11 Of The Most Impressive Superyachts For Sale Now

When you are fantasizing about what it would feel like to be rich, one of the first luxury items that people often fantasize about, is having a superyacht. It’s easy to see why, especially by the time you’re at the end of this list. Yachts are not only amazing for what they allow you to do, but they often feature incredible amenities that are better than any hotel that you’ve probably ever stayed at.

Make sure that if this is something that you’ve set your eye on, you are prepared to constantly be dropping some coin. As you’ll find out, many of these amazing superyachts have needed to go under remodelling or refitting and this can cost you millions of dollars.

That cost of a remodel may be less of a big deal when you’re rich, but it's still an incredibly alarming number for a ‘normal’ person to see. Though, as the phrase goes: Looking is free, and after all, isn’t that why you’re here? (If you’re looking for financial advice, you may have come to the wrong list).

The Palm Beach International Boat Show runs from March 17th-March 20th and will feature all of the superyachts that are described in further detail below. Overall, the boats have an accumulated value of roughly $1.2 billion, so you better believe these are seriously impressive. It is not a shock that this is easily the hottest boat show all year for potential buyers, as well as for current owners to go and check out what new amenities they need to be adding to their own collection.

Whether your favourite yacht on this list is the most expensive one, or one that has unique features that appeal to you specifically, there is no doubt that these are 11 of the most luxurious, and expensive superyachts in the entire world. If you think #11 is impressive and expensive, just wait until you get to #1.

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11 Blind Date – Asking Price: US $3,995,000

Via burgessyachts.com

Could you imagine if you went out on a blind date and they showed up in this behemoth? The Blind Date was built in 1995 by Lurseen-Werft, and had the inside designed by Patrick Knowles. The yacht prides itself not only on being able to get people to their destination safely, but also boasts an impressive speed of 22 knots. A remodelling of the yacht was done in 2005 and was valued at roughly $2 million. I suppose $3.5 million for the boat doesn’t seem so unreasonable after all? Plus, it is the cheapest yacht on the list, so you can say you barely splurged!

10 Francine – Asking Price: US $4,950,000

Via burgessyachts.com

The Francine may be an impressive vessel, but it is also built in 1989 which makes it one of the oldest yachts on this list. Yet don’t worry because as you’ll read, several of these boats have been through expensive refitting. None many have rivalled the work that went into renovating the Francine from 2011 to 2014, which cost roughly $10 million. The remodelling included putting in wooden floors, marble counters and getting new furniture (though to be fair, they probably bought all of these things several times). It may be one of the cheapest superyachts on the list, but it's still a superyacht.

9 Centinela 4 – Asking Price: US $7,400,000


The Centinela 4 was built in 19872 by Feadship and De Vries in the Netherlands and has stood the test of time as being one of the most impressive yachts in the world. The ship has gone through several renovations, including a complete rehaul of the interior upgrades in 2015. The ship's owner was clear that the original Feadship design was to go untouched, helping maintain a classic, yet luxurious image. The yacht is able to hold 10 guests and requires 9 crew members to keep it fully operational.

8 Illusion - Asking Price: US $12,950,000

Via burgessyachts.com

When it comes to creating an amazing yacht, one of the first questions is how much space are you going to require. As a result, Feadship, C Van Lent and Zonen clearly put space at the forefront when they created the Illusion in 1983. The boat features a large sun deck, as well as accommodations for twelve guests. The deck is large enough to place a Jacuzzi, a dining area and a space to get your tan on. Inside, the Illusion has a saloon as well as a home cinema. Only question you need to ask yourself is where are you going to spend the majority of your time?

7 BG – Asking Price: US $13,990,000

Via burgessyachts.com

If you are going to spend roughly $13 million on a yacht, you better be able to have a glass of wine on the ocean if that's what you desire. Of all the yachts on this list, the BG is the only yacht that features an outstanding custom-made wine wardrobe that displays 120 bottles. The boat also features a large projector screen, as well as a fantastic jacuzzi area. The boat was refit in 2015 to assure the client’s comfort, and can hold 12 guests and 10 crew members.

6 DEJA VU - Asking Price: US $17,900,000

Via burgessyachts.com

Valued at just under $18 million, the DEJA VU yacht is clearly not going to be the cheapest investment you make. That being said, if you were going to buy a yacht, wouldn’t you want one that could travel anywhere in the world? Some yachts struggle with shallow water, but the DEJA VU was created with a shallow draft so that it would be able to access areas that other larger yachts may not be able to.

The yacht was created in 2000 by Feadship, C Van Lent and Zonen, but rest easy if you think it may be getting old. The yacht got an entire overhaul in 2013 which included interior work as well as upgraded electrical systems.

5 Cakewalk - Asking Price: US $19,500,000

Via burgessyachts.com

When Cakewalk was first built in 2003 it was already incredibly impressive. Time can take a toll on everything though, and in March 2015, the entire yacht went through a refit that made sure luxury was evident from the second someone stepped on the boat. All of the furnishings and furniture was upgraded, and there was also a review done on all the technical systems of the boat. The renovation may have cost $2.5 million, but there is no doubt that it was money well spent. The deck also features a gym and a jacuzzi on deck.

4 Mia Elise – Asking Price: US $24,900,000

Via burgessyachts.com

The Mia Elise came out in 2010 and was designed by Trinity Yachts. It was built specifically for a yacht enthusiast, and great detail has gone into making sure the yacht is one of a kind. This includes zero speed stabilisers that allow you to cruise the ocean in comfort. The inside was designed by Patrick Knowles and represents the elegance that you would expect from an outside view. The boat recently underwent a refitting that was valued at roughly $3 million, so you can be assured that you’re getting a top of the line yacht.

3 Sequel P Asking Price: US $25,950,000

Via burgessyachts.com

Sequel P was released in 2009 by Proteksan Turquoise Yachts, and it has recently been offered for sale for the very first time. Finally, now you know what you were saving up for! I assure you it would be worth the price, as the yacht features a BBQ, jacuzzi and the VIP suite can also be turned into a massage therapy room. It can hold 13 guests, and currently requires 13 crew members to keep the ship fully operational. If the price is a little out of your range, you can rent it for $330,000 a week. Though you better reserve it quick, because something tells me this yacht is going to have a new permanent owner in the very near future.

2 Elandress Asking Price: EUR – 52,500,000

Via burgessyachts.com

When BurgessYachts was able to put the Elandess on the market, you can understand why people were excited. This was the first time that the yacht was being offered on the market, and it only takes one look to see just how gorgeous it is. The yacht was built in 2009 by Abeking and Rasmussen and has only had one previous owner. The yacht has sailed around the world, but has recently received a beautiful repaint of its blue hull. The Yacht also contains two lock-up garages and five parking spaces, just in case you decide to buy a new car when you’re out on your trips or don’t want to leave your expensive one to gather dust at home. With countless amenities (and the money to always buy more), if there is a new owner of the Elandress, you better believe they'll be ecstatic.

1 Silver Fast Asking Price: EUR - 79,500,000

Via burgessyachts.com

When it came to creating the Silver Fast yacht, it is evident that the creator, Espen Oeino, knew what he was doing. This is the 4th Yacht in the SilverYacht series, and is by far the most impressive yacht they’ve created so far. It is also the largest and fastest aluminum motor yacht in the world; capable of exceeding speeds of 27 knots, and also cruise at a comfortable 20-22 knots.

The boat is comprised of various amenities that help make it all the more amazing. The sun deck features an outdoor cinema, as well as a glass-fronted 8 person Jacuzzi. The yacht also comes with a steam room, sauna, gym, massage room and your own personal beauty salon. While the asking price is enormous, at least you can see why they value it at the price they do.

Sources: burgessyachts.com

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