Tom Brady: 10 Ridiculously Expensive Things He Has Bought

Tom Brady is one of the most famous people to ever play in the NFL. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000 and has sky-rocked to success from that moment. Despite sitting out of the first 4 games in 2016 he still managed to rise, like the star he is. He led the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory by gloriously defeating the Atlanta Falcons. His career is far from an average one.

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This year, he became the first player in history to win six Super Bowls! He is also the recipient of four Super Bowl MVP awards. We all know what these accolades translate to – money! Lots, and lots of money. According to The Street, Tom Brady’s net worth is listed as $180 million. That’s a lot of cash to play with! Let’s take a look at 10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Tom Brady Has Bought….

10 Aston Martin DB11

Tom Brady picked up a stunning Aston Martin DB11. This ridiculously expensive car exudes power and prestige and is right in line with his character! A regular, run –of –the-mill Aston Martin DB11 will cost the average buyer $360,000 to purchase. Of course, Tom Brady wasn’t interested in that one.

CNN reports show that he spent an additional $50,000 to be the proud owner of the Special Edition version of this vehicle. Then, some more cash was dumped on personal touches to customize the vehicle. With 630 horsepower, we’re sure he’ll have lots of fun, and will get to his destination quickly!

9 Expensive Trips

There are many travel destinations that are popular go-to places to unwind and have a good time. We’re all familiar with the hot-spots that most couples and families tend to gravitate towards. Tom Brady has a totally different state of mind when he goes on vacation. He travels to places that most of us can only dream of visiting. In 2018, he traveled to Qatar with his wife Giselle Bundchen.

They stayed in the Ritz Carlton, and Architectural Digest reports that they spent their time visiting all the hotspots as well as the local markets. To truly experience an authentic trip, they, of course, paid for an exotic camel ride and enjoyed an afternoon indulging in luxurious experiences such as this one.

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8 New York Condo

Tom owns various properties across the world. This enables him to travel freely and still be able to “go home”. When we think of condo units, we don’t often attach them to a $17 million price tag, but Tom Brady sure did! This hot property is located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District and House & Home reports that it spans over a 3,310 square foot space.

Their unit was designed by the world-famous architect Peter Marino. It features 3 massive bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an elevator, and massive brass doors that lead to an absolutely stunning view. This unit has massive windows with perfect views of the Hudson River and the Empire State Building. Being on the 48th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows sure has its perks!

7 Rolls Royce Ghost

Many have dreamt of owning this car -Tom Brady customized his order on one! That sounds about right! This beast features a monstrous V12 engine that can be heard from a distance, and seen if you don’t blink! It’s definitely a fast car to boast about. Tom gets bragging rights galore with the purchase of this car.

It’s pegged to cost roughly $368,000 before custom upgrades and is considered to be one of the most high-end, luxurious Rolls Royce models ever made. Tom Brady has a massive car collection that he’s proud of, but we’re certain this one tops the list as one of his most prized possessions.

6 Private Chef

Tom Brady’s entire career is dependent upon his health, so staying in tip-top form is of the utmost importance. He took some expensive steps to ensure that healthy cuisine and a personally structured menu is easily accessible at all times. Allen Campbell was hired to ensure that Tom’s cuisine is carefully crafted to suit his needs, his health requirements, and is available at all times.

Allen has to carefully curate a raw vegan diet for Tom, and work around the long list of items that Tom refuses to consume. Meals are designed differently for game-time, and Allen has to remain adaptable to Gisele’s needs, as well as those of their children. This is sure to cost a pretty penny!

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5 L.A. Mansion

This incredible property was purchased by Tom Brady for just over $20 million and it shatters most records when it comes to bells and whistles go! First off, this insanely large property features a moat. You heard that properly – a moat surrounds this property! If that’s not cool enough for you, let’s not forget that this place took 4 years to build and spans over 14,000 square feet.

It features 8 bedrooms, a six-car garage, and The Pursuitist reports their pool as being lagoon-shaped, and adjacent to their spa and wine cellar! This stunning estate was featured in Architectural Digest as being one of the most desirable properties in LA. To highlight just how desirable this residence really is – Dr.Dre is reported to have offered $50 million to buy it!

4 Audi’s For Everyone!

Tom Brady proudly represents the Audi brand and he is known to give back to them, generously!  He has made headlines for his generous Audi-gift-giving!  Very, very generous, in fact! He has been widely recognized for his 2007 generous gifting of Audi Q7’s for his teammates. Yes, that’s right. He gave him each of his linesmen a brand new Audi Q7, valued at $42,500 each!

It’s great to appreciate teammates, but this took generous gifting to a whole new level! For those who are keeping track of the cash he throws around as gifts to other people, Sports CBS also reported on his shopping spree in 2007, during which time he purchased UGG Boots for the entire Patriots team!

3 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

This may be a shock to some of you, but you cannot just simply walk in and purchase a Bugatti Veyron. There’s a screening process, a list of rules to follow, and you have to essentially be approved to be part of this exclusive car ownership. It’s not a surprise to any of us that Tom Brady is part of this elite group of people who get bragging rights to Bugatti ownership.

This comes with a hefty price tag though –and we can see why not everyone qualifies. The Travel reports that this car put a massive $1.7 million dollar ding in Tom’s finances, but we’re sure that didn’t hurt him too much! He can now zip across the highway at super-fast speeds topping 431 kph.

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2 Flights On Private Jets

When you’ve reached this level of success and notoriety, regular flights just won’t do! Tom Brady is known to secure private jets for himself and his family each time he travels. This means no lines, no fuss, no general public, and of course, a crew of on-board staff to tend to his every need. Among the things that Tom Brady seems to “need”, are special privileges.

In July of 2019, Ballzone reports that Tom Brady asked the crew of his private jet if he could fly the plane. That’s right. When you’re Tom, you can pretty much have anything your wallet can pay for. After dropping tonnes of cash on private jets, it’s apparent that he is comfortable to request a few more favors!

1 Audi R8

Tom loves his Audi R8, and we can see why. This stunning car is as gorgeous as it is agile. Known for being able to take tight turns, and to rip up the road in a seemingly weightless manner, Tom can go anywhere in sheer style with this stunning car. With over 602 horsepower and a massive V12 engine, Tom definitely knew what he was doing when he purchased this car.

The unique design of this Audi makes it one of the most uniquely stylized and highly recognizable supercars on the road. Tom is sure to turn a few heads in this sweet ride, and we’re sure he spared no expense in its customization!

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