Top 10 Watches Of The Watch World 2013 Awards

On October 7, 2013 Watch World held its 4th annual Watch World Awards at the Westin Hotel in Gurgaon , India. Celebrities, socialites, and industry leaders gathered at the dazzling venue to pay homage to the best watches created in 2013 by such iconic labels as Zenith, Cartier, and Breitling. The following is the best of the best for 2013.

10 Complicated Watch of the Year: Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watch

With a limited number edition of 25 pieces, the Hurricane is a beautiful yet functional timepiece. The casing is made from 18kt rose gold, brown alligator skin for the strap, and open front so you can see the white gold working pieces as they tick away the seconds. For $280,000, this is more than a watch, it is a masterpiece.

9 Sports Watch of the Year: Hublot LaFerrari

The Hubolt LaFerrari was created to accompany the legendary sports car unveiled in the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The timepiece parallels the car with a front face made from sapphire crystal resembling the car’s outline. The case, along with the buckle, is crafted from PVD titanium and the strap itself is made from rubber. At $300,000, this is the perfect timepiece for car enthusiasts.

8 Watch with the Best Design: Bulgari Octo and Cartier Tank MC Skeleton Palladium

The Bulgari Octo and Cartier Tank MC Skeleton tied for this prestigious award. The Bulgari line of Octo timepieces is simply eye-catching. The housing and intricacies of the watches varying in such a way that the list price is anywhere between $9,500 - $240,000, depending on exactly what you want. The Cartier is a cool $53,200. It is a sleek, masculine watch with a Roman numeral design, and skeleton movement of the pieces.

7 Best Concept Watch of the Year: Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe

Parmigiani took the classic design of a timepiece and gave it a 21st century twist. The hands of the Pantographe are what make this design utterly unique. They are telescopic, flexing and adjusting to the size of the casing as they tick the away time. Made from 18kt rose and white gold and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal face, the Pantographe is a deal at $95,000.

6 Best Limited Edition Watch of the Year: Cartier Rotonde Panther Granulation

With only twenty watches created, the Rotonde Panther is an exquisite piece of Cartier artwork. The signature panther logo is created for the face by soldering over 3,000 gold balls together. It takes approximately 2 months to create one timepiece and the list price for this work of art, with a total weight of 3.63 carats, is $260,000.

5 Jewelry Watch of the Year: Ulysse Nardin Royal Ruby Tourbillon

The Royal Ruby is limited to 99 pieces. This is the watch every woman will want. It is exquisite. The case is made of solid platinum and lined with rubies and diamonds. Rubies and round-cut diamonds mark the hours, while one large ruby is the centerpiece of the tourbillion. This beautiful, complicated, and unique piece goes for $310,000.

4 Watch with Most Innovative Material: Hublot Red ‘n’ Black Skeleton Tourbillon

Hubolt creates watches that seem futuristic. The see through designs and skeleton parts are a favorite with customers that like to define originality. This year, they created a stunning piece made from ceramic. Ceramic itself has been used before but never has anyone been able to inject a brilliant hue of color such as Hobolt has. This is a one of a kind watch, created exclusively for Watch World, and has no list price.

3 Watch with Highest Utility: Breitling Emergency II and Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT + 30 India

The Breitling Emergency II and Graham Chronofighter tied for this award and it’s no wonder. Both of these stellar timepieces define utility in our fast paced, modern world. The Breitling Emergency watch may even save your life and we will go into more detail under its second award, ‘Best Watch of the Year’. The Graham Chronofighter is limited to 30 pieces. What makes this unique is the display of a second time zone through the scratch resistant, sapphire cut glass. The housing is made from stainless steel and rose-colored gold. List price is unavailable due to its extreme limited edition.

2 Watch with Artistic Excellence: Ulysse Nardin Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater

One look at this watch and you will know exactly why it won for artistic excellence. The Ulysses Carnival of Venice is more of a working art masterpiece than a watch. The creative makers have designed this watch using old world techniques that only a handful of people are capable of doing. The front of the watch, the art, is of a scene in Venice with ‘Jaquemarts’. Jaquemarts are animated figures which move in sync with the minute repeater. The watch doesn’t just tell time, it tells a story. As with any unique piece, the Carnival of Venice is an extreme, limited edition collection of 18. Only a lucky few will able to acquire this masterpiece.

1 Watch of the Year Award: Breitling Emergency II

Breitling has developed a watch that is not only beautiful, but extremely useful. In this fast-paced world, when an emergency occurs, time is of the essence. Breitling’s original Emergency watch has sold over 40,000 pieces and saved approximately 20 people because of its beacon abilities. The watchmakers have spent the last five years redesigning this masterpiece to incorporate the newest technology available. The Emergency II is capable of transmitting a distress signal in two different frequencies, digital and analog, increasing your chances of survival in an emergency. Once the transmitter is activated, it shall continue with its distress signal for 24 hours. This feature is a onetime shot, for the watch becomes inoperable after its activation. Breitling will replace the watch if it turns out to be a real emergency and not a false alarm, a nice guarantee for your peace of mind. At a list price of $16,000, the Emergency II by Breitling earns the Watch of the Year award for doing more than keeping time beautifully.

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