationship for six months before marrying with her parents’ permission in May 2011. Their marriage incited a wave of hate towards Hutchinson, who was labelled as a pedophile, sent death threats and disowned by his family. Their 34-year age difference was an obstacle in their relationship according to Courtney and they legally separated in November 2013. Some of their relationship issues were even featured on the reality show Couples Therapy in 2012. However, all was not lost. As of August 2014 Courtney and Hutchinson are back on track after having returned to the altar to renew their vows in late 2015.

9 Donna Spangler

When it comes to ‘trophy wives’, a blonde with a rocking body seems to be the most common of stereotypical images, and Donna Spangler at the age of 53 is still fitting into the image comfortably. Which is no surprise, as she is a beauty and fitness expert in Hollywood. The wife of Dr Richard Benveniste, a 77-year old multimillionaire periodontist based in California, the 24-year difference is no deterrent in their relationship. Donna is still an active fitness model and actress, starring in films like Eternal Waltz and American Poltergeist in the past year, with an acting career spanning back from the late 1980s, long before she had met her husband.

8 Carla Bruni Sarkozy

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Originally Italian Carla Bruni Sarkozy could possibly be Melania Trump’s future. As the wife of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla boasts a background in modelling, films and music. Carla and Sarkozy were reported to have a whirlwind romance, marrying within three months of meeting each other for the first time at a fancy dinner in February 2008. The couple were notoriously criticized by the French media for having too much PDA, such as cuddling, giggling together and nuzzling in public and during events. Sarkozy has a net worth of over $4 million. With a 12-year difference between them, the age gap between Carla and Sarkozy is not so obvious due to Nicolas looking quite young for his 61 years and Carla turning 49 this year.

7 Crystal Hefner 

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The name Hugh Heffner is synonymous with the Playboy Mansion and it is not a big surprise to many that his third wife Crystal Harris was once a Playboy Playmate. Known as a ‘runaway bride’ on tabloids for cancelling her engagement to Hefner just days before their wedding, the two managed to reconcile and eventually married with a Disney themed wedding in June 2011 (Daily Mail). Crystal is 29, while Hefner is 89, an astounding age difference of 60 years. Hefner is worth roughly $50 million in net worth and Crystal is definitely an iconic blonde sweetheart, with the amazing body and looks any Playboy bunny can boast about.

6 Gabi Grecko

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Originally born Gabrielle Rose Curtis, Gabi is the new, eccentric wife of Australian medical entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten as of June 2015. Besides her marriage, Gabi is well-known as an alternative fashion designer, model and DJ. Together, Gabi and Edelsten were a colourful duo in public, despite being 46 years apart, as Gabi was frequently seen wearing her own quirky designs. As to whether Gabi will remain a ‘trophy wife’ for very long is in dangerous waters, as they have been separated for eight months and Edelsten is already wooing someone else, actress Rachel Currance (Herald Sun). Not to mention the rumours that Gabi is also on the lookout for a new beau on dating websites. While Edelsten is 72, Gabi is turning 27 in June - the same age as Rachel. Edelsten has a net worth of approximately $100 million.

5 Shawn King 

While Larry King is a household name due to his popular shows like Larry King Live and many others, his love life is also quite an area of interest for the tabloids due to his numerous marriages. His current wife Shawn King, 56, is 26 years his junior and also his seventh spouse in a total sum of eight marriages. Shawn boasts an acting record, like many ‘trophy wives’ and is still active in both films and TV shows. Though a controversy that sparked in April 2010 with accusations of both Shawn and Larry’s infidelity almost led to a divorce, the couple managed to work through and had called off the divorce proceedings by the end of the year. King has an estimated net worth of $150 million as of 2015.

4 Georgina Chapman

Georgina Chapman is definitely a Belle of a beauty and a little different to most trophy wives. Already a wealthy woman herself as her father Brian Chapman is a multi-millionaire businessman, Georgina’s fame in the fashion world skyrocketed with the launch of her brand Marchesa with Keren Craig. Georgina is also an actress, featuring on Gossip Girl, The Nanny Diaries and Bride and Prejudice, which seems suiting as her husband is film producer and studio executive Harvey Weinstein, who has a net worth of about $200 million. While Weinstein is 63, Georgina is merely 39 and the happy couple have had two children, daughter India and son Dashiell.

3 Melania Trump 

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A model and designer by trade originating from Slovenia, Melania’s face is definitely a familiar one to those in the US and even abroad who are tuning in to the presidential candidates for 2016. Melania is Donald Trump’s third and current wife, and her husband is estimated to have a net worth of $4.5 billion (Forbes). Besides being a constant support for Trump’s presidential campaigns, Melania is known to be involved in charity work for causes such as breast cancer and child abuse prevention (Bloomberg). There is already plenty of talk on how Melania would fare as the first lady, due to her traditional yet elegant wardrobe and charisma. At the age of 45 compared to Trump’s 69, Melania still sports a youthful look, luscious brown hair and is still modelling. She even confidently modelled her baby bump during her pregnancy with Barron Trump, their first son in 2006!

2 Suzanne Johnson 

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It is hard not to know Suzanne Ircha, the wife of the owner of the New York Jets, Woody Johnson. A former actress in films such as Pontiac Moon and Return to Two Moon Junction, Suzanne was also an equities manager at Wall Street before meeting her current husband. Woody’s net worth stands at $6.3 billion, and the couple has been married since 2009 with a 20-year age difference, with Johnson being born in 1947 and Suzanne in 1967. While her husband oversees the New York Jets, Suzanne brings her own personal touch by designing much of the Jets’ merchandise and clothing.

1 Tamiko Soros 

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Tamiko’s husband is the multi-billionaire George Soros, a well-known investor and philanthropist with a $20 billion net worth. Soros and Tamiko are not each other’s first spouses. Tamiko, a consultant, had married once before and Soros twice. While Tamiko brought no children into the marriage, Soros already had five children with some closer to her in age. Tamiko is 45 while Soros is 86, a whopping 41-year difference. Their small but lavish wedding in Bedford in 2013 had plenty of big names and figures on the invitation list; U2’s Bono, World Bank President Jim Yong, the presidents of Liberia and Estonia as well as the prime minister of Albania.


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