The Most Sought After Handbags Of Spring 2014

Designer handbags are something that mostly all women lust after and that the men know we covet. They are a luxury items that many either collect, spend an entire paycheck on, or spend their lives dre

Designer handbags are something that mostly all women lust after and that the men know we covet. They are a luxury items that many either collect, spend an entire paycheck on, or spend their lives dreaming about. It provides a sense of power while walking down the street carrying one and getting even more excited whenever others notice and know the high price tag that accompanied the current bag of choice.

So what makes a handbag luxurious? In preparation for each upcoming season, designers from all over the world source the best materials, color forecast, trend watch, and design handbags that they hope will be well received by their loyal customers and the press. There are three main components that make a designer handbag luxurious and therefor sought after: quality, rarity, and price.

Quality: the overall quality of a handbag relies solely on the materials it is made from and how well the bag is constructed. There are so many different materials that a designer can source to make their handbag dreams come true, but if they want to make sure that it is a highly coveted item, they must purchase the highest quality materials to begin.

Rarity: whenever a designer incorporates hard to source items into their handbag, such as an exotic animal skin, it immediately turns that item into a more sought-after piece. In addition, if a designer creates the handbag as a "one of a kind" or "limited collection," that immediately ups the anty as well. You instantly become known if you are carrying this bag.

Price: the price is ultimately a direct reflection of the quality and rarity of the bag. The more expensive it costs, the more sought after the bag becomes. It also makes the handbag only available to a certain, very select, group of people that can afford such an expensive piece.

So as the beginning of a new year takes off, so does the race to see whose handbag will be the most coveted and the most sought after in the coming year. Who makes it to the top? Take a look and see our predictions.

10 Rochas Crocodile-Embossed Leather Tote: $1,360

Obviously the crocodile material plays a key role in why this bag is so sought after, but it doesn't stop there! The Rochas brand is well-known for creating luxurious pieces and this is certainly one of them. The mixture of the silver and gold in the handbag makes it stand out among others, plus crocodile isn't the easiest leather for a designer to work with. It is made in Italy, so you know that it's crafted of fine quality materials, and features a leather interior, a separate inside zip pouch, and is of a very decent size.

9 Alexander McQueen Panther Snakeskin Knuckle Box Clutch: $2,995

This fierce clutch by the renowned Alexander McQueen label has so many high end and desirable qualities that every woman of fashion will be yearning to have one in their closet. The attention to detail is almost intoxicating and is the driving force for its exclusiveness. Each minute detail is what will drive people to invest in this piece. For example, upon picking it up, you are able to perfectly place each finger through the metal openings, atop the snakeskin design. Made in Italy with a luxurious leather interior, this clutch automatically becomes a highly sought after item for any collector of bags and beyond.

8 Akris Ai Ostrich Leather Small Satchel: $3,300

7 Chloe Paraty Medium Python Tote: $3,820

Chloe is known for producing well crafted, durable, and exclusive handbags each and every season that women hunger for. This Paraty Python Tote says it all in the name. Due to its construction of python and its medium size, people want it even more because of it's versatility. The bag comes in four different colors (black, chestnut, sand dune, and speculoos brown), one hue more brilliant than the next. It too is made in Italy with polished brass hardware and chain details, accenting the exotic skin it is created from.

6 Prada Saffiano Embroidered Twin Pocket Tote: $3,850

It's all in the details with this Prada Saffiano Embroidered Twin Pocket Tote. It is in high demand due to its highly contrasting colors that let the intricate embroidery stand out boldly. The details don't stop at the embroidery though, as the bag is also outlined with grommets, which draw attention to each and every section and line of this luxurious bag. Lastly, the bag comes with organizational compartments embedded within its leather lining to keep every girl-on-the-go organized everywhere they go.

5 The Row Ostrich and Linen Backpack: $6,500

As you can tell, ostrich is hot this season, making this bag even more sought after by the masses. The contrasting materials of ostrich and white linen in this piece make it seasonally exclusive, meaning that it can't carry over from season to season. Overall, it is a unique design that is constructed of rare materials from a well-known, fashion forward brand, with a high price tag. Everything about this modern creation screams to onlookers that you have a large bank account and are ready to spend it on fashion.

4 Fendi Mixed Fur Monster Baguette Shoulder Bag, $7200

This is by far the most unique handbag in appearance on this list, yet it has caused quite a stir by the people who know fashion most. It is an eye-catching, conversation piece that Fendi is certainly known for, and comes straight from the runway, which is a rarity in itself. The monster design is literally made from mink and fox fur, with Toscana lamb shearling, all of which is pulled together with a leather trim. It is completed with a satin lining and mirror to make sure that you always look great while this bag is on parade.

3 Proenza Schouler Large Courier Crocodile: $14,5

2 Burberry Small Blaze in Alligator: $20,000

Sticking with the reptile family, this Alligator Blaze Bag by Burberry stands out for similar reasons, but this fashion house takes their design a few steps further. In addition to focusing on the exclusive alligator leather, they also pay close attention to the detail in the design and color. The bag is made complete with a vintage inspired luggage tag, which proves that the expense truly comes from the details. Sporting this pop of color handbag as you casually stroll down the street will undoubtedly makes all the other girls envious.

1 Louis Vuitton Show Girl: $31,500

Last but certainly not least, this Louis Vuitton takes the cake for grandest, most exclusive, and absolutely most sought after handbag of them all for this upcoming spring 2014 season. The price alone is enough to make you wonder about what went into this handbag. First, it is straight from their Spring/Summer 2014 runway show and was made in a limited quantity. The fact it is limited makes it even more exclusive because it's very difficult to get your hands on. The extreme details of the leather tassels, Swarovski crystals, studs, and alligator skin inserts are only what first meets the eye. Inside, you will find a removable pouch for storing, as well as calfskin zippered pockets.

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The Most Sought After Handbags Of Spring 2014