Top 12 Coolest Concept Yachts Ever Built

Yachts have long been thought of as luxury water vehicles that are only reserved for the rich and famous. While that’s partially true (yachts can be very expensive), some “regular” people have the privilege of getting on a yacht every now and then. For instance, some couples arrange to have their wedding on a yacht, or take a yacht cruise for their anniversary. Or, a group of friends and family members may pool their resources and have a party on a yacht to celebrate birthdays or a loved one’s promotion.

While concept cars have been a “thing” for quite some time among car enthusiasts, concept yachts are gaining lots of popularity as well. These yachts are mostly displayed in shows and exhibits, but there are some creative and functional ideas that engineers have used as the inspiration for more “usable” yachts. There are also concept yachts that never actually made it to the market, but they’re still pretty cool to look at. Whether you’ve got the cash to buy yourself a new yacht, or you just want to be inspired by yachts that are almost too fascinating to take on the water, here are 12 concept yachts that definitely won’t disappoint.


12 Project Magnitude

The Project Magnitude yacht definitely lives up to its name. The massive boat was designed by Lukasz Opalinski, and comes with a classic helipad. As if that’s not impressive enough, there’s a water sports deck on the yacht that is large enough to take a morning jog (or, you can take a jog in the evening if you prefer). The deck can also be used to launch submarines—that’s just how technologically advanced it is. Project Magnitude is a 90m superyacht, and its construction was based on the original Y700 Oceanco Series. Opalinksi has a luxury design background, so it’s no surprise that the yacht has a sleek design and top-notch amenities.

11 Tofi

The Tofi yacht, created by Hyun-Seok Kim, looks like a concept car and a really cool yacht all rolled up into one. The yacht, which his actually a houseboat, is very small, but is designed with some wonderful features. Tofi was actually the winner of the 2011 Dreamboat Millennium Yacht Design Award, and is a very futuristic interpretation of the motorboat. There’s a hideaway diving board on the boat, so passengers can dock it and use the board to dive into the ocean. The safety buoy system on the Tofi also makes for smooth sailing, and makes passengers feel safer on the water.

10 The Transformer

If you’re a fan of the Transformer movies (and old school cartoons), and love all things luxury, The Transformer is the yacht for you. At first glance, it looks like a small but elegant boat. However, The Transformer can quickly morph into a huge boat with lots of great amenities. It was designed by Julien Anglade and has solar sails, which is perfect for those who want to be eco-friendly and opulent at the same time. This boat seems like the perfect water vehicle for an evil villain in an over-the top action movie. It wouldn’t be a surprise if The Transformer (or a yacht similar to it) appeared in a popular movie, since it’s just that spectactular.

9 Emax Excalibur

There’s a black checkered layer of this concept yacht that serves as a photo-voltaic exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is designed to gather enough energy in a year’s time to offset 3,000 nautical miles. The Emax Excalibur is the first carbon neutral yacht in the world. It has been called a luxury hybrid yacht, and has a top speed of 30 knots, but when using the energy gathered by the photo-voltaic exoskeleton, the yacht can cruise at 18 knots. There are three double cabins on the yacht to make travel easy for passengers, and all the appliances on the boat are EnergyStar-approved.

8 Voronoi

The Voronoi yacht looks like a floating snowflake, due to its intricate lattice design, and is another one of Hyun-Seok Kim’s creations. The lattice pattern covers the entire deck of the ship, and the entire yacht is created to entertain passengers. The Voronoi has several hot tubs, along with a pool where passengers can enjoy an invigorating swim any time of day. There’s also a golfing green on the yacht, which is a feature that definitely stands out when it comes to concept water vehicles. There’s even a beautiful garden, which makes for a memorable stroll, and a full-service bar to make the yacht vacation even more enjoyable.

7 The Seagull

This Novague-designed concept yacht is powered by solar panels, so it saves energy while fascinating yacht enthusiasts with its great features. The solar panel wings resemble those of a seagull, which is why the yacht is definitely a breathtaking sight when it’s on the water. The wings even flap in order to get the best light absorption, which means it could be the prototype of the future when it comes to yacht design. The center of the yacht is made from quality wood, and opens and closes, similar to a sunroof to keep the elements out, or allow passengers to take in the warmth of the sun while on the water.

6 Soliloquy

The Soliloquy yacht is one of the most environmentally friendly concept yachts. It’s a little over 190 feet, so it’s not that big, but it makes up for its size with its innovative features. It is powered by wind, sun and hybrid marine power, which means that many yacht owners may subscribe to this “green” trend in the future. The yacht is also made from eco-friendly materials and it can reach competitive speeds whether it’s motor or sail-powered. Just 12 hours of sunlight allows the Soliloquy to run for about 8 knots. This is the ideal boat for going on a short fishing trip, or sailing out on the lake for a relaxing picnic.


5 Paper Boat

The Paper Boat yacht looks like a toy, but operates like the well-engineered machine that it is. It was created by three young Italian designers, and even though it looks small on the outside, it’s pretty spacious once you step in. There are two cabins on the yacht for comfortable lodging, as well as a bar for entertainment and hosting purposes. This yacht also has seagull wings that open up to the ocean to make the boat travel well on the water. The black and white design of the yacht makes it especially modern, and the pointy ends of the boat make it look like something from a very imaginative science fiction movie.

4 Iguana

The Iguana is basically a swimming car, or a boat that can drive. Either way, it’s pretty cool. There are retractable treads on the yacht that allows the “sailor” to roll onto the shore safely. The boat can even be parked in the driveway next to a car. It’s not designed to go very fast, so it’s not likely that the Iguana will win any races. But the sleek design and latest technology used to create these concept yachts definitely makes it a buy that billionaire yacht enthusiasts won’t regret. The yachts are also made to last, since they’re made from materials such as carbon and marine-grade aluminum.

3 PJ World Yacht

This yacht has a traditional look to it, but boasts some pretty futuristic features. There’s a movie theater and gym on the yacht, and passengers can enjoy a luxury spa during their time on the yacht as well. There’s also a pool and a very advanced security system. Intelligent design is what keeps the boat cruising on the waters at a steady speed, and has ice-operating capabilities so that the yacht will travel well in cold weather. There’s even a relaxing deck that is designed for guests to look out at the water during their vacation. Sounds like the perfect way to unwind—if you can afford it.

2 The Flying Yacht

This concept vehicle is a cross between a yacht and an airplane. Yelken Octuri, a French designer came up with the concept for the Flying Yacht, and his creation looks a lot like the airplane that the Wright Brothers came up with. Of course, he took the old school design that includes wide plane wings, and made something that technology enthusiasts would love to ride in at least once. Octuri has also had some offers for his flying yacht by companies who want to buy the design and make it available for passengers. That’s quite an accomplishment, since most concept yachts will never make it to market.

1 Yacht Island

That’s right. This yacht was actually constructed to resemble an actual island. While most people who have yachts get on their boats to travel to a remote island for a vacation, this yacht has the island built right in. This island is actually for rent and is a floating jungle. Yacht Island has a tropical setting, and there’s even a beach setting in the upper deck. This is the perfect place to relax in the shade, enjoy your favorite cocktail, and sail along in the ocean all at once. Aside from the tropical “landscape,” the Yacht Island company also offers vacationers a yacht that looks like the city of Monaco. Yachts that resemble cities in the Middle East and Asia are coming soon.



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