Sold! Costly Celebrity Watches Bought At Auction

If you have taken a look at watches on the auction block, then maybe you might have noticed a good number of products that were owned by celebrities at one point. Many of these watches are products th

If you have taken a look at watches on the auction block, then maybe you might have noticed a good number of products that were owned by celebrities at one point. Many of these watches are products that were owned by all sorts of well-known people who have worn them in many events and have even used them in a few different productions like movies or music videos.

In fact, there are many different organizations that work hard with handling these watches on the auction block. These include places like Antiquorum. Of course, places like these tend to sell watches of all sorts even if they weren't owned by celebrities. A pink gold watch from Patek Philippe was recently auctioned off by Antiquorum for a total of around $8.55 million, for instance.

Now, this watch might have gone for even more if it were owned by a celebrity at some point in time. Not everything could but it's great to see how different watches could be worth a lot.

In fact, many of these watches come from the more exotic auction houses around. These include such places as Sotheby's and Christie's, places that have auctioned off billions of dollars of celebrity-related stuff to all sorts of people who want things. The items that people have are amazingly varied and show all sorts of amazing items that could prove to be attractive.

This listing features ten different celebrity watches that have been auctioned off at varying points in time. These include a variety of models that are extremely expensive but have proven themselves to be very interesting and fashionable over time.

10 Joe DiMaggio, Bulova Accutron - $20,625

Joe DiMaggio, one of the greatest baseball players in history, has a mythology of his own. In 2013, Antiquorum auctioned off a watch that he once owned. This Bulova Accutron watch was an asymmetrical model made with stainless steel. Bulova hardly ever made any asymmetrical models, thus adding to its value. This was listed at $4,000 in value at the start but it went up to $20,625 thanks to the interest for the watch at this auction to make it all the more appealing.

9 Elvis Presley, Hamilton- $24,000

Elvis Presley items are still highly valuable to this day. His Hamilton watch with a 14-carat gold frame and a black leather strap was sold in an auction for $24,000. This also came with a letter from a fan club who gave him this watch after he returned from military service in 1960. Interestingly enough, Presley stopped wearing the watch a few months afterwards because it broke down and he was having a tough time finding places that could repair it.

8 James Dean, Standard U.S.S Pocket Watch - $42,000

James Dean once owned a Standard U.S.A. pocket watch with an Elgin movement. It was made in the United States back in 1889 and featured a fine golden design. Antiquorum sold this watch at an auction for $42,000. This watch was originally going to be listed at $5,000. This value came from both the fine golden materials used in the watch and the value of James Dean, an actor that many say died long before his time.

7 Charlie Chaplin, Rolex Oyster - $51,250

Antiquorum sold a Charlie Chaplin-owned watch in a 2013 auction. He owned a left-handed Rolex Oyster watch that was made in 1945. This sold for $51,250 and came with a few photos and a correspondence letter. What makes this watch so valuable isn't necessarily Chaplin's name but rather that Rolex only made a few hundred left-handed watches during the middle part of the century. In fact, this watch was originally $12,000 at the start of the auction and jumped to the $50,000 mark.

6 Lionel Messi, Audemars Piguet - $90,800

Lionel Messi, one of the world's most prominent soccer players, had a watch that was auctioned off by Sotheby's in 2013. This was an Audemars Piguet watch that features a fine steel body and a limited edition design. This went for $90,800 during the auction and even came with an opportunity for the winner at the auction to get to travel to Barcelona to meet Messi himself. This was bought by an American when it was on sale in Geneva.

5 Daniel Craig, Skyfall's Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean- $254,273

Daniel Craig, an actor best known as the current star of the James Bond series, wore an Omega Seamaster "Planet Ocean" watch in Skyfall, the latest movie in the series. This watch was sold by Christie's in a 2012 auction for $254,273, a big number for watches in the series. It's an amazing value but it's interesting to see how this watch did not draw as much money as another watch that Craig wore as 007 in another movie from a few years before.

4 Daniel Craig, Casino Royale's Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean- $255,565

The 2006 film Casino Royale was Daniel Craig's first foray into the James Bond series and was seen as a big change in pace for the franchise. Craig wore another Omega Seamaster "Planet Ocean" watch as the film was made and wore it in many scenes in the film. The watch sold at a Christie's auction for $255,565. It is just a bit more valuable than the Skyfall watch but this could be due to the extreme significance of Casino Royale to the 007 franchise legacy.

3 Roger Moore, Live And Let Die's Rolex Reference 5513 Submariner - $467,400

The 1973 film Live And Let Die was the eighth film in the James Bond series. It was notable for being both Roger Moore's first Bond film and for Paul McCartney's famous theme song. Moore wore a Rolex Reference 5513 Submariner and has Moore's signature on the back. While the watch probably does not have a magnetic field to stop bullets from Mr. Big like in the movie, it did have a huge value at a 2011 Christie's auction. It went for around $467,400.

2 Albert Einstein, 1930 Longines - $596,000

Does wearing a watch that was once owned by Albert Einstein make you smarter? Either way, it would show that you're wealthy. A 2008 Antiquorum auction featured a 1930 Longines watch that was owned by the famed scientist. This includes an etched item on the back that features Einstein's name and the date in 1931 that he got it. This watch was estimated to go for $35,000 in the auction and went for $596,000 during the auction. This was a record for the highest-selling Longines watch ever.

1 Steve McQueen, Swiss Heuer Monaco Series - $799,500

Steve McQueen once owned a Swiss Heuer watch in its Monaco series and wore it during the taping of the 1971 film LeMans. This model came with its original case and has long been associated with cool stuff just like what McQueen was like in his acting career. This watch was placed in a 2012 Antiquorum auction and was expected to get $300,000 on the block. However, the watch went out for $799,500 during the auction. It should be noted that this came before the Heuer merger with Tag.

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Sold! Costly Celebrity Watches Bought At Auction