Where Do The Rich And Famous Go For Rehab?

The term “rehab” has sadly become a part of our cultural lexicon. You can’t turn on the news without hearing that word associated with a celebrity or other public figures who have either been suffering from a drug or alcohol problem or is going to rehab after a regrettable incident. Many stars have become more known for their addictions, such as Lindsay Lohan, rather than their shining talents. However, the recent tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has really surprised everyone. Philip Seymour Hoffman had everything. He had an Oscar, fame, fortune and a beautiful family. To say he was merely talented does not do justice to his gifts. So why did he die with a needle in his arm? Because he was unable to control his addiction.

Hoffman was the ultimate example that addiction affects everyone. It is a disease that even the richest entertainers and executives cannot buy their way out of. Money can’t buy recovery, but it can buy time at a rehab with accommodations that rival the highest-end spas. While all of the rehabs listed here appear on the surface to be more about “rehabilication” than rehabilitation, they all offer some of the best therapies available. At any luxury rehab, gourmet food, yoga, massage, personal training and acupuncture are standard. There are also high end therapeutic services such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), DBT (Dialectal Behavioral Therapy), and Equine Therapy. By making everything as comfortable and luxurious as possible, these rehabs are designed to allow their clients to focus entirely on beginning the lifelong process of recovery.

While these high end rehabs are expensive, if you think you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol, there is free help available at local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. Also, many rehabs, including some of the places mentioned accept health insurance.

10 The Cabin Chiang Mai: $13,000 Per Month

The Cabin Chiang Mai is the least expensive rehab on this list because it’s located in Thailand. However, don’t let the outsourced location fool you, the Cabin Chiang Mai caters mostly to Westerners, including celebrities like Pete Doherty and Cat Marnell. The facilities are super plush with king-sized beds, flat screen televisions with cable, and WIFI. You can get clean while you are trying to get clean, in a luxurious outdoor shower. Don't worry, there are soaking tubs and showers indoors too. There is also daily maid and laundry service, as well as an onsite gourmet chef. As amazing as the facilities are, so is the therapy, which rivals any rehab in the west. Rooted in the twelve steps, The Cabin also offers mindfulness therapy as well as individual and group therapies. Massage and personal training are part of everyday life, as are outings to local attractions such as rock climbing, bamboo rafting, hiking, fishing, golf and the local tiger and elephant kingdoms.

9 Reflections: $47,000 Per Month

Reflections is an ultra-excursive, six bed rehab located in the upper crust section of Northern California in Marin County. Everyone gets their own bedroom and bathroom, in fabulous spa-like setting. There is a gym, pool and hot tub, as well as a bocce ball court. Just like a vacation, there are golf outings daily. Of course there is an executive chef who prepares healthy locally sourced organic meals and snacks. Reflections offers both individual and group therapy. Once a week, there is a trip to the famed Buddhist Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Since Reflections caters to many business people, there are work stations available and cell phones and laptops are allowed.

8 Sierra Tucson: $48,000 Per Month

If you want to get sober in an absolutely beautiful mountain setting, Sierra Tucson in Arizona is the place to go. Like a custom “rehabilication,” the program is individually tailored to each client’s needs. A favorite among celebrities, Rob Lowe, Ringo Starr, Nicole Richie, Michael Douglas and Tiger Woods have all reportedly checked into this luxurious, but highly effective program. In addition to the twelve steps, Sierra Tuscon offers hypnosis, DBT, experiential therapy, individual and group therapy, cognitive therapy, EMDR, hiking somatic therapy, spiritual therapy, adventure therapy, acupuncture, massage and yoga. There is also an Olympic sized swimming pool.

7 The Dunes: $50,000 Per Month

The Hamptons are a great place to party as well as a great place to recover from partying at a fabulous facility called The Dunes. The Dunes is the East Coast go-to rehab for Wall Streeters and business executives. While many rehabs do not permit cell phones and computers, The Dunes understands that business doesn't stop for recovery. There is even a conference room available offsite if a client needs to conduct business matters during their stay. Furthermore, there is a legal affairs coordinator to help clients handle problems such as DUIs.

However, The Dunes takes recovery very seriously, approaching the issue holistically while being rooted in the twelve steps. Luxury amenities include a pool, spa, tennis court, gym, media room, massage therapist, equine therapy, meditation, yoga classes and personal trainers. A gourmet chef prepares locally sourced meals that rival any high end restaurant out East, serving lobster, tuna, cod, striped bass, and scallops, as well as steak chicken and organic vegetables.

6 The Hills: $50,000 Per Month

While The Hills shares a name with a former MTV Realty show, this facility, located in the Hollywood Hills, takes recovery as seriously as the members of that television show took partying. Also, instead of BYOB, The Hills is BYOD; bring your own dog! Founded by one of Los Angeles’ most respected psychologists, Dr. Howard Samuels, the Hills offers a twelve step based program in a three house facility that is staffed 24 hours a day. The small, French cottage-like setting has private and shared rooms with beautiful beds and soft linens. Of course, a private chef whips up yummy gourmet favorites such as lobster tails. There is a beautiful heated swimming pool, art therapy, gardening, meditation, yoga, massage, and educational programs as well as individual and group therapy.

5 Alta Mira: $50,000 Per Month

With views of the San Francisco Bay, Alta Mira is located in Marin County. This boutique, thirty bed facility has a spiritual approach to sobriety as demonstrated by their on-site Native American sweat lodge. They also offer access to two gyms (onsite and offsite), personal training, yoga, massage, horseback riding, kayaking, golf outings, acupuncture, beach trips and qigong. While Alta Mira is a very cushy setting that is highly focused on what residents need to do to recover, they do allow a limited use of cell phone and laptops. They offer various kinds of psychotherapy including individual and group therapy, cooking for recovery classes, art and wilderness therapy. Also, like any luxury rehab, there is a gourmet chef.

4 Cliffside Malibu: $53,000 Per Month

Malibu California is home to many luxury rehabs, but Cliffside stands out from the pack. Treatment is specially tailored to suit a variety of patients. Unlike many rehabs, residents are allowed to smoke unlimited cigarettes and drink unlimited amounts of caffeine. With activities offered akin to many a tropical vacation spot, you can surf, hike, swim in the pool or ocean, take walks on the beach, horseback ride, go to yoga class or work out with a personal trainer. For the less physically inclined, acupuncture, art therapy, meditation, massage therapy and manicures/pedicures are also offered. If all of these activities make you hungry, there is a wide range of food choices from tofu to desserts. While twelve step based programs are emphasized at Cliffside, so is individual therapy. The facility is also known for its 4 to 1 staff to client ratio. Yes, you read that correctly, there are four staff members for every client. What could be more luxurious than that kind of individual attention?

3 Promises Malibu: $57,000 Per Month

Promises Malibu is one of the most well-known luxury rehabs worldwide because of its popularity with celebrities including Robert Downey Jr and Britney Spears. While it is an excellent treatment center, it has fine amenities which rival any five star resort or spa including high thread count sheets and private rooms. If you can’t get sober without Fido, dogs are permitted at Promises. There are two heated pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, yoga, tai chi, and meditation. There is also equine therapy, individual psychotherapy and EMDR, as well as process groups. There are twelve step meetings both onsite and offsite. Promises also offers its stylish clientele “retail therapy,” with trips to the Cross Creek and Malibu Country Mart shopping centers.

2 Summit Malibu: $58,000 Per Month

Summit Malibu is a small, intimate treatment center. Located on five acres of land within a gated community, this facility is not twelve step based. Each client receives over eighty hours of therapy per month. The swimming pool has beautiful views of the surrounding hills and canyons. Summit also offers neurofeedback, individual and group therapy, meditation, a gym, massage therapy, hiking and a nail salon day. There is also a private chef who will accommodate any diet restriction. Private rooms are available as well as shared rooms with a choice of stunning views of the ocean or the mountains.

1 Passages Malibu: $80,000 Per Month

Rated by Forbes Magazines as one of the “Most Luxurious Places to Dry Out,” Passages Malibu is located on a palatial estate just outside of Los Angeles, California. Passages is a bit different from most rehabs in terms of their treatment philosophy, rejecting the widely accepted disease model and is not 12 step based. Passages offers over twenty one types of addiction therapy including acupressure and massage, acupuncture, adventure therapy, equine therapy, hypnotherapy, mediation, sound therapy, meditation, spiritual therapy, yoga, tai chi, a gym, and blood chemistry analysis in addition to the standard individual and family therapy. A favorite amongst Marc Jacobs, Mel Gibson, Stephen Baldwin and Natasha Lyonne who are Passages Alumni.

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