10 Celebrity Kids Set To Be More Beautiful Than Their Parents

Celebrities are rich, powerful and - more often that not - beautiful. Usually, they have to possess just that latter trait in order to attain celebrity status in the first place, especially in Hollywood. And of course, in most scenarios, celebrities marry other celebrities who are just as good looking, if no more beautiful than they are.

Then, as the saying goes, comes the baby in the proverbial (and probably, in some cases, the actual) golden carriage. It seems that a celebrity marriage not only signifies a Hollywood love story, but also a way to produce more beautiful people in the world.

When the beautiful people make beautiful babies, we can't help but be curious whether the combination of two winning sets of genes will produce babies even more beautiful than their celebrity parents. There's no doubt that these famous parents are proud of their babies, and only want the best for them, whether it's a life directly in - or shaded from - the spotlight. While most of us wish these children well, we're also fascinated with the life and future of babies born into fame and fortune. They are the focus of envy as well as fascination.

Of course, the children on this list vary in ages, and they still have their entire lives ahead of them. But they're already showing signs of being even more beautiful than their typically stunning celebrity parents, and we're fascinated to see what their futures hold.

10 Seraphina Affleck


Seraphina Affleck is just five years old and simply cute as a button. She is the daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, and she certainly got the best in both of her parents' looks. She often makes public appearances on shopping trips with her dad, and the paparazzi just loves to snap photos of her lovely toothless smile. Seraphina looks like the perfect mix of Jennifer and Ben as well. Mom and Dad seem to do a good job of keeping not only Seraphina's life balanced, but also the lives of her older sister, Violet, and little brother, Sam.

9 Nahla Aubry

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Nahla Aubry is no stranger to the media, being the daughter of actress Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubry. Her parents did not stay together after she was born in March 2008, and Berry remarried to Olivier Martinez. Unfortunately for Nahla, she was caught in the middle of an ugly custody battle that led to arguments over a move to France, restraining orders, protective orders, numerous trips to court, and eventually an amicable agreement between her parents. Nahla certainly is a beautiful girl, who will easily give her parents a run for their money as she gets older.

8 Kaia Gerber

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Kaia Gerber is the 13-year old daughter of Cindy Crawford, a mother hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Kaia recently collaborated on a photo shoot with her 15-year old brother Presley where she was the model. It seems that Kaia is following in the footsteps of her mother and based on the results of the photos, she has a good chance at a successful career in front of the camera. But of course, she's only 13, and she could easily change her mind about her career path. Either way, for now, we can marvel at the creativity of these siblings and wait to see what they bring to the world next.

7 Romeo James Beckham


Women want to be Victoria Beckham, and men want to be with her. The same certainly goes for David Beckham in reverse. The former Spice Girl Victoria and famous soccer player David were the envy of the world when they got together. The spotlight only intensified once they started having children.

The couple's 12-year old son Romeo will made his media debut in a short film/commercial by Burberry where he shows off his dance moves, which look like a nice mix between Dad's soccer skills, and Posh Spice's dance moves. The short film will be airing very soon, and it is called "From London With Love."

6 Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt

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Vivienne and Knox are the 6-year old twins of probably the most beautiful couple in the world, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. As with any member of the Jolie-Pitt family, whether they were adopted or born into the family, the twins have always been the center of media attention whenever they go out in public.

It has been noted that these two cuties are remarkably beautiful, and even though they haven't even reached the double digits in age yet, there is much speculation that the pair will grow up to be even better looking than their parents. With Brad's coloring and Angelina's pouty lips and big eyes, those two probably won't have a problem booking a modeling gig.

5 Ava Phillippe


It's hard to believe that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe have a 15 year old daughter. Bearing a startling similarity to her famous mom, Ava Phillippe just recently became old enough to get her driver's permit, and is lovelier than ever. Reese often brings her daughter out and about with her, which means her picture is often captured as paparazzi want a pic of her famous mother. Her father, Ryan, absolutely adores his little girl and recently gushed about her after her birthday.

4 Lourdes Leon

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Lourdes Leon is the daughter of the iconic pop star, Madonna. Lourdes is nearly the spitting image of her mother. She just recently graduated from high school, and to celebrate, Madonna packed up the family for a beach vacation in France where Lourdes snuck in a cigarette while her mother wasn't looking. Lourdes just recently turned 18, and Madonna has shown that she couldn't be more proud of her beautiful daughter who has collaborated with her on some fashion projects.

3 Matilda Ledger


2 Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise was the daughter the world was waiting for, being the only child of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, two famously beautiful people. Even from when she was born, it was specifically noted that Suri was a beautiful baby, and she continues to grow into a beautiful child, and looks set to become a stunning woman.

At eight years old, Suri is already outdoing her mother in public outings, and doesn't seem to be shy in front of the camera at all. It is said that Suri looks like her mother, but you can see a glimpse of Tom in her eyes. Her already iconic style, however, is all her own.

1 Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin is the 19-year old daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. Not only is she the daughter of two major celebrities, but she is also a fashion model who stands at an incredible 6'2". She is currently dating rapper Angel Haze, and regularly appears at high-profile events with her gorgeous girlfriend.

Ireland first came to the media's attention when her father left her an angry voicemail that went public. With every public embarrassment, there's an opening for truth and healing as her relationship with her father was analyzed and, apparently, has since been repaired.

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