11 Most Expensive Richard Mille Watch Models

Over a hundred and fifty watches, and even more to count as the present times have allowed Richard Mille to innovate more products for aesthetics and for specific purposes.

The Richard Mille watch has always been known for its technology, which is the tourbillion mechanism. This along with the specific design, materials and limit of quantity has allowed Mille to raise the prices that are interestingly, one of the top expensive watches in the world.

Within the Richard Mille brand, which ones do you think are the most expensive?

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11 Bubba Watson’s RM 38: $500,000


At the bottom of the top ten most expensive watches is the half million dollar watch that was specifically designed for a golf player named Bubba Watson. The watch that Richard Mille designed catered to the specific needs a golf player requires and this tourbillon based watch only has 38 pieces released on the market.

10 Rafael Nadal RM 027: $600,000

Reports from various news have indicated a very interesting story regarding Rafael Nadal and his watch, loaned to him by Richard Mille as he stood as the ambassador for the watch line. Reports indicate that over $600,000 were lost with the burglary incident as the watch RM 027 is valued as such for its quality.

The 45 by 38 mm sized watch is made out of a carbone nonotubes and has tourbillon technology in its mechanisms. The said watch is known to be extremely light and has a high performance in its purpose even if it is used in competitions. Lightness is emphasized in this product as Nadal features in his plays, wearing the watch of carbon. Only 50 pieces were made of this time piece and the first one was even stolen but after a few days, the culprit was caught.

At its first launch the watch was valued at $600,000 or $500,000 but as of today, it is downgraded to a worth of $376,000.

9 Yohan Blake YM 59: $620,000

Tying up with other artists or wannabe artists, Richard Mille now teams up with Yohan Blake to create the RM 59 Yohan Blake Tourbillon. The Olympic 100 meter dash star started to be the ambassador of Richard Mille as he wears the watch during competitions. This competitive looking time piece is just as competitive to our pockets as it is priced at $620,000 and limited to just 50 pieces. Other than the design, the watch is made up of high technology materials that are also known as high end aluminium, magnesim, silicon and lead.

8 Richard Mille RM 057: $861,093

At first there was a panda, then there was a phoenix, now it’s a full green dragon that has gold diamond bezelson it. It seems that the collection of this certain time piece is roaming around animals and natural inspirations wrapped in gold and their ever-known technology which is tourbillon. This 50 by 42 mm watch is given a price of $861,093.05 and has three variants to choose from. Critics say that the designs at Richard Mille hardly focus on the hands of its time, which makes it quite difficult or unnoticeable for the user to really mind the time. Some also say that the designs have redefined the world of watches and jewellery today.

7 Richard Mille RM 008: $901,446

The typical shape of a Richard Mille watch is normally rectangular and it has transparent cases to allow the user to see the Tourbillon technology behind every clock. The Richard Mille RM 008 sets a high standard as it features a white gold body at a 48x39.70x14,95 mm, a leather strap and of course, a price that won’t be so surprising anymore if you knew Richard Mille very well. Sold as high as $901,446.10 and as low as $850,833.80 in its other variants, which range in eight different styles.

6 RM 051 Michelle Yeoh RG Phoenix Watch: $900,762

The team up between Richard Mille and Michelle Yeoh produced a very aesthetically divine watch for women as actress Yeoh designs a Phoenix on to the accessory and brings out a glamorous touch. Yeoh, being an actress in Malaysia used the Phoenix as a symbol of feminism and other female qualities in Asia. Of course, like any other amazing time-piece, this specific design is a limited edition where only 18 pieces were sold.

The watch is made of white gold for its case body, diamond embellishments all over, crocodile straps and tourbillon mechanisms that would ensure quality is performed by the watch. The watch is said to be inspired by Asian cultures, specifically the empress of China. Other symbolism it portrays include virtue from the Phoenix head, justice, good will for the chest, and reliability for the belly. They also used a black onyx base plate on the watch as Asian cultures state that negative energies are taken out of the body, hence brings balance to the user. This watched is priced at $900,762.156

5 Meteorite Watch RM-018: $1 Million

It’s still a mystery how Richard Mille got the idea to turn a disaster into a meteorite watch creation as an addition to his collection but this new piece is said to be one of the finest in terms of design and price. Coming in at third, the Meteorite RM-018 4was made by both Richard Mille and jewellery maker, Boucheron to create this earth rock-based wristwatch. The technology inside it is none other than the Tourbillon and has wheels of chondrite meteorite. The new watch is released with only 30 pieces available and costs $1 million for each one, which is explained by the spokesperson of Richard Mille stating that the meteor that hit the factory is somewhat the reason for its high price as they try to recover the damages through this.

4 Richard Mille RM 031: $1,159,295

There are no variants for the RM 031 design and it clearly states “manhood” written all over its platinum made case and its bulky features. With a 50 mm diameter as its face, rubber straps and tourbillon mechanisms, the RM 032 speaks of nothing else but performance that suit the daily lives of men. Though this could be perfect for an on-the-go guy, the price however is not reachable by many as it is priced at $1,159,295.25

3 Red Skull RM 52-01: $1,413,040

Along with the Panda, this red skull design was launched to express creative freedom and trying to attract a wider range of market through these new designs. The two designs were actually released for the Baselworld 2013, entering this event with the two symbolizing fine jewellery and perfect watch movement.

The skull watch is also a remake of the previous model, RM 052, that has a tourbillon mechanism, crocodile straps and a black PVD coated grade 5 titanium plate. The skull itself is red gold and it is filled with 19 jewels in its mechanical movement, including the nano tubes that act as a stabilizer.

This golden watch is priced at $1,413,040.70. It has three other variants for this design but it also comes as a limited edition.

2 Panda RM 026-1: $1,592,919

In another form and style, which can be said to be too cute to be left unnoticed, is a Panda. Inspired by nature into an adorable and seemingly age-defying design, this diamond embezzled RM 026-1 model is actually derived from the original RM 26 watch that Richard Mille released already. The mechanism found in this watch is still tourbillon and has been given crocodile straps, white gold body and a 45 mm diameter as its size. The price however, is not as friendly as the design could be as they offer this lovely item at $1,592,919.55. What makes it much more in demand is the fact that this watch is a limited edition, where only around 30 exist on the market.

1 Richard Mille RM 56 Sapphire: $1.56 Million

At the top of the list comes the watch that may look as if plastic was used but in actual truth, everything is in sapphire. The cost of this limited edition watch amounted to $1.65 million and was given such price for valid reasons. Aside from the fact that the whole case is sapphire, this RM 56 model has the Richard Mille technology, known as Tourbillon and has only 5 units out in the market. Its straps are made out of aerospace nano technology, meaning you could probably bring this watch in space and the price still won’t drop. In terms of its mechanical parts, Richard Mille dedicated the split seconds chrono tourbillion technology for it in its complete complicated system. Some critics say the sapphire crystals looking plastic destroy the essence of a luxury watch and honestly, it may seem difficult to look into the hands and the clockwork at the same time. However, this watch definitely gave a lot of people a shock of the possibilities within a watch.

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