Travel Company Helps Newlyweds Book Their Dream Honeymoon With VR Tech

After months spent deciding every detail about your dream wedding, you have only one decision left to make, but often it can be the most difficult: where should your honeymoon be? With so many fantastic, romantic retreats available in the world, how are you supposed to decide? Maybe it can be as easy as slipping on a pair of goggles.

One travel company is giving newlyweds the chance to experience their top honeymoon destination picks through the use of virtual reality technology. This way, they can easily choose exactly where they want to go, making the process significantly less stressful for all involved.

Virtual Honeymoon is an interactive destination matching tool created and owned by Robin Hawkey, a veteran of the travel industry. Couples who feel conflicted over where to go on their honeymoon, or perhaps have no idea at all, answer 17 simple interactive questions designed to puzzle out just what exactly the couples' needs and preferences are. Then, the tool will match them with their top two destinations, which they are given the opportunity to virtually visit and compare with the help of Virtual Honeymoon's partners, ExplorVR.

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"Our software is very intuitive, using scoring and algorithm to search and match destinations, [combined with] 360 VR technology," the Virtual Honeymoon site states. "We are revolutionizing the way smart agents sell travel!"

On their website, the company lists a number of destinations they have readily available to explore using VR, spanning from Antigua to California Wine Country, and everywhere in between. Perhaps you feel torn between lounging on a white sandy beach in Mexico or sharing a candlelight dinner under the stars in Italy. Don't worry, they have just the technology to help satiate your travel bug so you can make a decision.

If further information is required, the tool can also match couples with a personal destination specialist who will get to know them a little bit better and help them decide where in the world they want to celebrate their love.

“I think [VR] is so beneficial as most millennials want to be involved in the planning process," Hawkey told Travel Weekly. "VR is the next best thing to being there! I also feel that the agents who don’t get on this VR trend will be left behind – literally!”

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In the same interview, Hawkey revealed Virtual Honeymoon has gained so much traction and business that she's come up with a sister site called Virtual Destination Wedding. Here, couples can be matched with their top destination wedding spots from around the world while also getting help planning the big day. This year, Hawkey also launched a third site called Virtual Vacationing, offering clients the chance to experience their proposed getaways before making a final decision on where they'd like to jet off to. The only difference here is the focus is switched away from romance.

“We realize that not all getaways are about romance, sometimes it’s about vacation travel with family and friends and they too can be confused about where to go on their getaway,” Hawkey said.

So what does this unique VR experience cost its users? For one month's use, the total comes to $24.95 USD, but clients have the option of choosing to purchase year-long access to the matchmaking tool, totaling $239.52 USD.

Whether you're searching for the perfect, relaxing honeymoon spot or are eager for an adventure-filled get-away, VR may just be the tool you need to make sure you have the best vacation possible.

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