The $1.68 Million Mercedes Benz Yacht

Anyone in the market for a luxury yacht may enjoy the Mercedes ARROW460, as long as they have around $1.68 million to spend. This is a beautiful luxury boat that can accommodate up to 10 passengers inside of its 45.9 foot space. It can also reach up to 30 knots with the two 480-horsepower diesels it is equipped with. This amazing yacht even has air conditioning to keep passengers comfortable as well as premium sound and wood paneling.

As if guests won't enjoy the interior enough, it also has a wine cellar that makes it easy for travelers to keep precious bottles of wine. The million-dollar interior has an open design with retractable side windows and a rear dock that extends to make the space larger. In addition to this, there's a dining table and bed inside and both can be retracted. Individuals who want this in their marina will have to get on the order list now, as they will start being delivered in 2015.

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