10 Stunning Yachts to Charter For Your Next Vacation

Nothing says luxury more than chartering a private yacht for your next vacation. Chartering a beautiful, fully crewed private yacht for an adventure on the open water gives you and your family the ultimate personal experience.

Unlike a cruise ship, or even a stay in a resort or villa, when you charter a private yacht, the entire experience is up to you! The itinerary is completely yours to determine; you choose your own adventure, from where you decide to make port, to what sites you decide to see, and even the food you wish to eat. Furthermore, with a private yacht and a knowledgeable crew at your full disposal, if you wish to change your itinerary on a whim, you can!

On a cruise ship, your course is already charted out for you, removing the spontaneity that brings a "good" vacation to the next level. Private yachts are also smaller than cruise ships, allowing for far more privacy for you and your family, as well as giving you access to far more ports to explore.

Unlike a resort or villa, with a private yacht, you are not stationary, and rather than being landlocked in one location, the seas are your vacation destination, with your chartered yacht taking you wherever you please.  Clearly, chartering a private yacht is the most fulfilling and all-encompassing way to experience a luxury vacation...for those about to afford such extravagance. For the rest of us, let's read on and keep dreaming of the day we get to set sail in one of these breathtaking vessels!

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10 O'Ceanos: $200,000 - $235,000 Per Week

Via yachtmasters.com

Imagine the fresh air of the sea nipping at your face as you take a stroll on the deck of your own private yacht.  The sun shines across the horizon, leaving a trail of gold rippling across the water.  On the luxury yacht O’Ceanos all this is yours, and more!  A luxury yacht that offers seven cabins, and accommodates up to 12 guests, O'Ceanos also boasts an owner's suite on the upper deck of the yacht with a king size bed and private office, just in case work beckons.

Via yachtmasters.com

There is also a VIP suite on the main deck that also includes a king size bed and an adjacent twin cabin for those family members or friends invited to experience luxury alongside you.  Each cabin is equipped with ensuite facilities, making life on the sea convenient and comfortable. With classy décor, including the beautiful dining room, and salon area, O’Ceanos also has a gorgeous sun deck perfect for catching some rays and embracing the fresh ocean air.

9 Zaliv III: $240,000 - $300,000 Per Week

Via nauticexpo.com

The luxury yacht Zaliv III is one of the few 50-metre, semi-displacement aluminium yachts on the market. With variable speeds from 12 up to 22 knots, Zaliv III is a true original in every sense of the word. As the yacht cuts through the ocean, experience breathtaking scenery all around you. With the ship's minimalist exterior design and an elegant, tastefully decorated interior, you can also relax below deck with a book and a bottle wine.

Via nauticexpo.com

Zaliv III is designed to invoke a sense of space, giving you ample opportunity for peace and quiet when need be. Outfitted with six cabins, holding a maximum of 12 guests, Zaliv III is fully equipped with only the most modern technologies, including zero speed stabilizers, three large generators and a state of the art entertainment system, in order to afford guests the ultimate experience on their adventure.  If that wasn’t enough, Zaliv also has a jacuzzi located on the top deck, making a relaxing yet unforgettable evening with a loved one and a good drink on the open water complete.

8 Vera: $290,000 Per Week

Via yachtmasters.com

Need a private yacht that can accommodate your friends or family's elegant taste of style? Why not hit the water on the 52-metre Vera.  Vera is a luxury yacht that will suit any vacation amongst the beautiful Mediterranean or Caribbean coast lines. Equipped with six cabins that can accommodate up to 12 guests, Vera has a master cabin with a king size bed, as well as five queen size beds capable of sleeping all aboard comfortably.

Via yachtmasters.com

Vera also boasts two VIP cabins with ensuite facilities and even a gym room for those active types who can't bear to abandon their workouts when they go on vacation. Decorated in a sleek, regal white, those who appreciate the utmost of style will dine and relax in utter elegance on Vera; Vera truly is a private yacht that sets a new standard in luxury.

7 Starfire: $285,000 - $360,000 Per Week

Via yachtmasters.com

People will be forced to take notice as you board the 54-metre private yacht Starfire en route to your next vacation in paradise.  Starfire boasts exquisite artisanship, courtesy of the Benetti boatyard in Italy, making the yacht a site to behold.  Coupled with her beautiful exterior and interior opulence, Starfire is also equipped with the most technologically advanced communication system in the industry.

Via yachtfolio.com

Furthermore, no matter where you decide to voyage with Starfire, you’ll have the best audio and visual reception the world over.  You'll never miss an episode of your favorite show, even miles out to sea. And what about the Internet? Starfire has WiFi accessibility all over the world. For those days when you still need to be ‘in touch’, Starfire ensures you are connected. But really, that's not what you're here for.  Decorated in a modern Art Deco style, you could very well be in Miami aboard Starfire, making the yacht the perfect blend of hi-tech modern technology and classic decor.

6 Egeria: $250,000 - $285,000 Per Week

Via yachtstore.com

Ever wished your condo was actually sailing the sea? Then experience the allure of modern condo living on the high seas with Egeria.  Guests can enjoy all of the modern amenities and luxuries of a downtown condo while sailing the open waters. The 62-metre luxury yacht is the perfect vessel to head south and explore the cultures and ports of the Caribbean, while always returning to a little slice of home upon reboarding the ship.

Via yachtstore.com

Decorated in a subtle, yet stylish décor that would suit any of the 14 guests the ship can accommodate, Egeria also elevates a vacationer's experience by offering a beautiful dining area overlooking the water. Imagine an elegant meal, a great bottle (or two) of wine and a starlit night in the middle of the ocean.  With a private yacht like this, the notion of vacationing on land seems obsolete.

5 Sherakhan: $655,000 Per Week

Via 777ygc.com

At just under 70 metres, Sherakhan cuts through the sea like an ocean liner. The sleek blue exterior paint recalls the days of yore, but the modern amenities onboard provide guests with a thoroughly 21st century experience. Put on your best suit, grab your beautiful lady and take her to the opulent dining room for a fantastic meal.  For each guest of the ship's 13 cabins a fridge, vanity table, desk with computer port, TV/DVD/ and satellite communications capabilities, as well as a spacious walk-in closet await them, offering all of the amenities of a hotel, or even home, to make their vacation as comforting as possible.

Via burgessyachts.com

The master suite is a remarkable sight, and perfect for a romantic evening following a day of soaking up the sun.  Decorated in Venetian mosaic, with a his and hers ensuite bathroom and shower room designed in French Glass tiles and matching marble, there is even a private jacuzzi within the suite, making  Sherakhan the penultimate getaway for an anniversary or birthday. Luxury on-deck dining, and another outdoor jacuzzi complete the luxury guest experience for every other guest aboard Sherakhan as well.

4 Excellence V: $615,000 - $740,000 Per Week

Via luxuryyachtcuisine.com

A luxury yacht that truly lives up to its name, Excellence V is a yacht fit for a king, and for good reason. With an owner’s private suite that contains a king size bed and a large sky light overhead with a 180 degree panoramic view, this suite also boasts a vanity desk, sofa, refrigerator and plenty of closet space. To complete the room, the suite offers his and hers bathrooms with both a jacuzzi and a shower.

Via burgessyachts.com

Whoever decides that Excellence V is the right private yacht for their getaway may as well be the Wolf of Wall Street.  Enjoy the size and accommodations of Excellence V, and also utilize the sports bar equipped with a 52-inch television, the gym, the formal dining room and the beach club area that are available to all guests.   But most importantly, enjoy all of the beautiful and exotic locales that Excellence V can take you to, and only after that, relish in the luxuries aboard. With Excellence V, there is no better word to describe your private yacht experience.

3 O'Mega: $655,000 Per Week

Via yachtmasters.com

If you want to truly get an idea of what power and wealth feels like, all the while coasting through the open water with speed and grace, then O'Mega is the right yacht for you. Ranked as one of the world’s largest mega yachts, O’Mega sets a new standard for luxury and sophistication. Nothing but the best in comfort and great service awaits guests on board this floating palace.

Via debutesq.com

The perspective of the world guests are afforded aboard O’Mega can only be described as legendary. The 82.5-metre yacht is equipped with five VIP cabins and nine further cabins fit for up to 30 guests (that's right, bring your friends, family, neighbours and mailman with you.) Renowned for its full-scale luxury amenities including a jacuzzi, sun deck, swimming platform and home theater systems, you and your guests can have a few drinks and enjoy the sun in the jacuzzi, catch a movie in the theater, or dive right into the ocean off the swimming platform.  This is a yacht fit for a rock star; O'Mega is one of the most elite charter yachts in the world.

2 T1. SeaDream I: $560,000 - $870,000 Per Week

Via seadreamblog.wordpress.com

If the previous yachts have all been fit for kings and rock stars, then the massive Seadream series of luxury private yachts are fit for the most opulent of guests. Both yachts boast 56 cabins and can accommodate 112 guests, making everything from large family getaways to corporate excursions a reality on the ocean. Why not take the company executives to the Caribbean to let loose for a week of sun, fun and the sea, or the extended family out for a Mediterranean dream vacation that the children will remember for a lifetime?

Via nripulse.com

Equipped with a theatre capable of live performances, a dining room, and a library containing over 1,000 books, computers and even board games (Monopoly, anyone?), Seadream I and Seadream II offer guests all the luxuries of a resort, all the comforts of home and all the freedom of the ocean. Truly, anything you could possibly imagine at a resort, Seadream has it.  And what a resort lacks, like the ability to traverse the OCEAN, the Seadream I and Seadream II offer.

1 T1. SeaDream II: $560,000 - $870,000 Per Week

Via thecostaricanews.com

Both yachts have 54 Yacht Club staterooms that are 195 square feet and feature flat screen TVs, and DVD players and are decorated with the highest quality Belgium linens, unique art from famous Scandinavian artists as well as Bulgari bath amenities giving every guest even the bedroom experience of a lifetime.

Via martinstravel.com

Furthermore, The opulent Owner's Suite has a separate living room and master bedroom along with a master bathroom ensuring maximum comfort, and the ensuite features a full bathtub, a shower massage unit and a large counter with a sink that overlooks the sea.

Waking up to a view of the sea every day; priceless.  With the ability to take you wherever you want to go across the ocean, and with such high quality amenities, Seadream I and Seadream II are luxury private yachts where dreams, and dream vacations, truly do come true.

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