12 Things You Didn't Know About Superyachts

Superyachts are the pinnacle of luxury. They are modern day Titanic-like vessels that span anywhere from 70 to 230 feet long and weigh up to 10,000 tons. These behemoths are truly reserved for the rich and powerful. But boy do they seem awesome. With some of the world’s most notable billionaires owning luxury yachts and throwing huge parties aboard them with A-list celebrities, one can’t help but feel a little jealous as an onlooker.

They serve a variety of purposes. From partying to business to marine exploration, these beastly vessels are used for a variety of purposes. In some cases, recording studios onboard these vessels have even been used to record albums by greats like Mick Jagger. They’ve also been graced with performances at private parties by greats like Usher, U2, and Johnny Cash.

Regardless of whether they’re used for business or pleasure, normal people can’t help but to be extremely jealous as they envy the lucky people that get to sail the ocean blue on one of these monsters. You think a cruise ship is nice? You haven’t seen a superyacht. So let’s have a look at 12 awesome facts about superyachts that you may not have known about.

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12 Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen’s Superyacht Has 2 Submarines


A little-known fact about Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is that he has his own amazing superyacht, which he gingerly calls “Octopus.” His giant yacht is so big, it even houses 2 submarines. One of the submarines, Pagoo, can hold 10 people and drive for up to eight hours. The other, the Octo ROV, can be controlled remotely. It has been loaned out for Google Earth’s “Explore the Ocean” project, as well as for documentaries on Discovery Science Channel. That’s pretty cool.

11 Asian Superyachts Often Opt For A Conference Room

While western submarines are much more likely to contain some kind of outdoor club, Asian yachts are far more likely to include conference rooms instead. This is due to the fact that Asians, especially those from China, tend to use their superyachts more for business than pleasure. As such, they opt for design choices, like the conference room, and other smart interior hosting spaces that facilitate bringing clients on board to discuss business. It’s kind of depressing actually. Why do you need all that luxury if you’re only going to use it as a place to host business meetings? It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

10 You Can Charter One Pretty Easily… At A Cost

If you’re rich but not super rich, you can always charter a superyacht for a week or so. Many superyacht owners opt to charter their superyachts in order to cover some of the expensive maintenance and upkeep costs associated with owning one of these beauties. Since owners spend only around a couple of months per year on their superyacht on average, the rest of the year is fair game. Prices can vary from $20,000 to as much as $4 million for a week for the most expensive yachts. This covers the yacht and crew. You have to provide sustenance for yourself and any guest you bring on board to get the party started.

9 There Are Tons Of Water Crafts On Board

Most superyachts have a wide range of watercrafts on board for guests to take out and play around with. We already mentioned the submarines on board Paul Allen’s Octopus. But more than that, many superyachts have fun toys like jet skis, small boats, diving gear, wake boards, helicopters, trampolines, dirt bikes, and so much more. Some superyacht owners want to have so many toys, they actually buy another separate boat just to lug them around for their guests. As long as the people using these toys are responsible with their alcohol use before experimenting, it sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

8 Most Superyachts Are Owned By Middle Easterners

For a long time, most superyachts were owned by Americans and Europeans. However, recently the Middle East has climbed its way into the number one spot. In fact, the world’s largest superyacht, the Azzam, is owned by a Middle Eastern man. Now, a full one-third of the 200 largest yachts in the world are owned by Middle Easterners. With huge bastions of luxury like Dubai present in the Middle East, along with unimaginable amounts of oil money being spread around amongst the wealthy there, it’s not really much of a surprise to see them in the top spot.

7 Most Superyachts Require A Full Time Paid Crew Living On Board

In what comes as probably not much of a shock after thinking about it, superyachts usually require a full time paid crew living and working on the boat, even during the off months, just to keep it running. Even without chartering, maintaining these beasts is a full time job. The crew is usually separated into interior, exterior, engineering, a captain, and at least 1 cook for the crew. They usually contain bedrooms for the crew as well as amenities you might expect to see on a cruise ship, like a gym or a spa. These things really are the Titanics of the modern era.

6 Full Time Crew Means Full Service

When you’re going for a party ride on a superyacht, you can expect immaculate service. The full time crew means full time service. Anything you need, they will provide for you. If you want a Kobe beef premium burger or some McDonald's while miles off the coast, it will be arranged for you. Even if they have to fly it on board, that’s okay. Of course, such service is quite expensive. You are also expected to tip the crew for their support at the end of your trip, of course. But when they’ll bring you McDonald's on a boat at 4 am, they really do deserve everything they get.

5 Yachts Are The Biggest Luxury Holding By Billionaires

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, yachts are the biggest luxury holding by billionaires worldwide. It’s not private jets or expensive arts and collectibles. Although, those things come in just slightly behind. Trailing further behind is jewelry, cars, antiques and fashion. But it still goes to show how much billionaires truly value their yachts as a place of relaxation and fun. They are truly every bit as awesome as they look, or else why would you want one over your own private jet? One thing’s for sure; if you ever get super lucky and strike it rich off that PowerBall jackpot, the first luxury item you should buy is a yacht. It’s time tested.

4 A Superyacht Discovered WWII Wreckage


The superyacht Octopus, owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has actually been credited with a pretty amazing discovery. In March of this year, it was announced that a crew on board the superyacht had spotted a WWII-era battleship off the coast of the Philippines. The ship had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and was spotted by a team (including Allen) after spending eight years searching for this ship, called Musashi. The ship was a Japanese battleship believed to have been sunk in 1944. Allen has a passion for military technology and collectibles. He has a large WWII-era plane collection as well.

3 There’s A Prototype Island Yacht


If yachts aren’t luxurious enough for you, how about an island? A prototype island yacht built by UK company Yacht Island Designs, comes complete with its own little oasis and TiKi huts. The huts are surrounded by real palm trees. To top it all off, there is a model volcano on the top, which spews water that runs off into the swimming pool. There are 4 VIP guest suites and an owner’s suite in the body of the volcano. It also features a cinema, library, game room, gym and sauna. An island getaway on an island that moves? Sign us up.

2 There May Also Soon Be One That’s A Floating City


A floating island still isn’t enough yacht for you? How about a floating city? Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, is investing a large chunk of his money into Blueseed, a company aiming to create an offshore luxury city. It will be located just off the coast of California and will seek to cater to young professionals. Entrepreneurs and startups can apply to be considered for a spot on the ship. They will have to pay about $1,600 per month to live and work on the floating city. That is really not bad at all considering the luxury little bubble you’ll get to live in. Some gated communities cost much more than that.

1 Owners Pay Around 10% Of The Original Purchase Price Per Year To Operate It

Perhaps the biggest consideration to be made about buying superyachts is the upkeep and maintenance costs. Having to pay a full time crew doesn’t come cheap. But more than that, fuel, repairs, and other costs also quickly rack up the bill. The rule of thumb is that you will spend about 10% of the purchasing price per year, and the average price of a superyacht is $43 million. This makes the per year maintenance cost $4,300,000. That’s insane. In fact, you’re probably better off chartering a private jet for a short trip, since in addition to all that, the big gas guzzler will guzzle over 1000 liters of gas per hour at full throttle on the high seas.

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