The Most Incredible 7 Star Hotels In The World

Everyone loves a little luxury in their lives, especially when they travel. Who wouldn't want to spend their few precious vacation days, experiencing the best that their chosen destination has to offer? One of the many ways to indulge yourself when you’re on vacation is by choosing a lavish hotel to stay at. While a five star hotel is a great way to feel like a Prince or Princess during your vacation, why not go bigger? Why not stay at a hotel that has exceeded five star status? A hotel that is so decadent and extraordinary, it will make you feel like a true King or Queen. The hotels listed below are so extraordinary that they have made it into the elite seven star group.

Below is a list of five hotels that will make your jaw drop. These hotels are expensive, beautiful but most importantly, luxurious. They are located in some of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world, so they will all make the perfect getaway. But be careful, if you get the opportunity to stay in one of these incredible hotels, you may never want to leave, because who wants to go home when you get a taste of pure luxury.

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5 Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

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The Emirates Palace is a hotel that has made it all the way into seven star luxury, and rightly so. The hotel cost a cool 3.9 billion to build, but we're sure all of its guests would agree that it was worth every penny. Emirates Palace is located in Abu Dhabi on its very own private beach, that is surrounded by miles of beautiful gardens. Many of the suites available at the Emirates Palace are furnished in gold and marble. The rooms are so luxurious that the top tier suites are reserved for Emirate royalty and dignitaries. During your stay at the Emirates Palace, you can indulge in Albino Caviar, and $15,000 cognacs. If that’s not your thing, you can also swim at one of the two swimming pools, take a dip in the ocean at your own private beach, play some tennis, take a visit to the spa and even play rugby or soccer. If your feeling ready to book your visit to the Emirates Palace, you better open your checkbooks because room prices can exceed $12,000 per a night.

4 iSquare Hotel & Mall, Orlando

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By the year 2017, a new seven-star, luxurious hotel will be available for stay in Orlando, Florida. The hotel plans to have 1,256 rooms, all of which will be up to the seven star taste-level. The hotel will cost a grand total of $400 million dollars to build and will include two towers, an observation deck, shops for ever taste, restaurants and even an ice-skating rink. The hotel’s developer, the Blackmine Group, said this about the soon-to-be luxury hotel, the property will have a, “swanky, irresistible vibe that makes each guest feel like a celebrity or billionaire.” Let’s hope this seven star hotel lives up to the hype.

3 Pangu Plaza (Morgan Plaza), Beijing

The Pangu Plaza, previously called the Morgan Plaza, is another seven star hotel, but this one is located in the Olympic District of Beijing, China. This hotel is the top luxury hotel in Beijing and has played host to big time moguls such as Bill Gates. The hotel boasts two pavilions, a temple, and it contains one of the world’s best Japanese restaurants. Luxury is dripping throughout the entire hotel. The lobby is decorated with marble pillars and Henry woodcarvings, while the suites are decorated with silken wallpaper and all the amenities that any guest could ask for. Traditional Chinese décor is found throughout the suites, giving guests a sense of Chinese History without even leaving the hotel room. It’s rumored that the apartments at the Morgan Plaza can be rented for around $800,000 a year, which is exactly what Bill Gates did during the Beijing Olympics. And if it’s good enough for Bill Gates, it’s probably good enough for us.

2 The Pentominium, Dubai

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Although construction on the Pentominium was recently halted due to lack of finances, the impressive building still aims to be one of the most amazing structures in the world. When the structure finally reaches completion, it will become one of the tallest residential buildings in the world, with a height of 1,693 feet. The Pentominium is located on the coast of Dubai. Although the Pentominium is best known as a residential building, rather than a hotel, the residents living in the Pentominium will be treated more like hotel guests than residents. This is because of the amount of luxury that they will be experiencing on a day-to-day basis. When the building is completed, the residents will be able to enjoy hotel-like amenities such as butler service, the use of luxury vehicles that are owned by the Pentominium, and they will be able to participate in sailing trips. In addition, residents can enjoy the use of the indoor pool with a spectacular view of the coastline, as well as getting a drink at one of the swanky bars located in the building. When the building does finally reach completion, you better sign up to get your room fast, I’m sure there are many people who wouldn't mind spending all their days as if they’re on vacation.

1 Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

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Dubai must be the place to go to find one-of-a-kind luxury because Burj Al Arab is another seven star hotel located in Dubai. The magnificent hotel stands on an artificial island that is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. The hotel is made to look like the sail of a ship, so it might just be the most beautiful and luxurious hotel you ever stay at. The hotel contains 202 bedroom suites, with The Royal Suite coming in at $18,716 per a night. The hotel was designed to show the meeting of East and West, making it a beautiful fusion of different cultures. During your stay at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, you can eat at one of its two delicious restaurants, one of which can be accessed by taking a simulated submarine voyage, take a relaxing day at the spa, get room service from your own private butler, take a fifteen minute helicopter ride to get the one-of-a-kind view of Dubai, rent one of your dream cars, and even go to the Wild Wado Waterpark. The Burj Al Arab Hotel has been called, “the world’s only seven-Star hotel.” Although the management at Burj Al Arab claims to have never advertised this themselves, we at The Richest, think you will have the vacation of a lifetime if you choose to stay at the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

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