Steak Out...New York’s Most Luxurious Steakhouses

Whether you have a hankering for strip, porterhouse or rib eye, there are times when all you need is a good steak. It demands your full attention, while at the same time attempting to clutch your steak knife.

In the city that does not sleep, you can have the opportunity to choose from a number of different steakhouses. With each venue serving up a carnivore delight; it is difficult to separate the good and the bad.

With more and more people dining out especially in the Big Apple, many work hard and play even harder. Time is of the essence and the steakhouse scene is blossoming with more than 10 openings in the past 12 months alone.

From good old fashioned classic eateries to new-wave meateries, New Yorkers have plenty of choice as far as steakhouses are concerned, but which venues come out on top? It’s time to chew the fat and see which of New York’s most luxurious steakhouses made the list.

10 Sammy's Romanian Steakhouse: $30 Karnatzlack

On the Lower East Side, you will find Sammy’s, a real wonder of culinary adventure. This Eastern European joint takes its influence from traditional Jewish cooking and has been running for nearly four decades. For around $20 to $30 you can sample their classic karnatzlack, a type of drawn-out sausage consisting of several meats including beef and veal and finished with garlic. Their Romanian tenderloin is the real denouement comprising of tenderised skirt steak which does not even fit on the plate. The latkes are also worthy of praise which are fluffy bundles of potato joy.

9 Sparks Steak House: $42 Beef Medallions

Since its inception back in 1966, Sparks has been serving up a wealth of impressive meaty delights to its loyal clientele. Situated within a stone’s throw of Grand Central, it is still going strong thanks to its extensive wine choice not to mention classic hospitality. However, it is the steaks that take center stage on the plate featuring beef medallions for $42, Steak Fromage topped with an oozy Roquefort cheese for $45 and classic Filet Mignon at $50.

8 Quality Meats: $44 Filet Mignon

Rising like a phoenix from the flames, Michael Stillman has created Quality Meats, an industrial chic number within moments of Central Park. Son to Alan Stillman, most famous for Smith & Wollensky, this venue is as rustic as you will find in New York. Meat hook style lighting and traditional butcher blocks are just some of the touches that have inspired this site. Dive into a juicy 12oz Filet Mignon for $44 or aged bone-in sirloin priced at $45. On the other hand, there are several choices from their exclusive Butchers Cut including double rib steak at $55 or dry aged Porterhouse priced around $50.

7 Strip House: $45 New York Strip

For the die-hard meat eaters, Strip House may just test your carnivore patience. Based on East 12th Street, this urban style steakhouse is under the leadership of Steve Hanson. You can choose from a host of meaty treats from a 34oz Dry Aged Cote de Boeuf or a 42 oz. Classic Porterhouse cut. Meanwhile, there is also a 20oz Ribeye with bone in which ensures plenty of flavor. There is also an alternative Veal Rib Chop as an option as well however, their recommended dish is the New York strip which comes in at a respectable $45. If you have enough room then why not finish off the experience with one of their decadent chocolate cakes consisting of 24 sinful layers.

6 BLT Prime: $48 New York Strip

Another hot contender is BLT Prime on East 22nd Street in the heart of New York’s trendy Gramercy district. This modern dining space has been creating a stir all of its own including its selection of epic steakhouse cuts. You will be able to experience Wagyu beef from the Far East and the world famous Chianina. This particular breed of cattle comes from Italy and its beef is some of the finest on the planet. Furthermore, it is actually the biggest and oldest breed you can find. Choices feature a NY Strip which has been dry aged for 28 days at $48 or a decadent 20oz Kansas City aged Prime bone-in strip for $57. If that’s not enough then the 20oz plus bone-in rib eye is one to watch and costs $49.

5 Wolfgang's: $50 Rib Eye

The brainchild of former Peter Luger server, Wolfgang Zwiener, his gamble has certainly paid off. Opened for the best part of a decade, Wolfgang’s is one of the most exclusive steakhouses in the Big Apple. Packed full of flavour and with plenty of attitude, their steaks are charred to perfection. The USDA prime ribs and steaks are produced in their very own ageing box, whilst porterhouse options are fit for up to four diners.

4 Roberts Steakhouse: $53 New York Strip

One of the most talked about venues in the city that doesn’t sleep, Roberts Steakhouse can be found at the Penthouse Executive Club restaurant. Luxury meets lap dancing where ladies gyrate for your pleasure. It really is a real feast for the eyes and is now rated as one of the priciest restaurants in the U.S. where the average cheque is more than $500. A typical New York strip of the steak kind will set you back around $53, while alcohol bumps up the price. Champagne can fetch up to $800 and vintage cognac is priced around the $3,000 mark.

3 Del Frisco's, Midtown: $60 Beef Prime Porterhouse

Considered to be the go to steakhouse in Midtown, Del Frisco’s is famous for its variety of beef cuts such as the 30oz plus Wagyu Longbone for around $90. Located close to Time Square as well as Radio City Hall, you can enjoy succulent offerings such as a 22oz prime strip for $62 and a beefy prime Porterhouse for $60. Stretched across three floors, you can soak up the bustling atmosphere which is a hit with the business crowd.

2 Keens: $96 Porterhouse

A favourite among diners and critics alike, Keens Steakhouse is a firm favourite on the meat scene. Positioned between 5th and 6th Avenue, this particular venue is steeped in history going back 120 years where former diners have truly earned their place in the hall of fame. This includes the likes of regular favourites such as Babe Ruth and even President Teddy Roosevelt. Ideal for sharing, the prime Porterhouse costs $96 with the succulent Chateaubriand priced at $108.

1 Costata: $118 New York Strip

Based in Soho, Costata is a new contender on the steakhouse scene. It delivers a mouth-watering Tomahawk rib eye steak which is priced at $126. Weighing in at an incredible 44oz and hung for at least 40 days, this certainly packs a punch with diners. Under the helm of Michael White, this second floor dining space is fast building a reputation for itself. Other highlights include a 40oz Porterhouse costing $122 and a 36oz New York strip for $118. You can also take advantage of one of their indulgent sauces from rich black truffle to a creamy béarnaise.

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