10 Used Luxury Items That Hold Their Value

Buying luxury items is a big decision for most people unless they can afford to buy them and have no impact on their bank account, and because of that, most people like to know that the item they're buying will hold its value.

Whether it be an electrical item, some clothes, or even jewellery, it is always good to know that the item will either maintain or even increase its worth over time, ensuring that it isn't a total waste of time.

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While it can be tough to predict if items will lose or gain value, there are some luxury items that are very reliable in terms of not losing it, and within this list, we will give 10 examples of that.

10 Hermès Kelly

The Hermès Kelly bag is named after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly and often has a minimum starting price of around $9,500, proving just how much of a luxury this item is for a bag.

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Because of its style, with the classic lines, the Kelly is a timeless option that will always be in fashion and can go with countless different styles, meaning that there will always be some form of demand for them, helping them maintain value for a long period of time.

On top of that, the quality of any bag produced by Hermès is always of the highest order, and that should stop it from suffering any wear and tear, which also helps in the bid to maintain value.

9 Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Speaking of bags that never lose their value, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is another perfect example of an accessory that will always maintain its value, and there is no doubt that it is incredibly recognizable.

People from all around the world know exactly what the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is, and whilst it is stylish and branded, it is also very spacious, offering an actual use, rather than it being an expensive bag that cannot store anything.

Because the brand is so popular, the resale value never drops below 80%, as long as it is in an excellent condition, and therefore this is a safe luxury item to purchase.

8 Diamonds

It should come as no surprise to learn that Diamonds are something that retains market value, either sticking the same or even increasing over time, as long as you are buying a great quality diamond.

Of course, any retail purchase is going to cost more than just what the diamond is worth with other factors impacting the price, such as advertising, staff, and inventory, and you are going to want a unique diamond, not something that has been replicated.

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Lab-grown diamonds are also something to stay away from, as they will also not retain their value because there is an ever-growing supply of them, but not an overwhelming demand.

7 Gold

Much like diamonds, gold is something that everyone considers to be a high-end, luxury item, and it is something that will retain its value, although it can be much more fickle than what many people believe.

In the past, the value of gold has not only dropped, but it has plummeted, and because of that owning large amounts of gold is probably not something that many people would advise doing.

However, owning gold is always something that people want to do if they have the finances to do so, and as luxury items go, for the most part, gold is a safe item to purchase.

6 High-End Art

Another example of a luxury item that will always hold its value is high-end pieces of art, especially the most valuable paintings, as an elite level piece is likely to have a lot of reproductions or copies.

Whilst that might seem like a cause for concern, it is actually a positive, as there is only one true original, and as long as you have the proof that it is actually an original piece done by the artist in question, then it will certainly hold its value.

Of course, the tricky situation when it comes to art is having an eye for what actually is good art that will always remain popular, and what won't, which is where things can become tricky.

5 Hermès Birkin Bag

The supply for Hermès Birkin bag's is incredibly limited, with the brand not having frequent sales which is why its number of outlet stores is incredibly limited as it guarantees that the value will remain high.

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The fact that two Hermès items have been included on this list shows just how well the brand does at keeping its items valuable and in-style, meaning that they are a very reliable company to purchase from.

While the price of a bag can range all the way up to $150,000, there have been reports of a resale for up to $223,000, proving that they really can increase in value.

4 Burgundy Wine

Who would have thought that a bottle of wine could have been an item that would not lose its value? Of course, we aren't talking about just any ordinary wine here, as the vast majority certainly do lose value, and are not luxury items.

However, a good bottle of wine from the Burgundy region of France is going set someone back a pretty penny or two, but the benefit is, this is seen as an investment as the values of the top 10 Burgundy wines have been increasing.

An example, a bottle of DRC brand's 2004 vintage has risen over 93% in time, and will now set someone back nearly $18,000, which means people have the chance to not only see the wine maintain value, but actually rise as the wine ages.

3 Christian Louboutin Shoes

There are very few shoe brands that are able to maintain their value, after all, they are easy to become marked and people's feet being on the inside is normally enough to put people off wanting a used pair.

However, as soon as the red sole is seen you know you're onto a winner for being able to hold value, as Christian Louboutin is one of the very few luxury shoe brands that are able to maintain value.

Louboutins are consistently in demand and they often have the highest return or investment of any other shoes, so as long as you're able to look after them, you can guarantee to not lose money.

2 Rolex Watch

There is no brand of watch greater than Rolex, which is the ultimate in luxury as far as timepieces are concerned, and it is the only brand that is able to maintain high resale value for a long period of time.

The watches are able to hold value because Rolex offers a limited product line, which means that the watches become recognizable names and are instantly a rare watch, which makes people become interested.

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Different models hold their value better than others, with more expensive watches obviously doing better, and of course, any watch that gets damaged is instantly going to lose some value.

1 Ferrari's

Ferrari's and luxury really do just go hand in hand, with the incredible vehicles being considered the very best available, with everyone knowing exactly what they see when that classic red car zooms past.

Whilst they aren't cars that you are going to do tons of miles in due to the nature of them, that ends up being a benefit, as the fewer miles that are in the tank, the more that the car will be worth.

Classic Ferrari's are something that is constantly in demand, with petrolheads always looking to add to their collections, knowing the value of the Italian motors, keeping the value of them high.

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