11 Most Expensive Richard Mille Watch Models

Over a hundred and fifty watches, and even more to count as the present times have allowed Richard Mille to innovate more products for aesthetics and for specific purposes. The Richard Mille watch

11 Bubba Watson’s RM 38: $500,000

10 Rafael Nadal RM 027: $600,000

Reports from various news have indicated a very interesting story regarding Rafael Nadal and his watch, loaned to him by Richard Mille as he stood as the ambassador for the watch line. Reports indicate that over $600,000 were lost with the burglary incident as the watch RM 027 is valued as such for its quality.

The 45 by 38 mm sized watch is made out of a carbone nonotubes and has tourbillon technology in its mechanisms. The said watch is known to be extremely light and has a high performance in its purpose even if it is used in competitions. Lightness is emphasized in this product as Nadal features in his plays, wearing the watch of carbon. Only 50 pieces were made of this time piece and the first one was even stolen but after a few days, the culprit was caught.

9 Yohan Blake YM 59: $620,000

8 Richard Mille RM 057: $861,093

7 Richard Mille RM 008: $901,446

6 RM 051 Michelle Yeoh RG Phoenix Watch: $900,762

The team up between Richard Mille and Michelle Yeoh produced a very aesthetically divine watch for women as actress Yeoh designs a Phoenix on to the accessory and brings out a glamorous touch. Yeoh, being an actress in Malaysia used the Phoenix as a symbol of feminism and other female qualities in Asia. Of course, like any other amazing time-piece, this specific design is a limited edition where only 18 pieces were sold.

5 Meteorite Watch RM-018: $1 Million

4 Richard Mille RM 031: $1,159,295

3 Red Skull RM 52-01: $1,413,040

Along with the Panda, this red skull design was launched to express creative freedom and trying to attract a wider range of market through these new designs. The two designs were actually released for the Baselworld 2013, entering this event with the two symbolizing fine jewellery and perfect watch movement.

The skull watch is also a remake of the previous model, RM 052, that has a tourbillon mechanism, crocodile straps and a black PVD coated grade 5 titanium plate. The skull itself is red gold and it is filled with 19 jewels in its mechanical movement, including the nano tubes that act as a stabilizer.

2 Panda RM 026-1: $1,592,919

1 Richard Mille RM 56 Sapphire: $1.56 Million

At the top of the list comes the watch that may look as if plastic was used but in actual truth, everything is in sapphire. The cost of this limited edition watch amounted to $1.65 million and was given such price for valid reasons. Aside from the fact that the whole case is sapphire, this RM 56 model has the Richard Mille technology, known as Tourbillon and has only 5 units out in the market. Its straps are made out of aerospace nano technology, meaning you could probably bring this watch in space and the price still won’t drop. In terms of its mechanical parts, Richard Mille dedicated the split seconds chrono tourbillion technology for it in its complete complicated system. Some critics say the sapphire crystals looking plastic destroy the essence of a luxury watch and honestly, it may seem difficult to look into the hands and the clockwork at the same time. However, this watch definitely gave a lot of people a shock of the possibilities within a watch.

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11 Most Expensive Richard Mille Watch Models