ThermaSol Steam Showers: Bringing The Spa Into Your Home

As a true American company, ThermaSol has been designing revolutionary steam showers and saunas for over 55 years. Since designing the first home steam shower in 1958, ThermaSol has consistently pushed the limits of the market and become the most sought after steam shower designers for hotels, spas and homes worldwide. By continuingly pushing the boundaries of what a steam shower is capable of through innovative, patented technology, health awareness and science, ThermaSol has become the steam shower industry standard. Because many are still unaware of the positives of a steam shower, ThermaSol not only aims to convert users to a steam shower experience, but to educate them on the benefits of one as well.

The use of steam as a type of therapy is nothing new; it has been utilized for thousands of years to facilitate well being. Steam therapy has been shown to aid in detoxification and skin rejuvenation. Sweating helps the body release toxins, which in turn opens up pores allowing more blood circulation giving skin a healthier shine. Steam therapy also aids in relieving stress on the respiratory system and relaxes muscles, especially after a tough workout. Furthermore, steam therapy can be beneficial to the mind as well. Steam can be a form of stress relief that aids in relaxation, leading to lower levels of anxiety and better mental well being, and has even been shown to promote healthier sleep patterns. With so many benefits, it is difficult to believe ThermaSol steam showers are not mandatory in every home in today’s fast paced world.

Knowing that even thousands of years ago people relied on steam to help relieve what ailed them, ThermaSol has created the ultimate steam shower experience that combines the medical wisdom of the ancients and the technological advancements of today. The results are nothing short of astounding. The most luxurious steam shower ever created, today’s incarnation of the ThermaSol steam shower is the most advanced and comprehensive of its kind. First and foremost the shower is designed to replenish the body and the mind.  By harmonizing hydrotherapy and aromatherapy all in one, the ThermaSol offers an entire spa in your shower. Hydrotherapy utilizes steam and vapor to ease body pain, relax nerves and help circulation. By adding up to four drops of ThermaSol’s essential oils to the steam head reservoir in the steam shower, the aromatherapy will use the scent of these essential oils released within the shower to promote mental prosperity and relaxation.

As if the healing capabilities of the shower via vapor and scent weren’t enough, ThermaSol has also created the world's first Bluetooth-enabled steam shower with the Serenity Light & Music System. This Bluetooth system combines lights and music to create the ultimate in relaxing atmosphere. The light and color aspect of the Serenity Light & Music System, called chromatherapy, uses light and colors within the shower via full spectrum LED lighting, to help positively affect your body and mood. The music aspect of the Serenity Light & Music System allows users to create a custom steam shower experience each time they enter the bath space by enjoying music from the radio, CD player or any number of their Bluetooth-enabled smart devices within WiFi range. Truly remarkable for a steam shower, and just as an added touch ThermaSol has made it even more remarkable by giving consumers the option of seven different control panel finishes that will match perfectly with nearly every faucet on the market today.

Not only are ThermaSol steam showers known for their spa-like healing capabilities and cutting edge gadgets, they are also known for their state of the art patented technology. SmartSteam technology is a conservation technology that not only maintains a user's desired temperature while in the steam shower, but also conserves the amount of energy the shower expends. The shower measures the output of power while running, and then adjusts itself to use only the necessary amount of power needed to maintain the user's desired temperature. While competitors' steam showers need time to heat up, ThermaSol’s FastSteam technology gives users the steam shower they desire in seconds, not minutes. Split Tank Technology enables the ThermaSol steam shower to provide steam at a constant rate without any lapses in distribution or temperature. The water boils into steam and enters the shower in real time, no delays. This patented ThermaSol technology is unique and can’t be found amongst any competitors. But wait, what about cleaning such an elaborate steam shower? ThermaSol’s steam shower is essentially self-cleaning via PowerFlush technology.

There really is not any doubt that the ThermaSol steam shower is a one of a kind item of absolute luxury. After 56 years in the steam shower business, ThermaSol is clearly the flag bearer for the industry. It starts with customer service, step one, when the client decides they want to build and install a steam shower and ThermaSol will help you choose what package and accessories are right for your home. With a major variation in cost depending on the package you choose and assemble, the price can be upwards of $16,000 dollars before installation for a premium ThermaSol home steam shower, but really, the cost is a small price to pay to build your own luxurious spa within the comfort of your own home.

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