• The Top 10 Richest YouTubers In The World

    YouTube has become the prime source of entertainment for millions of people within the last decade. Whether it be family vlogs, Internet challenges, or makeup tutorials, one thing is true: YouTubers with large followings definitely are not struggling to pay their bills. Once getting a large following, not only are these YouTubers paid big bucks for ads on their videos, but also for other opportunities such as brand deals and television cameos. Take a look at this list to find out who the wealthiest YouTube stars are. You will be surprised to see how much money these stars really earn.

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    Ryan Haji - $11 million

    Ryan Haji has to be one of the richest seven-year-olds ever. A popular channel amongst toddlers and young children, Ryan Toysreview, is one of the highest earning YouTube channels ever, even though it was only created four years ago.

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    The channel is solely focused on reviewing children’s toys, and Ryan’s parents and younger twin sisters are often in his videos. With over 19-million subscribers, the toys that get reviewed in his videos have a large impact on their sales. Ryan’s other sources of income come from his app, “Tag with Ryan,” and a television show named Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

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    Shane Dawson - $12 million

    With close to 22-million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Shane was sure to be pocketing millions of dollars since his start in 2008. His videos range from comedic vlogs to collaborations with other famous YouTubers, to his wildly popular conspiracy theory videos.

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    Podcasts, television shows, and books have also helped to grow his net worth. His most popular YouTube projects consist of his controversial documentary videos, The Secret World of Jeffree Star and The Mind of Jake Paul. The YouTubers his two docu-series revolved around have also made millions and are featured later on in this list.

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    Lilly Singh - $14 million

    More popularly known for her YouTube channel name, Superwoman, Lilly Singh is a veteran when it comes to the world of YouTube, beginning her career in 2010. Her 14-million subscribers have helped her to get far in her career; she has won two Teen Choice Awards, a People’s Choice Award, and will be hosting a new NBC talk show, replacing Last Call with Carson Daly.

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    YouTube Rewind has invited Lilly to participate in their yearly videos for consecutive five years. A-list celebrities have also been featured on her channel such as Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, and James Franco.

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    Sean McLoughlin - $16 million

    More commonly known as Jacksepticeye, Sean McLoughlin has an impressive 22-million subscribers to his gaming channel on YouTube. His following grew rapidly when fellow gaming YouTuber, Pewdiepie, mentioned his channel in a video. He has been regularly posting videos for about seven years and has posted himself playing popular games such as The Sims, Happy Wheels, Grand Theft Auto IV, Fortnite, and so many more.

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    Sean has hosted a multitude of gaming live streams to raise money for various charities including St. Jude Children’s Hospital and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. What a great example of a charitable multi-millionaire.

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    Logan Paul - $19 million

    The notorious YouTuber we all love to hate, Logan Paul, got his start on Vine and later went to YouTube once the app was shut down where he managed to get 19-million subscriptions to his channel. Logan is known for his dangerous stunts and over-the-top pranks that have caused various controversies while making millions doing them.

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    His most infamous controversy was created when he posted a video to his vlog channel in 2017 that included footage of a corpse who committed suicide in a Japanese forest. Many viewers wanted him banned from the platform, but YouTube temporarily suspended advertising on his videos.

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    Jake Paul - $19 million

    Logan Paul’s younger brother, Jake, proves that unruly behavior runs in the family. Also known for his dangerous stunts and pranks that go too far, Jake has 19 million YouTube subscribers and was one of the most well known Vine stars.

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    Shane Dawson (see above) created an entire docu-series for his channel based around Jake Paul that quickly became very popular, and Shane speculated whether or not Jake was narcissistic or sociopathic. Besides YouTube, Jake has earned money from acting gigs and royalties from his few music singles. He has also won two Teen Choice Awards and a Radio Disney Music Award.

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    Felix Kjellberg - $20 million

    More known by his YouTube name since 2010, Pewdiepie, Felix has been the most subscribed to YouTuber for years, until recently when the channel T-Series surpassed him. Pewdiepie has 96-million subscribers and that number is growing rapidly every day. His channel is known for gaming; however, recently he has been straying away from it.

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    Many of the games he has played have been of the Indie genre to influence his viewers to play smaller games created by smaller companies. Seven award wins and five nominations later, Pewdiepie is not only one of the most successful YouTubers, but one of the most successful people ever.

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    Colleen Ballinger - $30 million

    Colleen Ballinger rose to YouTube stardom as her alter-ego Miranda Sings in 2009, but now also has her own personal channel. Having two channels, Miranda Sings with 10-million subscribers, and Colleen Ballinger with 8.5-million subscribers, there is no surprise that she has a seven-figure net worth.

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    She not only gains massive revenue from her YouTube channels, but also from her Netflix show, Haters Back Off, television cameos, live comedy acts, book, and music albums. Colleen has also appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Talk about a YouTube celebrity! 

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    Daniel Middleton - $45 million

    Daniel Middleton or, DanTDM, is the highest grossing gaming YouTuber in the world; he got his start on YouTube in 2012 playing the popular multiplayer game, Minecraft and he didn’t show his face to his subscribers until his channel hit 100,000 subscribers about one year later.

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    With 21.5-million subscribers today, Daniel eventually branched out from only playing Minecraft and posts videos of him playing all genres of games including Fortnite and Spider-Man, as well as less popular Indie games. He has also published a graphic novel and starred in his own web series that premiered on YouTube Red.

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    Jeffree Star - $50 million

    Before he became the most subscribed to YouTube beauty guru, Jeffree Star got his start as the most followed person on MySpace in 2006 and three years later released an album with a song featuring Nicki Minaj. He has also performed in a few Good Charlotte music videos and appeared on LA Ink with then best friend Kat Von D. Most of the money Star has earned comes from his makeup company, Jeffree Star cosmetics, which has been very successful and popular among his following. Who would have guessed that a YouTuber would have a net worth of $50 million?

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