Dulux: $320 Million Yacht Paint Job Gone Wrong

Andrey Melnichenko is suing Dulux to the tune of $95 million dollars, alleging that they messed up a paint job on his yacht. The Dutch company, owned by Akzo Nobel, is said to have done an unsatisfactory job painting the $320 million yacht. The paint job, Melnichenko says, has "Lines and sags", whilst also appearing "cloudy".

The yacht, which costs almost $20 million a year to maintain, will now need a replacement paint job, according to Melnichenko. Named simply "A", the mega-yacht is one of the biggest in the world, measuring out to over 390 feet long. It weighs in at 5 and a half tonnes and even has its own helipad on the front deck. Simply filling up with fuel costs just under $500,000.

His claim also includes $4 million to cover the cost of a replacement vessel whilst the yacht is being repainted. Should the Russian Business Tycoon succeed, the money will still seem like small change to him; Melnichenko has a net worth of almost $11 billion.

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Dulux: $320 Million Yacht Paint Job Gone Wrong