10 Celebrity Sugar Mamas Who Spoil Their Boy Toys Rotten

Much like the infamous sugar daddy, a sugar mama is a woman who doesn't mind dating someone she out earns, or who has less influence than her. Dating older women has always been a badge of honor for a man, but there's nothing quite like dating a woman that out earns you. We're sure several of Madonna's ex's would agree. As time progresses, women who out earn men are becoming more prevalent, making the sugar mama a growing species.

Should current presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton become the first female POTUS, she'll represent the dawning of a new era. The era of the dominant female, or the matriarch. And perhaps make it the norm for women to replace men in the lead role. It wouldn't come as a surprise if the imminent rise in dominant women inspires a rise in gold digging men, which we've already caught glimpses of in the past. Earlier this year, The View co-host Sherri Shepherd accused her ex-husband, who she out earns by millions, of persuading her to mother a child via surrogate, for the sole purpose of receiving child support payments after he suddenly disintegrated the marriage.

The women on this list are so filthy rich, or at least much richer than their significant others, that they spoil their boy toys rotten with toys of their own. Most dominant females can't help but attract men who's league they are so far removed from. Here are 10 women who don't mind dating or marrying "down", and spoiling these very lucky men in the process.

10 Kylie Jenner

Likely the youngest sugar mama in history, 18 year old Kylie Jenner has a multi-million dollar net worth. It was reported back in August that the teen was gifted a Ferrari by 26 year old boyfriend Tyga, but was later revealed that she in fact leased the car in her own name, and had him present it "publicly as gift" to help aid his tarnished image. The gold digger rapper who she's reportedly been supporting dating for the past 2 years, is widely known to have an ailing bank account that the reality TV star is constantly nursing, including thousands of dollars in back rent, lawsuits, and countless other bills. While many of us scratch our heads in confusion at the glue that seems to hold this odd pair together, perhaps Kylie developed a soft spot for the rapper for having courted her "before" the drastic cosmetic enhancement, when she was much more plain looking.

9 Jessica Alba

Actress turned mogul, Jessica Alba wed her husband of 7 years Cash Warren, back in 2008, after meeting on the set of Fantastic 4. Jessica's net worth recently ballooned from a paltry $40 million, to an astounding $350 million, thanks to the success of her bath and body care product line, The Honest Company. While her production-assistant turned stay at home dad husband is still worth the $10 million he entered the marriage with, thanks to Jessica's wealth, Cash is able to enjoy a lifestyle he wouldn't otherwise be able to afford on his own, including constant jet-setting, multiple mansion properties, and numerous vacations a year. The low-key pair usually stay out of the headlines, but earlier this year, reports suggested that their marriage was on the rocks due to Jessica's sudden increase in wealth and Cash's inability to pull in more, despite the irony of his name.

8 Britney Spears

7 Jennifer Lopez


Superstar Jennifer Lopez has dated and married all types of men. Ranging from little known back up dancers, to peers like Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony, with equal amounts of star power. In 2012, the then 43 year old reportedly gifted back-up dancer, turned boyfriend, Casper Smart, with a customized Dodge Ram pick-up truck for his 25th birthday. The same night, the triple threat treated her boy toy to an expensive private dinner at an Italian restaurant and tweeted out, “Beau has a birthday. we’re so glad. we hope it’s the happiest Birthday Beau ever has! #singingtweet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR!!!” The on again off again couple have dated a total of 4 years now, with Casper developing a very close relationship with JLo's two kids, making it safe to assume he's around often enough to enjoy several more sugar mama perks.

6 Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj is well known for dating down. Previous boyfriend of 12 years Safaree, who is believed to have penned most of her greatest hits, and is reportedly suing his ex to receive his fair share of royalties, enjoyed a pampered life while the two were an item. A life that included private jet setting worldwide, and many luxury gifts, like the Mercedes Benz that made headlines in 2014 when the manic rapper lost her temper and took a baseball bat to the windows. Earlier this month, Nicki was gifted with a diamond ring by boyfriend and rumored fiance Meek Mill, for a change, but many speculate that he used his girlfriend's money for the fancy purchase.

5 Kris Jenner


60 year old Kris Jenner, has been dating manager to Justin Bieber, Corey Gamble since 2014. The couple who've been referred to as the great value version of Kim and Kanye by social media, have a 25 year age gap between them. The mother of 6 who's estimated to be worth multi-millions is reportedly the one fronting the bill for their frequent travelling, family vacationing, and holiday excursions. A source told Hollywood Life exclusively, “He doesn’t pay for anything. Kris is footing everything, like a true boss and sugar mama and loves doing so. Kris is not very generous when it comes to her dollars but that rule doesn’t apply where Corey is concerned. Either she’s infatuated with him, or better. Kris is on the hook and she’s falling for this guy quickly. It’s a good thing because as soon as Corey came into the picture, Bruce Jenner didn’t exist." The 35 year old manager has built a close relationship with the entire Klan, and gets the seal of approval by potential step daughter Kourtney Kardashian, who endearingly referred to him as a grandpa on his birthday this November.

4 Sandra Bullock


Sugar mama Sandra Bullock has made life a lot sweeter for new photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall. The pair started dating this summer and he's already moved into her 8,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion. The actress reportedly goes out of her way to make her new man feel at home by giving him access to a stylist, security detail and even PR resources. A source close to Sandra revealed, "His life changed overnight, he has access to staff, cars, and even credit cards." Cozying up to the family, he was recently photographed with Sandra's 5 year old son Louis, who she adopted in 2010. Life & Style reported in October that the couple are secretly engaged to be married.

3 Kim Kardashian


While her significant other out earns her by millions, Kim Kardashian still qualifies for the list because she certainly knows how to spoil her man. The reality television star who's worth an estimated $85 million to her rapper husband's $147 million doesn't hesitate to go all out for Kanye on her own dime every time his birthday rolls around. In 2012 she gifted Kanye with the car of any man's dreams, a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador for his 35th birthday. This year the Keeping Up star shelled out $110,000 renting the entire staples center for the rapper's 38th birthday, for he and his famous friends to enjoy a special NBA style game, complete with refs and Laker girls. Many men would kill for a wife this thoughtful and generous.

2 Mariah Carey

Back in 2008, the world was surprised at the union of comedy actor Nick Cannon and one of the highest selling artists of all time, Mariah Carey. Aside from the 11 year age gap, and stark difference in achievements, the marriage managed to last for 6 years up until 2014. For the half decade that they were together, Nick who's worth an estimated $20 million to Mariah's astronomical $550 million, enjoyed very special perks that come with marrying your sugar mama, including round clock access to her private jet, a $250,000 black Ferrari California convertible gift in 2012, and much, much more. Even a year after their separation, the America's Got Talent host continues to benefit from his former sugar mama through her new billionaire beau James Packer, who recently offered to buy Nick a condo of his choosing in Australia, in an attempt to move the diva and her twins to his home country.

1 Madonna

Pop icon Madonna, is known to out earn pretty much any man she's ever dated, and also for her habit of dating men half her age. The 56 year old who boasts an $800 million net worth has been reported to have treated several of her young lovers to luxury yacht excursions, jet-setting across the globe, frequent vacations, and plenty; plenty more special perks. The Like A Virgin singer insists that dating men her age is out of the question, telling Ellen Degeneres earlier this year: “Most men my age are married with children. They’re not dateable. I’m a very adventurous person and I also have a crazy life. I’m a single mother. I have four children. I mean, you have to be pretty open-minded and adventurous to want to step into my world. People who are older, and more set in their ways, are probably not as adventurous as someone younger."

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