10 Celebs Who Spend Way Too Much Cash On Drugs

Drugs have been an undeniable part of celebrity culture for quite some time. It’s not uncommon for well-intentioned celebrities to make it big, then get caught up in a world of addiction and hopelessness, which can result in homelessness, bankruptcy, rehab and even death.

It’s not always easy to tell when a celebrity is having a problem with drugs. In most cases, stars look like a million bucks when they’re posing on the red carpet, giving interviews and making appearances in film and television. Many celebrities who are struggling with substance abuse behind closed doors are known for their friendly nature and ability to make others laugh when in public. That’s part of the reason it takes family and friends a while to realize that an intervention is necessary. Aside from the physical and emotional toll that drugs take on the body, keeping up the habit can be very expensive. A number of celebrities have squandered their fortunes on harmful substances, and some have never been able to truly recover.

10 Justin Bieber

The pop star reportedly spends $8,000 every week on marijuana. That’s a bit excessive, but when you’re trying really hard to have some type of street cred, it may not seem like such a high price to pay. Justin Bieber used to be comfortable with being a musically talented kid from Canada who was discovered on YouTube. But as his popularity increased, he seemed to be fascinated and obsessed with trying to be a “bad boy.” From urinating in public places to throwing temper tantrums during interviews, he became pretty annoying. Looks like the weed wasn’t having a calming effect on him. Bieber has managed to stay out of the news lately, so maybe he’s cutting down on his drug use and starting to think before he acts.

9 Charlie Sheen

8 Lamar Odom

During his three-year cocaine binge, basketball player Lamar Odom reportedly spent $50,000 on drugs. That’s a sign of a very serious addiction. Odom, who is married to Khloe Kardashian, even went missing for a while, presumably because of his drug habit. Lamar Odom undoubtedly put Khloe through a lot of stress during this period with his antics, and allegedly was unfaithful to her during his drug use. This, on top of spending tons of money on drugs, is enough to drive anyone crazy. Khloe was hopeful about the relationship when the two initially separated, but eventually went on to pursue a relationship with rapper French Montana. After she and French Montana broke up, Khloe and Lamar decided not to go through with the divorce filing process. They are still legally married and reportedly trying to work on their relationship.

7 Flavor Flav

The rapper and reality star once stated that he spent $2,600 a day on drugs over a period of six years. That means he’s spent almost $6 million on “substances” in his lifetime. Whoa. Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, is also a comedian, and became popular as part of the hip-hop group Public Enemy. He is known for wearing large clocks around his neck, and when he left the spotlight for a few years, he (and his clocks) returned to take over VH1 reality shows. Flav was seen on The Surreal Life, Strange Love and Flavor of Love. Flavor Flav was also known for his relationship with model Brigitte Nielsen, who is noticeably taller than him. Aside from the height difference, the two didn’t seem like much of a match. Perhaps drugs are to blame for the relationship.

6 Wiz Khalifa

Everyone who listens to Wiz Khalifa’s music knows that he loves marijuana. He’s been pretty straightforward about that in interviews as well. Some people even compare him to a young Snoop Dogg because of his skinny build and affinity for Mary Jane. It’s been said that Wiz Khalifa has been known to spend about $120,000 a year on marijuana. That’s $10,000 each month! His habit has got to be pretty serious if he’s willing to pay that much for weed. Then again, his life has been pretty stressful the past couple of years. He was in a relationship with model and actress Amber Rose, and the two had a son together. They got married, but things didn’t work out. Rose made it clear that she wanted to get back together, but Wiz obviously would rather eat takeout and post cryptic Instagram messages. Oh, and smoke weed.

5 Philip Seymour Hoffman

The late actor passed away at just 46, apparently from drug-related complications. Hoffman spoke pretty candidly about his past issues with drug addiction in the months leading up to his death. He admitted that it had been more than 20 years since he’d done heroin, but he’d recently started using the drug again. He was spending $10,000 each month to support his habit. After his death, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s friends opened up to the media about the actor’s drug habit. One friend revealed that in addition to heroin, Hoffman was also using Oxycontin, and that he was both snorting and injected heroin on a regular basis. Hoffman’s body was found in a Greenwich Village apartment. A syringe was still in his arm.

4 Lindsay Lohan

The former Disney star was allegedly spending about $15,000 on her drug habit before she decided to go to rehab. Lohan has been to rehab several times, and one of her “dealers” stated that he didn’t think she would be clean and sober after her court-appointed 90-day stint in rehabilitation. She also agreed to do an interview with Piers Morgan, in which she admitted to using cocaine. However, Lindsay’s drug dealer states that she used the drug more often than she owned up to during the interview. The guy who was selling Lohan the drugs even stated that he had to stop allowing her to purchase the drugs because she was taking too much. When your drug dealer starts to get concerned, it probably means you’re in really bad shape.

3 Steven Tyler

The legendary rocker definitely tried his share of drugs in his day. According to his book, he spent about $20 million on cocaine, but he only admits to spending about $6 million on the drug. Either way, that’s still a whole lot of money. Tyler even convinced the parents of a 16-year-old girl to sign over guardianship to him so the two could live together in the 1970s. For three years, the pair dated and did drugs. Steven Tyler is also actress Liv Tyler’s dad. When Liv was younger, her mother claimed another man as her father to protect Liv from Steven Tyler’s drug abuse. The songwriter and Aerosmith lead singer has since cleaned up his act, and has even served as a judge on American Idol. He was even inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame with his songwriting partner Joe Perry.

2 Whitney Houston

1 Scott Storch

Scott Storch reportedly spent between $17 and $30 million on his drug addiction. This habit proved to be more expensive than he thought, since it literally cost him everything. Storch is known for his music production, and in the early 2000s, he produced records for some of the world’s biggest hip-hop and R&B artists, including Dr. Dre, Beyonce, Chris Brown, T.I. and Lil Wayne. Scott Storch was also one of the original members of the hip-hop musician and rap group The Roots, and played keyboard for the group. Unfortunately, he developed an addiction to cocaine when a friend from Los Angeles introduced him to the drug. While he was on drugs, he purchased a private jet and twenty luxury cars. He lost his motivation to make music over the years, and allegedly failed to show up to a studio session with Janet Jackson, who waited for him for five hours. As of June 2015, Scott Storch has filed for bankruptcy.

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