The Ultimate in Luxury: $20,000 Crystal Faucets by THG-Paris

World-renowned French luxury brand THG-Paris is known for its handcrafted collection of faucets as well as other bathroom accessories and kitchen fittings. As of today there are over 100 THG-Paris collections designed in a wide variety of styles that are always crafted to meet only the highest standards of quality for consumers. Already having been awarded the prestigious French title of a “living heritage company” by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and with over 250,000 THG-Paris products already adorning hotels, resorts, yachts and royal palaces worldwide, THG-Paris has firmly established itself within the upper echelons of luxury faucet providers across the globe. Indeed, THG-Paris is in very select company in their recognition as a symbol of French excellence. Never one to rest on their laurels however, THG-Paris has once again pushed the envelope of excellence within the luxury faucet market with a revolutionary new design.

THG-Paris Petale de Crystal

THG-Paris has finally outdone themselves in their claim to being the world leader in the luxury bathroom and faucet design. As if made for each other, THG-Paris and Baccarat, French leader in high-end crystal products, have teamed up, together with prestigious designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, to unveil their newest and most outstanding collection, the Pétale de Cristal collection. With the Pétale de Cristal collection, THG-Paris offers unparalleled elegance and luxurious bathroom living for all. Using the lotus flower as inspiration to highlight the Baccarat crystals’ impeccable quality, the Pétale de Cristal collection also highlights the array of colors available to consumers. Available in clear, gold, deep red, bold blue or black, the choice of color, paired with the full series of bath and shower fittings and accessories that have been designed to accent the Pétale de Cristal collection, make any home a palace. At a starting cost of $21,000 for the Pétale de Cristal Baccarat faucet, the price of elegance has never felt so affordable. Truly a work of art, this faucet accentuates a bathroom the way a chandelier does a dining room.

THG-Paris Petale de Crystal

Never truly satisfied with perfection, THG-Paris has also done remarkably well with the Collection O by Studio Putman, launched in 2013. A union between THG-Paris and silver designer Christofle the Collection O by Studio Putman brings modernity to the bathroom with its sleek, minimalist artistry. By paying homage to the famous ring which was designed by the late master Andrée Putman for Christofle as part of the Christofle Vertigo collection, THG-Paris has now utilized the distinct ring and created a line of luxury faucets and bathroom designs for only those with the most modern and discerning taste. Less opulent than the Pétale de Cristal, but equally revered, Collection O by Studio Putman is THG-Paris quality at its finest.

THG-Paris Collection O

If glasswork is more akin to your personal taste, look no further than the THG-Paris Daum Collection, a collection designed by master glassmaker Daum. This crystal collection is sculpted to perfection with the utmost artistry, and the THG-Paris Daum Collection consists of six lavish designs including Island, Flore, Vegetal, Jade, Dragon, Paradise and Ginkgo. Furthermore, the pieces are meticulously handcrafted to ensure each crystal retains its uniqueness and to guarantee that no two faucets are alike. Indeed, owning a piece from the THG-Paris Daum Collection is like owning a one of a kind piece of art. Prices vary depending on the design, and range from $5,972 to $18,548, with the most popular Dragon design starting at $16,868.

THG-Paris Daum Collection Via axel-froehlich.com

Like any good luxury retailer, THG-Paris is well aware of the fact that not all can live in a palace, or afford to decorate our home as such. With that in mind, the brand offers more price friendly collections as well. While lighter on the budget, these collections skip no expense in lavishness. First, the Bernardaud Series melds classic porcelain with platinum or gold to create a distinguished and vibrant collection of faucets that reflect an individual’s style, from more traditional to modern. Depending on the design, clients can choose a wide variety of styles, from the more subdued Capucine, a green and white porcelain faucet with platinum handles starting at $2,957, or choose the more opulent but still affordable Marquise design. At a cost of $4,896, the Marquise is a faucet that belongs in a king’s palace, but will still be right at home in your condo. This black porcelain faucet with gold handles is the perfect mix of royalty and affordability.

THG-Paris Malmaison

For the most budget conscious decorator who prefers functionality above all else, THG-Paris once again delivers with their Traditional Series. With some designs created in perfect art deco style, and others in a more ornate style entitled Broadway, these faucets are wonderful additions to any modern bathroom, and at a cost any homeowner can love. The Broadway faucet with cross handles starts at $1,592, while the more eloquent Cristillia Diamant faucet with hex handles averages a price of $3,339. The art deco faucets, starting at $1,709, are the most affordable luxury faucet that any buyer could dream of. The minimalist style, and expert craftsmanship are yet further examples of why THG-Paris has firmly established itself as the number one source for luxury faucets and bathroom items across the globe.

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