The Most Secluded Secret Romantic Getaways

Our modern lives are so busy with jam packed schedules and deadlines that sometimes even when you see each other day in and day out and are living under the same roof, months can go by and it feels like you have not spent any quality time with your loved one. Life is so demanding and the to-do lists seem endless. We get lost in the mundane details of life and the necessary tasks.

Sometimes you just need to slow down, take a break, turn off your phones and enjoy each other’s company again in secluded privacy. Imagine a couple of days with no deadlines, phone calls and emails, completely free from obligations. Maybe it is on a beach with salted air, palm trees and cocktails with long leisurely strolls along the coast line. Maybe it is the desert scape to soak in a completely different environment with stretches and stretches of sand with no end in sight. Maybe the location doesn’t even matter, it is just about spending time with your loved one with no interruption. These travel getaways become essential in resetting the pace of life. It slows down the tempo just a little bit before it goes back to the hustle and bustle of everyday demand. Indulge yourself in a place of calm and serenity that will allow you to regain your sanity and recharge and indulge in each other’s company again.

From varying locations around the world, here are a few locations with superb design aesthetics and first class services where you can immerse yourself in utter exclusivity and reconnect again. Bring your favorite books and indulge in the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. Splurge and spoil yourselves with these extravagant stays that will transport you to a place of refuge if only for a while.

10 Hotel Palafitte, Switzerland: $461/Night

An hour and a bit away from Geneva by train, it is a picturesque scene of absolute calm and serenity for a romantically secluded holiday. Take scrolls in the vicinity as the sun sets, or take a bicycle ride around the lake and soak in the picturesque scene. The rooms for Hotel Palafitte were originally built as accommodation for the Swiss national expo in 2002. They remained ever since. Rooms are perched above the waters offering unobstructed and panoramic view of the Neuchâtel Lake.

9 Dunton Hot Springs, U.S.A.: $500/Night

An hour and 20 minute drive from Telluride Regional Airport in Colorado, it may not be an easy location to access, but it will be worth the trip. The Dunton Hot Springs offers a luxurious wild wild west experience with exceptional service deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It was previously a mining town, and now it rests 13 restored cabins in absolute picturesque settings positioned loosely around the main vintage saloon. For additional accommodation, tepees can be set up next to your cabin. Activities around the lodge include six indoor and outdoor hot springs and fly fishing – a perfect place of refuge for a nature lover with a penchant for glamour.

8 Hotel Katikies, Greece: $518/Night

The sparkling water and the crystal blue sky of Santorini makes it a popular destination for honeymooners and lovers alike. It is difficult not to fall in love with the place. Start your days with champagne breakfasts at Hotel Katikies and spend the day doing nothing but lounging by the infinity pool that fades into a breath-taking panoramic view. Be prepare to be blown away by the crisp white minimalist perfection of the hotel. Dinners are served by candle light with a view overlooking the Aegean Sea.

7 Ventana Inn and Spa, U.S.A.: $530/Night

Be prepared for first class pampering at the Ventana Inn and Spa resort. Hidden in the valleys of the Big Sur, the luxury accommodation offers a quiet and private retreat to its guests for complete relaxation. Totally unwind with daily yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates classes and split your time between the swimming pools and Japanese hot baths. Then delegate the restaurant to prepare a basket for a picnic by the beach. At night, either take a guided full moon midnight hike or sit back for a classic movie under the stars.

6  6. Arcana Izu, Japan: $713/Night

The Arcana Izu is two hours away from Tokyo and it feels like worlds away tucked in the Yugashima’s mountains secluded from the bustles of chaotic city life. Check into the Zen-like atmosphere for a total relaxation bliss in this luxurious retreat with first class spa treatments and hot springs. The place strikes a good balance between traditional Japanese design and western minimalist. Each room has its own private hot bath on the open air balcony offering an experience completely immersed in nature.

5  5. La Mamounia, Morroco: $740/Night

La Mamounia is situated in the heart of Marrakesh lavishly decorated in Moroccan decadence. Few can resist the entrancing charm of the city. Every turn will take you to new discoveries of intricate mosaic and immaculate craftsmanship. Enjoy in room indulgences of flowers, fresh fruits, Moroccan wine and champagne and embark upon a journey of color opulence with walks around the city and retreat to the pool surrounded by swaying palm trees for breaks. If you want absolute privacy, you can rent a Riad with the hotel.

4 Alila Villas Uluwatu, Indonesia: $755/Night

You will be greeted with complimentary drinks upon arrival and the service will be equally welcoming and friendly throughout your stay. Alila Villas Uluwatu allows you the comfort of privacy while enjoying royalty treatment. It is a truly romantic getaway. The resort was awarded Green Globe certification for a sustainable design and sourcing materials locally. It offers great modern serenity with touches of rustic Balinese charm. The overall design is minimalist chic. The infinity pool looks like it merges with the Ocean, and if you get a room with the sea view, you can see the Indian Ocean from your private bathtub.

3 Amangiri Resort, U.S.A: $1,100/Night

It’s hard to believe you are not in the Middle East when you walk into the Amangiri Resort. This luxury accommodation could have been built for a Sultan but is in fact built on 600 acres of land in Four Corners where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona intersect. An unpaved road leads up to this elegantly magnificent resort in the middle of nowhere where the canyons set the hotel backdrop. It looks like it could be a hidden kingdom rediscovered. The walls were specifically created to blend in with the rock formations of the land. The closest town is 25 minutes away. In this magical setting, you will find absolute serenity and the highest calibre of service.

2 Playa Vik Jose Ignacio, Uruguay: $1250/Night

Sign up for a different kind of beach vacation when you check into the hotel Playa Vik Jose Ignacio. Along the coast of José Ignacio in Uruguay is where you will find this architectural design paradise of modern serenity. The feature highlight at this hotel is undoubtedly the swimming pool that stretches over the pool deck and seemingly into the Atlantic Ocean. Immaculate design details are endless with service of luxury to match. Day time activities include swimming, surfing and kayaking.

1 Longitude 131°, Australia: $1,560/Night

As an Aboriginal sacred site, the Uluru or Ayer’s rock is revered for its sheer magnitude and beauty. The single sandstone rock formation is said to reflect color gradients of varying shades during sunrise and sunset – a spectacular visual feast not to be missed. The name 131° refers to the east-west location of the rock. It is a set of luxury tented accommodation in close proximity to the World Heritage Site. Each tent has floor to ceiling window that leads to a full view of the monolithic rock. Explore the area around the rock on camel backs in the desert scape. Lounge by the pool during your down time and enjoy the impeccable service from the staff to take care of your every need.

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