The Most Expensive Elite Blancpain Watches

Blancpain certainly defines the meaning of variety in luxury watches where both technology and style come together to fit any preference of customers. The tradition of Blancpain has always been instil

Blancpain certainly defines the meaning of variety in luxury watches where both technology and style come together to fit any preference of customers. The tradition of Blancpain has always been instilled in its mechanical technology since it began in 1735 but has always surprised many watch enthusiast as Blancpain feature several innovative pieces that leave plenty of people at awe.

In two words, critics find their design as provocative and bold. It seems as though it is making a statement in its boldness but still remains within an elegant theme that aims to express grace of its technical and design perfection.

The main objective of Blancpain is to produce high quality watches. This Switzerland based manufacturer has no other aspirations that are shown in each and every employee, reflected in every product released on the market. Just as its price raises, so does its quality through the materials used and the technology installed. When in doubt, check the top ten most expensive watches listed below and you will understand the worth of its prices.

10 Blancpain Collection Leman Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetuel: $142,658

At a price of $142,658.29 this white gold watch from Blancpain goes at the top ten as the tenth most expensive watch for their brand. With obvious reasons, the gold material and the automatic technology makes the price high, together with its crocodile straps. The watch is at a diameter of 38 mm, perfect for women in general. This certain model also comes in 5 varieties and goes as low as $100,185.00. The cheaper ones of course have less gems and gold in its design.

9 Blancpain Collection Specialties Tourbillon Squelett: $161,248

In 9th place is the Blancpain collection specialties Tourbillon Squelette, which if translated is the special collection, the skeleton. Made out of platinum with a 38 mm diameter face, this automatic watch comes with a very high price of $161,248. At first look, it definitely reflects that it is a classy man’s watch and has its other varieties in its gold form costing $145,134.19. This watch is also automatic and has crocodile straps that give it a classic look.

8 Blancpain Collection Le Brassus Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetuel: $161,248

The 42 mm big face watch is made out of gold is doesn’t go far from the previous price list. Marked as $161,248.05 this automatic watch is specifically designed for men with its crocodile straps. It doesn’t have other varieties from its collection but the rose gold color with brown straps is perfect for any business man.

7 Blancpain Collection Specialties Ultra Plate Dame: $182,642

In a white gold frame with a small 29 mm diameter face, this elegant looking ladies watch has a design to die for. The technology in this watch is all automatic, guaranteed to bring the quick second to be on time, anytime. The only catch here is the price, which come in at an astounding $182,642.01 per piece. Elegant time pieces like these are only worn with high security as it’s as flashy as stars in its elegant gem filled body, as if it was shouting “I’m really expensive!” Unless you have another hundred thousand to spare, these babies should be watched carefully or else you’d end up like Tennis player Nadal trying to look for his stolen watch.

6 Blancpain Collection Leman Repetition Minutes: $198,878

Men are always given minimalist designs to make them look classy in style and usually, the materials used for their products are much tougher than usual with perfect technology that fit into their manly lifestyle. This is why Blancpain’s golden 40 mm watch is as perfect as its golden body and simple face draw attention to men with classy taste. Of course, classy taste also come with a classy price – specifically as high as $198,878.98. This simple watch doesn’t look so simple anymore once the price is revealed.

5 Blancpain Collection Specialties Repetition Minutes, Automates: $239,656

With a different technology involved, in a hand-wound set up, a white face, a simple design and crocodile straps, who would think that this watch is golden. Well, literally, it is but the price of it doesn’t seem to be revealing in its simplicity. With a cost of $239,656.08 at a medium price, would you think of buying one?

4 Blancpain Collection Le Brassus Chronographe Flyback A Rattrapante: $245,346

The men’s watch in general, have huge faces and are especially made for the rough day men go through whether it be for casual or business measures. This is what the Chronographe Flyback A Rattrapante answers to with its 42 mm diameter body, an automatic technology and its hard bound material made of platinum. Men will now say goodbye to changing batteries once this automatic watch is worn but is priced so steep that most simple Joes would probably prefer changing batteries every so often. It is at for men that has a case made of platinum with a 40 mm diameter and an automatic technology that allows men to say goodbye to changing batteries every so often. These watches however, is part of the top ten list and is listed at 9th place out of the 207 watches available. Its price goes as high as $245,346.54 but has two other variants and brings it to as low as $51,337.

3 Blancpain Carrousel Minute Repeater Chronograph: $500,000

The tourbillon technology is already precise to begin with but Blancpain decides that it still needs innovation to achieve perfection. Involving three other complications with the watch’s mechanics, the Carrousel Tourbillon is a new technology installed on their Carrousel Minute Repeater Chronograph.

Critics indicate that the level of innovation at Blancpain is an artistic talent already and has made the Carrousel the signature of Blancpain. It is not considered as a lower version of tourbillon nor is it higher but it is actually the same that runs differently in three different headlines.

With regards to the price details, this watch is around $360,000 to $500,000 per piece and has been limited in production, where only ten are sold on the market.

2 Blancpain collection Specialties Tourbillon Grande Date: $967,515

The amazing detail on this ladies watch made of white gold, diamond and various other gems is a pure bliss, especially after knowing that this comes in an automatic watch technology. In its fancy way, the said ladies watch is at a size of 40 mm and at its expected price of $967,515.67 per piece for the multi-color gemstone edition while its variation features single tones and is at a lower price of $182,751.44, which is still quite pricey for a watch. If you want a Grande Date for men, the Leman collection is ready and out on the market with the same diameter and is around $154,025.54.

1 Blancpain Specialites Tourbillon Diamonds Watch: $1,342,700

It is not surprising to see that at the top of the list among the most expensive watch in Blancpain would be a ladies’ watch, after all diamonds are a girl’s best friend. At the price of $1,342,700 this baby is expected to be more than any of the Blancpain watches.

As mentioned by some critics, the watch and its mechanical technology is not just the reason for its very high price. The cut of the 20 carats worth of diamonds and the complex running method inside it is the whole reason it is considered as one of the top. With the special flying tourbillion that acts as a subsidiary second indicator, the handmade caliber with its automatic winding and of course its power reserve that lasts 168 hours. Making it much more interesting is the back of the watch as it is made out of sapphire crystals that allow the user to see through the mechanics and its diamonds.

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The Most Expensive Elite Blancpain Watches