Top 10 Victoria's Secret Angels Net Worth

Being a Victoria's Secret Angel is one of the highest honors a model can have. The pair of wings put them under the spotlight and are used to take their career to another level. Legendary names like Gisele Bündchen, Tyra Banks, and Adriana Lima were part of the brand and still have their images connected to Victoria's Secret.

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The Victoria's Secret show happens once a year, and it stands out in the fashion industry because it blurs the lines between fashion and entertainment. Being an Angel is also a synonym for having a huge salary and most of their models are among the highest-paid in the world.

10 Jasmine Tookes - $5 million

Jasmine Tookes grew up watching Gisele Bündchen, Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima crossing the VS runway. They inspired Tookes to pursue her dream of being a model, and in 2015 she entered the exclusive Victoria's Secret Angel's team.

"It felt surreal to follow in such an iconic supermodel's footsteps," Tookes told during an interview with Star2. "Banks was the model I loved, and I can't believe I'm in the same position she was."

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More than a dream come true, Jasmine Tookes also made lots of money. The 27-year-old model has $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

9 Taylor Hill - $6 million

Taylor Hill is only 22-year-old, but she already has $6 million on her bank account. Most of the money is thanks to VS. The model knows why the brand is so important for the models' career.

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"High fashion is so...not serious, but you know, it's self-explanatory", told the Angel to Marie Claire. "It's about the clothes. And then Victoria's Secret show is about the girls too and how hard we work out to be fit. You kind of get a little bit more attention cause it's also about you. And it's televised! We're the only fashion show in the entire world that's on TV. So it's just a different world!"

8 Barbara Palvin - $6 million

Victoria's Secret announced, in March, the name of the newest Angel on their cast: Barbara Palvin. This is the first time a Hungarian model is wearing the VS wings. She already has a $6 million net worth and she might increase her fortune in the coming years.

"I never thought it would happen and it has exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for believing in me", Palvin posted on her social media account. "I am proud to represent Hungary, and most importantly, all of you in this new chapter of my life! Thank you all so much again."

7 Gigi Hadid - $20 million

Gigi Hadid is one of the most controversial Victoria's Secret models. However, it doesn't stop her to make millions, and she has a fortune evaluated on $20 million. Gigi is in use with high numbers: her father is the billionaire Mohamed Hadid.

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The 23-year-old model made her debut on VS runway in 2015 and she shared the spotlights with her sister, Bella Hadid. In 2016, she was chosen the International Model of The Year at London's Fashion Award. As many models of her generation, Gigi Hadid has a strong influence on social media. She has almost 50 million followers.

6 Bella Hadid - $25 million

Bella Hadid, just like her sister, is one of the most promising models of her generation. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has $25 million and the model is also popular on social media, where she has 25 million followers.

Hadid tried to become an Angel in 2015, but Victoria's Secret didn't cast her. However, she made it the following year. Bella revealed that she was very surprised and excited when she got a positive answer. Yolanda Hadid, the mother of Gigi and Bella, is also a famous model. Beauty and money seem to run in the family.

5 Candice Swanepoel - $25 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the South African beauty has a fortune evaluated on $25 million. She is an Angel since 2010 and she made history on VS. Swanepoel has crossed the runway pregnant and also just a few months after giving birth. Both times she looked very confident.

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Swanepoel became famous after signing a contract with Victoria's Secret, but not all her money comes from the brand. She is very powerful on social media, where more than 13 million people follow her content, and charges approximately $70 thousand per post.

4 Kendall Jenner - $35 million

The Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen was the highest-paid model in the world for almost 15 years. However, in 2017 she lost her crown to Kendall Jenner. According to Forbes, the 23-year-old model made nearly $23 million and has a net worth evaluated on $35 million.

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She started working for Victoria's Secrets in 2015, and that was one of her main goals as a model. Kris Jenner, her mother, revealed that they contacted Russell James, famous for discovering models for VS, invited him to have lunch, and he gave her a chance. As we can see, it was worth it.

3 Liu Wen - $35 million

According to Business Insider, Liu Wen has a net worth evaluated on $35 million. More than a model, she is making history and is a pioneer. Wen is one of the few Asian models on VS lineup and is the highest-paid supermodel from China. She is also the first Chinese model on a Vogue Italy cover.

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Wen now lives in New York and Beijing, and she did not have high expectations when she started modeling. The Angel revealed she signed up in a beauty contest just hoping to win a computer. As we can see, she has achieved much more that.

2 Alessandra Ambrosio - $60 million

Alessandra Ambrosio signed her first contract with Victoria's Secret in 2000 and she remained there until 2017. Ambrosio is one of the most successful models in VS and has a net worth evaluated on $60 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

"Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been working for this amazing brand that inspires me and women all over the world", she posted on her social media. "In my wildest dreams I would have never imagined doing 17 Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows."

Ambrosio is still modeling and has launched GAL Floripa, a beachwear brand.

1 Adriana Lima - $85 million

It is impossible to talk about Victoria's Secret and don't associate it with Adriana Lima. The Brazilian model was one of the Angels for two decades and retired last year. It seems the end of an era!

"I think this year is going to be the highlight of my career," Lima told People. "This has been my 18th fashion show and I am still as excited as I was from the first day. I always love to be on runways and being part of Victoria's Secret show. [It's] my favorite to do."

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Adriana Lima has a fortune evaluated on $85 million.

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