Top 10 Eco-Powered Yachts

Today's billionaires have many options when it comes to spending their money on recreational vehicles. Luxury now comes with options to save the environment and your pocket book.

For the average person the operating costs of owning a yacht is astronomical. A yacht measuring more than 71 meters burns 500 liters of diesel an hour, and that is with your yacht stationed at the dock not going anywhere. If you want to take your yacht for a couple days on an excursion, prepare to spend more than $2,700 an hour based on a cruising speed of 15 to 22 knots. Mega yacht's like the Eclipse owned by Roman Abramovich can cost a mind staggering 500,000 euros or almost $700,000 to fill the tanks.

Advances in hybrid motors and alternative energy is the solution to balling while at sea.

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9 DSe 12M Hybrid: $600,000

This is one of the most innovative yachts manufactured in the U.S.A. A true hybrid that utilizes solar power, diesel and electric power, designed by Island Pilot and launched in 2008. This zero emission cruising yacht is a true wonder of green technology with a non internal combustion motor. The serial diesel hybrid drive provides additional range. When the diesel mode is active the electric drive motor charges the battery.

Slide the gear shifts into reverse and pull away from the dock without starting the motor. You can cruise for hours on green energy using solar, wind or electric power. The 6 kilowatt solar array that is mounted on the deck of the ship provides a constant flow of energy enabling this eco-friendly yacht to cruise at speeds of 5 knots. The power supplied by solar energy also powers the appliances and air conditioning.

The entire roof is comprised of solar panels that collect the Sun’s energy in sunny weather. Imagine cruising around the world only having to resort to diesel fuel when absolutely necessary. The energy savings of this yacht more than make up for its sales price.

The DSe has a length of 39 feet and 6 inches with a displacement of 17,500 lbs. The diesel engine is powered by two 75 HP Steyr motors giving the DSe a cruising speed of 7 knots. The two 7 kW 48 vDC motors enable a cruising speed of 1.5 knots. The solar array generates enough energy to propel the yacht to a cruising speed of 5 knots. The yacht also has a Genset engine a combination of a diesel engine and electric generator. The DSe is one of the most versatile eco-powered yachts on the market.

8 Arcadia's Solar Powered Superyacht: $70,172/Week

If your income puts you in the uber rich tax bracket than why not splurge on an eco-friendly luxury yacht? Designed by Francesco Guido the Arcadia measures 85 feet in length and can accommodate eight people at a time. The rooftop contains solar panels that power the air conditioning, pumping, refrigeration and lighting appliances. The Arcadia has a top speed of 18 knots and is powered by organic fuel.

The luxury amenities on board include a main sitting and entertainment area. The contemporary interior includes electric sun blinds and floor to ceiling windows that are insulated to retain heat. The full beam master suite and two twin staterooms are fit for kings and queens. Included for your comfort is the Rodriquez Marine stabilizing system.

Propelling the Arcadia's 25.91 meter hull are two R6 720 HP engines, they are accompanied by 2 KHOLER 20 kilowatt power generators that provide substitute green power.

7 Orsos Islands: $6.5 Million

Designed by an Austrian company these man made islands are available for pre-order. These luxurious island yachts take approximately 18 months to construct. Each island contains 1,000 square feet of living space and can house 12 people.

The Orsos Island designers have incorporated green technology into this luxury vessel. There are 160 square meters of solar panels on the roof and wind generators that produce 28 to 30 kilowatt hours of power. Estimated daily power usage is 45 kilowatt, if power usage goes beyond this rate there are two diesel engines to cover energy needs.

6 Turanor PlanetSolar: $16.5 Million

Designed by ship builder Craig Loomes from New Zealand, this 31 meter carbon vessel weighs 89 tonnes and is extremely durable. The ship is powered by 512 m2 photovoltaic panel power 6 blocks of lithium ion batteries. The Sun provides the catamaran with the energy required to continue sailing around the world.

This Green energy catamaran launched March 2010 in Kiel Germany took 14 months to construct in the shipyards of Knierim Yachtbau. To date the Turanor PlanetSolar is the largest solar powered double hulled vessel.

The Turanor set a milestone when it traversed the world in 20 months using the energy stored from its 5,000 square foot solar panels.

5 Palmer Johnson 35m supersport: $24.7 Million

The Palmer Johnson Super Sport Series has introduced a new design that raises the bar on yacht technology and performance. This superyacht is an aerodynamic wonder of technology that is made of carbon fiber.

Palmer Johnson the yacht manufacturer has designed a unibody construction that has curved lines with no flat surfaces. Designed from the ground up the main hull actually increases hull efficiency resulting in using smaller engines to power the yacht.

The slender main hull and wave piercing bow reduces pitch and slamming as the yacht travels thru waves and rough seas. The power efficient yacht can travel at 30 knots and uses 50 percent less fuel. For improved efficiency the fully retractable anchor is concealed in the hull's bottom.

The Palmer Johnson 35m supersport measures 35 meters long. Powering the supersport are four Volvo IPS 1050 engines that enable a maximum speed of 30 knots.

4 Columbus Sport 130' Hybrid: $30 Million or $384,000/Week

Billionaires can now cruise in style while jumping on the green bandwagon. This green superyacht is powered by a dual Toyota Prius hybrid engine that runs on electricity and diesel. The yacht travels quietly at a speed of 7.5 knots on electricity before the diesel engine kicks in for higher speeds. The aluminum hull contributes to a light skeletal structure that results in the need for less energy to power it.

The Columbus has not scrimped when it comes to luxury, this yacht features three first class cabins and a deck large enough for eight people to relax and party on. The main room has massive windows while plush interiors incorporate Breccia Sarda and Emperador Dark marble throughout.

3 The Soliloquy: $33 Million

This eco-powered yacht designed by Alastair Callender is powered by wind, solar and a 58 meter rigid wing sail design. The overhead beam provides structural advantages designed to house three automated and pivotal mounted solar sails. The hybrid marine power (HMP) technology is manufactured by Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd.

This energy efficient motor yacht is quietly powered by renewable and hybrid electric energy. The energy savings translate into significant lower fuel costs.

Alastair Callender aims to make the Soliloquy the Greenest of luxury yachts using eco-friendly materials and construction techniques. This Green company aims to design yachts that comply with Green Star Plus certification from RINA in Italy.

The technology used in the sailing propulsion is patented technology from Solar Sailor Holdings, this new technology has received a development grant from the U.S. Navy for unmanned ocean vehicles and is currently used in Green ferries.

The solar energy stored in the sails allows the Soliloquy to travel at 8 knots. This yacht accommodates 12 guests with ease and privacy.

3. Ethereal superyacht: $60 Million

The Ethereal is a superyacht built in 2009 by Royal Huisman. The Ethereal capitalizes on recent advancements in green technology, this eco-friendly yacht is capable of operating for extended periods of time by storing electrical power. The luxury interior is styled by Pieter Beeldsnijder Yacht Design.

Ethereal superyacht can sleep up to a maximum of twelve guests in her five stateroom layout that features three doubles and two convertibles, in addition to her ten crewmembers.

The Ethereal superyacht measures 58 meters with a displacement of 480 tonnes. Propelling this superyacht to 17 knots are two diesel C18 motors with 715 HP.

2 006 Yacht: $94.5 illion

The 006 superyacht was designed in collaboration with Schottel and Corvus Energy. This 43 metre eco-friendly superyacht has a roof covered with 160 square metres of photovoltaic cells, that generate up to 20 kW of energy. The main use of the solar panels are to power the 400 kWh batteries responsible for entry and exit in and out of marinas. The secondary use of the solar panels is providing power to the sauna and jacuzzi onboard.

The 006 yacht is 43 meters long with a displacement of 480 tonnes. Propelling this eco-friendly yacht are 2x SCHOTTEL STP 330 motors and 2 electric motors x 500 kW at 1800 rpm's. The cruising speed is 12 knots with a maximum speed of 13 knots.

1 Green Jet Yacht: Estimated $97 Million

The future of sailing in the 21st century is here. Introducing the Green Jet Yacht, a superyacht designed by Erik Sifrer designed to operate like a motoryacht. A fully computerized navigation display controls the sail system at the touch of button. The main propulsion for the Green Jet Yacht are two fully automated Aero sails guided by hydraulic motors. The 58 meter high masts are supported by two vertical arches, the rigging forms a triangle shape when viewed from the forward aft.

The carbon hull, structure, deck roof, masts and sails are all made from carbon fiber. The deck is made from teak wood and the deck utilizes stainless steel parts. This 330 tonne yacht measures 57 meters with a beam height of 11.7 meters. When not relying on wind power the two 950 kW hydrogen propulsion engines provide power.

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