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Top 30 Nominee Watches At The Geneva Watch Grand Prix

Top 30 Nominee Watches At The Geneva Watch Grand Prix

The Geneva watch Grand Prix dubbed; d’Horlogerie de Geneve is a prestigious watch exhibition event which debuted just recently in the Middle East. The event was opened on 22nd October 2013 with an aim of showcasing some of the best watches in the world. There were over 200 nominees and 69 watches on display. These watches were competing for top positions in 10 categories namely; Petite Aiguille, sports, artistic crafts, jewelry, innovation, men’s complications, men’s watch, ladies complication, ladies watch and grande complication watch categories.

Below we will feature 30 watches which have been nominated in all 10 categories (3 watches per category). Out of the 3 watches in every category, only one will win. The watches which will win in each categories will be announced on 15th November 2013 in the Grand Theatre DeGeneve. Below are the top 30 Nominee Watches At The Geneva Watch Grandprix in regards to price i.e. from the least expensive to the most expensive.

30. Van Cleef and Arpels, Ballerine Enchantee Lady Arpels (Price: $3,500)


This is a distinct watch in the ladies complication watch category in this Geneva watch nominee list. This watch is the latest in the Van Cleef and Arpels collection. The watch has striking characteristics i.e. it is half butterfly, half-dancer perpetuating ballerina and fairy traditions.

29. Baume and Mercier Complete calendar watch (Price: $3,712)


This timepiece has a charisma and overall balance which finds expression in modern landscapes, hour, minute and seconds displays thanks to its small seconds hand as well as a date display located in an aperture. Featuring a steel case which measures 41 mm (in diameter) mounted on a metal bracelet or alligator strap, this watch definitely deserves to top the list of Petite Aiguille watch category.

28. Charriol COLVMBVS (Price: $4,000)


The Charriol COLVMBVS is a 36mm lady’s automatic watch available in pure white and monochrome black colors. This watch tops the list of watches in the ladies category in this watch nominee list because it has been built using a stainless steel macaroon style case to the interlocking triangular patterns on the casing. The watch derives it inspirations from Christopher Columbus who inspires the collection name.

27. Tudor Pelagos (Price: $4,140)


This watch also deserves to be on this list because of its water resistant abilities and magnificent finishing. This watch is made using titanium with a satin finishing. The resulting watch has an attractive rugged look. The watch can easily pass as the most attractive deep-sea diving watch on the market today.

26. Baume and Mercier Clifton 1830 watch (Price: $4,500)


This watch takes a top position on the list in the men’s watch nominee category. The watch is an 18 K red gold timepiece. The watch can also be manually wound. It is simply the ultimate historic urban timepiece for men inspired by the Clifton collection.

25. Speake-Marin, SPIRIT MKII (Price: $5,750)


This watch makes it to this list because of its 3 dimensional, 1 piece dial features and refined numerals. The hour markers also stand out in white Super LumiNova contrasting superbly against light absorbing matte black. The resulting watch indications portray sophistication in this elegant timepiece.

24. Zenith Pilot Montre Type 20 GMT (Price: $7,400)


Number 24 on this list is the Zenith Pilot Montre Type 20 GMT watch. This watch is in the top 3 list of the Petite Aiguille watch category for it features unique instruments found in pilot/aviation instruments. This watch is capable of withstanding sudden temperature fluctuations, magnetic fields, violent vibrations as well as atmospheric pressure changes.

23. Chanel Camelia Brode watch (Price: $8,580)


This Chanel dual time watch features two beautiful dials is the surrounded by flower-like desgins enabling the watch to keep time in 2 different time zones. The watch also combines 3 sorts of symbolism and features brilliantly cut diamonds. This is an exquisite timepiece for women who want something classy and elegant.

22. Habring2 Doppel 3 (Price: $8,800)


This watch brand has won the international watch Oscars before in 2012 in the sports watch category. Although this watch is from a relatively young brand, the Doppel 3 is definitely one step ahead of its predecessors in regards to design and technology.

21. Happy Sport Medium Chopard Automatic Elegant watch (Price: $8,900)


This watch makes it to this list because of its sophistication and loyalty to the original happy sport spirit. The watch features a guilloche silver toned dial which is a tribute to decorative traditions of classic watch making as well as a perfect backdrop highlighting the watch’s 7 moving diamonds. The watch also features a sapphire crystal on the back giving you a chance to admire mechanical self winding movements.

20. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Off shore Diver (Price: $15,200)


This watch takes the first position in the sports watch category because of its water resistant abilities in deep waters (300 metres). You can’t find a watch that has such abilities offering divers unmatched reliability every time.

19. Chaumet Liens De Chaumet (Price: $17,200)


This watch makes it to this list for many reasons, the most notable being variety. There are six versions of this watch all enhancing the watch’s attractiveness. The watch has a round case which is enhanced by the steel strength and pink gold poetry and sometimes, diamond sparkle.

18. Bvlgari Retrograde Minutes Jumping Hour (Price: $18,200)


The latest releases; Berries Tourbillion Retrograde and Berries Retrograde Minutes are true examples of exceptional brand values such as magnificence, freshness and color. This collection highlights tourbillion at six o’clock on the 1st of these 2 models as well as the jumping hour display which appears on the second at 12 o’clock.

17. Mayu Red Gold (Price: $19,500)


This timepiece makes it to this list on the basis of being the ultimate classic gents watch with timeless elegance as well as Geramic purity. The watch maker decided to combine a tone vintage dial with a 5 N red gold casing. The watch’s HMC 321 movements are visible through the back which is made of sapphire. Another notable feature of the watch is its 72 hour power reserve.

16. Maurice Lacroix SA Masterpiece Seconde Mystérieuse (Price: $26,400) 


This watch is top three in the men’s category because of its magnificent features like automatic winding system, Sun blasted & diamond polished bridges and magnificent finishing. The watch is also available in 2 limited editions (125 pieces each) making it a hot timepiece.

15. Antoine Martin Slow Runner (Price: $37,800)


This watch makes it to the top 3 list of Geneva Grand Prix watch nominee list in the innovation watch category. As the name suggests, the watch is by Antoine Martin who has enjoyed tremendous success in revolutionizing reduction in the balance frequency field. His work has paid off resulting in the world’s first wristwatch operating at 7,200 beats/hour with all the exceptional qualities of fine precision timepieces.

14. Hermes Arceau H Cube (Price: $55,000)


This watch has been made using materials with striking simplicity thereby representing a very rich inspiration source for craftsmen. For instance, the watch has been made using materials like straws. The watch’s geometry is also emphasized through its white gold casing. This watch is a true representation of artistic craftsmanship in watch making.

13. Chopard L.U.C Engine 1 H (Price: $63,300)


This watch also deserves a spot in the innovation watch category. This is mainly because the watch combines authentic automobile mechanics with the finest level of watch making. The finishes on the watch movement match those appearing on race car engines. Even the horizontal layout reflects designs unique in racing car cockpits. You couldn’t ask for a more creative timepiece.

12. Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Camelia Brode (Price: $95,370)


This dial design Chanel watch is made using embroidery techniques called needlework painting. These techniques result in different color shades in camellia designs done on black fabric. This is another classy design done by Chanel that exudes elegance and creativity.

11. Boucheron Ajouree Hera (Price: $90,800)


This watch tops the list of nominees in the jewelry watch category. This watch is over 120 years old. This watch is a true timepiece of jewelry showcasing delicate embroidery. The watch features incredibly fine lines interwoven hinting at foliage where children used to play. This watch was and is still a true creation of delicacy and unparalleled richness.

10. Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement (Price: $100,000)


This watch utilizes a fourteen micron silicon buckled blade which is a strategic component six times thinner than a single strand of human hair. This special blade serves the purpose of an energy storage micro unit compensating for variable energy ensuring the oscillator receives constant impulses. The watch also features a linear indicator and long power reserve as a result of its innovative double/twin barrel totaling three meters in length. This watch definitely deserves a position in the innovation category.

9. De Bethune DB28 Skybridge (Price: $107,400)


This watch makes it to the top watches in the men’s complications watch category. This watch is classically inspired in regards to its round shape. The watch features a 12 o’clock crown as well as a hunter type back, a concept borrowed from pocket watches. The watch also has a titanium casing. This demonstrates a modern and futuristic nature.

8. BOVET 1822 Recital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon (Price: $168,000)


This watch was unveiled just recently in 2013. The watch measures 41 mm in diameter and is powered by tourbillion movement which is one of the main reasons the watch makes it to this list. This watch is the 1st Bovet ladies watch to be tourbillion powered.

7. The Lange and Sohne 1815 Rattrapante perpetual calendar watch (Price: $213,000)


This watch makes it to the top 10 because it has over 600 individual parts (631 to be precise) of the new L101.1 manufacture calibre. The watch also stands out because it has over 200 components in its perpetual calendar mechanism. The watch not only shows monthly duration but also shows all leap years until the year 2100.

6. Boucheron Epure Tourbillon Vitis (Price: $285,000)


This watch makes it to the top 3 list of nominee watches in the Geneva watch Grand Prix in the ladies complication watch category. The watch has an extraordinary vine-leaf design with its web of veins. The watch has been described as the mother of all pearl craftsmanship given the fact that the watch is made using one piece of mother of pearl sculpted into numerous tiny grapes. The watch also has a flying tourbillion engraving setting it apart from other timepieces.

5. Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle (Price: $350,000)


This watch is also a worthy nominee in the men’s complications watch category because of its magnificent features such as a central 3 minute flying tourbillion, lateral & back power reserve indicators, 240 Retrograde Minutes and an instantaneous jumping hours feature with Quick Set Pusher. This watch is an extremely original timepiece which is the main reason it makes it to this list.

4. Greubel Forsey Double Balancier 35 (Price: $500,000)


This watch makes it to this list on the basis of being a true 1st in Horology. The watch features two inclined fixed oscillators which are unique regulating systems comprising of two inclined oscillators & escapements. The systems are driven via spherical differential.

3. Bulgari Commedia Dell’arte (Price: $500,000)


This watch also makes it to the top 3 position in the Grand complication nominee watch category. This watch makes it to this list because of its rich history. It is inspired by 16th century theatrical history in Italy when masked characters performed outdoor nomadic form of improvisation. The three most famous iconic characters of these theatrical tradition; Pulcinella, Brighella and Harlequin occupy the watch’s center dial.

2. Audemars Piguet Tradition Tourbillon Minute Repeater Chronograph (Price: $667,700)


This watch takes second place in the Geneva watch Grand Prix nominee list because of its complex mechanisms as well as clothed casing which has been inspired by the 1920’s cushion shaped pocket watch owned by its private museum. The fact that the watch is available in limited editions such as two 10 piece limited editions makes the watch top 3 in this list. The price tag also speaks volumes.

1. BOVET 1822 Fleurier Amadeo Tourbillon (Price: $837, 372)


This watch tops the list of most artistic crafts watches in the artistic crafts category on the Geneva watch Grand Prix nominee list. This watch also tops the list of top 30 nominee watches at the Geneva Watch Grandprix on the basis of features and expensive price tag. This watch is the 1st to be skeletonised in the Tourbillon Fleurier collection. This makes the watch a new anthem in the decorative arts arena.

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