The Cheapest Entry-Level Luxury Yachts

Sail out to sea in your own private yacht. It need not be the high-end splashy yachts like the ones used by Arab royalty or Russian billionaires. There are actually a number of affordable and decent y

Sail out to sea in your own private yacht. It need not be the high-end splashy yachts like the ones used by Arab royalty or Russian billionaires. There are actually a number of affordable and decent yachts available. Here is a list of the top 10 cheapest entry-level yachts.

10 Hunter 33 Yacht - $179,000

The Hunter 33 Yacht has a wide beam and hollow bow, meaning there is a more dynamic water line that will result into a faster boat. It has a long cockpit and a fold down swim platform. The telescoping swim ladder is easily accessible regardless whether the platform is set up or not. The design of the boat has been considerably enhanced. A table can be easily flipped to accommodate a chart. There is also an Easy Lift System that allows a dinette table to lower and become the base of a double sleeper couch. Generous cabinet space is also provided.


9 Catalina 315 Yacht - $175,000

The Catalina 315 Yacht is a powerful and ruggedly built boat designed to last long. It features a StrikeZone collision bulkhead in front and a DeepDefense rudder system for failsafe steering. Its mast is also uniquely designed to combine the best of both deck-stepped mast and keel-stepped mast. The mast support system also ensures equal load resolution and watertight integrity. The keels are extremely low maintenance and primarily designed to absorb even the strongest collision and impact. Inside are countertops with solid surfaces, as well as hand-finished interiors covered with satin and varnish. With its high ballast ratio of 41 percent, this boat allows for extremely safe offshore cruising.


8 Hanse 325 Yacht - $149,500

The Hanse 325 Yacht is considered to be the baby of the entire line of the Hanse fleet. This is a good boat for the newcomer and also for those who simply want to downsize. Aside from the new boat owners, its clients include senior citizens enjoying afternoon races and even the seasoned boatmen who desire a boat that is easy to sail. The boat is comfortable and highly maneuverable. Options to upgrade are available, including a Cruise Pack that provides essentials such as anchor, extra batteries and shower in the stern; Comfort Pack that adds even more luxurious items; and the Entertainment and Navigation Pack that adds VHF frequency, anchor windlass, lazy bag system and two blade folding prop. You can also include a bimini’s, dodgers, barbeque and other extra items.


7 Dehler 29 Yacht - $119,000

The Dehler 29 Yacht boasts of a quality build and finish. It has been ergonomically designed to allow for speed and fast racing. It allows the user to engage in both fun activities with the family and in regatta racing. The boat has been hand built in Germany and designed by Simonis Voogd and the renowned racing yacht specialists called Judel Vrolijk.


6 Imexus 28 Yacht - $87,000

The Imexus 28 Yacht is a spacious yacht that measures 8.5 meters in length. The saloon table is big enough to accommodate five persons. The yacht also has enough space to allow five people to sleep with comfort. The boat can easily power through at 30 knots without losing any stability at all. It is also easy to manage even for an inexperienced crew. The yacht is also extremely efficient in its use of petrol.


5 BayCruiser 23 Yacht - $70,000

The BayCruiser 23 Yacht uses a water ballast to keep towing the weights down. A timber composite version of the boat that costs around $3,000 more weighs only 700 kilos, making it easy to be pulled by even a car. The boat features a one-piece carbon mast and fully battened main sail. An asymmetric spinnaker can be included. The cockpit is comfortable enough for four people. There are also huge lockers available. There is a dedicated outboard towards the rear of the cockpit. The decks below are airy with a forward V-berth.


4 27 Edge Yacht - $69,000

The 27 Edge Yacht is a hybrid between a powerboat and a sailboat. It features a roomy interior that allows natural light to come in, as well as for proper ventilation to set in. this makes the boat comfortable even during the hottest days of the year. You can also choose to add an engine capable of 50 horsepower to allow the boat to go up to as fast as 20 knots.


3 Catalina 250 MKII Yacht - $65,000

The Catalina 250 MKII Yacht boasts of its stability and easy tracking because of its lead keel. The boat is available with water ballast or wing keel. The latter model has a draft of just 1.04 meters. You can also choose between a tiller or wheel steering, as well as option between outboard and inboard power. Cruising options are also available.


2 Catalina 22 Sport Yacht - $45,000

The Catalina 22 Sport Yacht is said to be the best selling yacht that can be attached to a trailer in the world today. The yacht was first introduced in 1970. Since then, over 16,000 units have been built and delivered to clients all over the world. It was built primarily to encourage more family racing and cruising. The Catalina 22 Sport is considered as a good step up yacht for those who are tired of dinghy sailing and ready to go for a pocket cruiser and racer. There are several cruising options and racing packages available for additional amounts, but the base price of the boat is only $45,000.


1 Catalina Capri 22 Yacht - $40,000

The Catalina Capri 22 Yacht is a popular boat known for its easy performance. It features a nice deck profile and a roomy cockpit specially designed to allow comfort for the crew whether during or after sailing. The seats are fully reclining and features storage lockers and a separate battery compartment. You can also choose to upgrade by including a symmetrical spinnaker, sheets, pole and backstay tension adjuster. The head is enclosable and there is also a galley module available to allow for the prolonged use of the boat.

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The Cheapest Entry-Level Luxury Yachts