Top 10 Luxury Mini Speedboats

The best things come in small packages or so they say. Luxury mini boats and yachts are a novelty purchase available to the affluent. Boat designers are now targeting the mini niche marketplace; there is no need to sacrifice size for style anymore. The mini boats and yachts featured in this article are perfect for day excursions on lakes, inland waterways or the ocean.

Mini boats and yachts are easier to pilot than their normal size counterparts. Another advantage of owning a mini boat is their small size and lightweight hulls, making it easier to transport than a regular size boat. Wahoo is one such manufacturer of the mini speed boat. It's an ideal gift that has the speed and agility of a jet ski but the stability of a boat. The small size also makes it easy to store and even easier to pull out whenever you feel the urge to take it for a spin.

Just because your purchasing a mini speed boat or yacht does not mean giving up comfort and luxury. The options for these boats are numerous ranging from built in wifi, am/fm stereo radios to custom interiors made from teak wood. If power is important, you have the added option of motor engines ranging from 9.8 HP to 50 HP fuel injected engines. The super craft hovercraft even has a hybrid gas and electric engine that uses energy savings for quick bursts of power.

Numerous options available for the mini speedboats are the following: multi-color graphics, full billet interior package, stereo system, color matched trailers, custom boat cover, bimini cover, stainless propeller, Jack plate and trim tabs. The power options available range from the Tohatsu 10HP 4-stroke to the Tohatsu 25HP 4-stroke EFI to the Tohatsu 4oHP  2-stroke TLDI motors. These mini boats are extremely fast due to the power to weight ratio.

Mini boats and yachts are the perfect luxury toy for a mini getaway. Small toys for big fun, these water vehicles will definitely attract people’s attention wherever you travel.

10 Phantom 11 Model Mini Speed Boat: $5,999

Made for speed and built rugged, the Phantom 11 is a unique watercraft that can be taken out on the ocean, this mini powerboat is also great for inland lakes and rivers. The Phantom 11 is great for the first time boat enthusiast. The Phantom measures just 11 feet and 9 inches long and weighs just 202 lbs. The perfect gift for children, the Phantom is reputed to be safer than jet skiing.

9 Phantom 13 Mini Speed Boat: $8,995

Next up is the Phantom 13 mini speed boat which is ideal for fishing, overnight boating or traveling long distances. This mini dynamo measures 13 feet and 4 inches and weighs in at 560 lbs. The hull is also warrantied for 5 years in case any accidents occur during use. The recommended engine for the Phantom 13 is a standard 30 HP motor with an optional upgrade to a 50 HP motor.

8 Phantom 15 Model Mini Power Boat: $11,995

The Phantom 15 is a small boat with big power, the perfect substitute for big boat enthusiasts. Safer than riding a jet ski it is more affordable to insure and transport than a typical large speed boat. The Phantom weighs 475 lbs and can seat up to three people, with passengers and gear it can accompany a maximum of 900 lbs. The recommended engine for this mini power boat is 50 HP with a maximum of 70 HP.

7 Channel Kat by TLM Twisted Liquid Marine: $14,995

The TLM CK12 mini boat is powered by your choice of Tohatsu outboard engines ranging from 10 HP to 40 HP. You can choose between the four stroke carb, EFI or a 40 HP TLDI option. The Channel Kat comes complete with custom built marine grade foam seating and two cup holders for your convenience.

Standard features on the CK12 is the 100% hand laid fiberglass hull, customized interior and carpeted cockpit. The flush mount navigation lights make it easy to see while roaring along at high speeds at night. All the benefits of a normal size speed boat in a smaller package for a day at the the beach. Optional features available are multi-colored graphics for the hull, stereo system, bi-mini cover and a custom boat cover.

6 Little Twister: $14,995

The Little Twister is a 13 foot mini speedboat with a 25 HP motor. Capable of transporting two people at a time.

5 Tsunami: $17,000

The Tsunami is another 13 foot mini speedboat designed to travel in rough waters. The price above includes the trailer, maximum 50 HP motor and all options. Available from Twisted Liquid Marine in Arizona.

4 Phantom 15 Speed Boat with Harley Davidson Crate Motor: $29,995

The one and only mini speed boat for the die hard Harley Davidson fan. The manufacturers of the Phantom 15 have created a patent pending Harley Davidson liquid cooled system crate motor. This is the creme de la creme of mini speedboats for the listed price of $29,995. You can have the feel and sound of a Harley Davidson on the water.

3 De Antonio Mini Yacht: $78,000

De Antonio is a boat company from Barcelona that designs mini yachts for the marine enthusiast. This mini yacht is perfect for a days excursion in the Mediterranean Sea. The mini yacht measures 23.1 feet and weighs 2420 lbs. This is the perfect mini sea vessel that can accommodate eight passengers for a day of suntanning. The De Antonio yacht is powered by a 115 HP fueraborda Suzuki, 4 stroke motor engine or you can upgrade to the 140 HP version.

2 Mercier Jones Hovercraft: $75,000 - $100,000

The perfect amalgamation between supercar technology and a luxury high performance marine hovercraft. This one of a kind supercraft blends technology and style to create a unique marine experience. Mercier supercrafts resemble a supercar at first look, able to traverse land and sea, an amphibious vehicle that will definitely draw attention when you arrive at the dock. The design of the Mercier Jones Hovercraft was inspired by the Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Granturismo and the Audi R8.

This mini supercar hovercraft travels on an air cushion suspended inside a flexible reinforced fabric skirt. The two seater carbon fibre supercraft has a top speed of 40 mph on water and 80 mph on land. Available this May with 10 collector editions and 50 more units in October for sale. The ultimate mini hovercraft has a dry weight of 700 lbs and a length of 170 inches.

The Mercier Jones Hovercraft has a patent pending revolutionary propulsion system and drive train. The gasoline engine generates electricity for the two independent electric motors of the drive system. A battery pack holds reserve power that can be applied to the motors for rapid boosts in performance. With and additional $100,000 in your pocket this could be your mini seafaring vehicle.

1 Jet Capsule: $250,000

Italians are the foremost authority when it comes to beauty, leave it to them to shrink luxury into a miniature package without sacrificing style. This mini pod like yacht is the ultimate in luxury in a diminutive size. Designed by the Italian Lazzarini Design firm, the Jet Capsule is only 25 feet long, 11 feet wide and seats eight passengers. This mini yacht is powered by a Hamilton water jet engine that enables speeds of up to 25 knots or 28 mph. It includes a bathroom, optional kitchen and bedroom conversion unit.

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